Life of the Party – Nightlife in Seoul

It is said that no one goes home at midnight in Seoul. While partying till 6 am is not uncommon as bars and club stay open till late, insomniacs also have a huge choice of other activities at their disposal. 
Seoul is primarily known for its dizzying array of cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs that dish out exquisite food, the latest dance tunes and high tech lighting systems that keep dancers gyrating till the wee hours of the morning! Itaewon is considered one of the best spots for a foreigner looking for a place to party. Streets lined with western style pubs, tapas bars, lounges and some of the city’s most popular clubs offer visitors a familiar environment to meet compatriots, English speaking locals and a vibrant nightlife culture. 
However, nightlife in Hongdae, Daehangno and Shinchon appear to be more frenzied. Being university towns, they are full of young people during weekends wanting to have a good time in the bars, restaurants and clubs. Well priced venues offer live performances and space to dance and the vibe is definitely friendly. 
‘Club Day’ is crowded with residents and visitors alike where one entrance fee will grant access to at least a dozen other clubs. If long lines outside the more popular clubs are not a deterrent, then Hongdae is one of the best places to savour the Seoul nightlife scene. Gangnam and Apgujeong are two other night-time hotspots. This is where young people from the many businesses in the area hit the town after work. Home to some of the city’s most up market and expensive clubs, these areas are popular with well heeled locals and those wanting to have a good time at any cost. The area’s after hour’s clubs go on till sun up and partying all night long is not unknown here. The clubs and bars of Seoul’s many posh hotels also offer after dark entertainment for their guests.
A haven particularly for stressed out males are up market spas that offer a range of relaxing massages even after dark, in candlelit calm spaces with comfortable seating and individual computer screens. Some twenty four hour Korean spas are equipped with gyms, game rooms, cafeterias and saunas and even offer skin care and massage services. 
With some of the fastest internet speeds in the world it is no surprise that Seoul has 24 hour internet cafes and gaming centres where patrons can play a variety of multi player games for reasonable hourly rates throughout the day and indulge in snacks when they remember to eat! 
Movie theatres in Seoul provide good alternative entertainment after dark. They screen the latest local blockbusters as well as popular Hollywood fare. Although last shows generally end around 1 am, a series of multiplexes named Megabox have shows up till three o’clock in the morning. 
While shopping is an acceptable late night activity in Seoul with some malls open till the wee hours, it appears that having your hair, nails and makeup done late in the night or even early morning is nothing out of the ordinary. Karaoke bars offering Japanese, Korean and English songs are found all over town and are open till 6 am. This is where bar hoppers generally end their nights belting out drunken songs! 
The gamut of late night entertainment available in Seoul certainly qualifies it for the title the “city that never sleeps”. 
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Abu Dhabi Nightlife – Exuberant and Energetic Entertainment!

Being an Islamic nation has not stopped the United Arab Emirates from boasting some of the best nightlife in the region; after all the country does contain a large expat population. Most restrictions and limitations apply only to Muslims and foreigners can enjoy a nightlife that rivals that of many Western nations. Inside the United Arab Emirates both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a very active night scene and although the latter is a little more conservative in outlook, it still offers tons of fun. The nightlife in Abu Dhabi falls into two categories; the malls and cinemas and the bars and nightclubs. 
The emirate contains plenty of terrific malls and one can find some sort of sale going on at any time of the year. However, the malls are not solely for shopping, but are a form of entertainment as well. The local malls usually stay open till midnight and provide a variety of entertainment options such as cinemas, bowling alleys and ice rinks. The malls contain activities that are suitable for all ages. 
When it comes to adult entertainment the options maybe limited but are still easy to find. Hotels act as a one stop destination for dinner, music, drinks and dancing, thus reducing the time spent driving around. In addition to this, many bars and clubs also have live music. The best local bars to visit are PJ O’Reilly’s, The Captain’s Arms, 3rd Avenue and Ray’s Bar, Mood Indigo and In Cooler Weather. The best nightclubs are Allure by Cipriani, the Yacht Club, Illusion, Left Bank and Sax Club. The Mood Indigo Bar has excellent live jazz music on Fridays. Tourists should note that local laws on drinking and driving are quite severe and diligently enforced.
While the emirate’s roadways may have been designed for cars, Abu Dhabi does contain an excellent public transport system. Public buses can help tourists reach the furthest boundaries of the emirate for a relatively small price. Metered taxis are a bit more expensive but are somewhat faster. Accommodation is also quite easy to find. Those looking for luxury hotel resorts should definitely try Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas. They operate several luxury hotels in strategic locations throughout Abu Dhabi which are perfectly suited for both business and leisure travellers.

Salon des Musiciens – A Celebration of Music

The Salon des Musiciens is an annual music festival held in Paris, France. 2012 will mark the fourth time that the event is held. The musical event embraces all forms of music from classical to jazz and pop. In addition to being able to listen to amazing live music, visitors are also invited to take part with a series of workshops on the usage of instruments ranging from guitars to drums. 

The Salon des Musiciens will take place between the twenty eight of September and the first of October, although those planning on attending should keep an eye on the official festival website for any changes. The festival will take place at the Grande Halle de la Villette which is located along 211 avenue Jean Jaures. The venue is readily accessible by metro. All tourists in Paris who love music should make it a point to attend the Salon des Musiciens.

Paris is the cosmopolitan capital of France. The city is also considered the capital of fashion and art. The French capital receives well over forty million visitors annually making it the most popular tourist destination in the world. The bustling city offers tourists a wealth of attractions including the iconic Eiffel Tower, the poignant Arc de Triomphe, the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral and the exquisite Sainte Chapelle. 
Tourists may also enjoy visiting the Catacombs where the bones exhumed from the crowded Paris cemetery are stored. Only two hundred visitors are allowed at a time and late arrivals may have a long wait before them. The city also contains a large number of galleries and museums. They range from the world renowned Louvre, home to many famous pieces of art, to the lesser known Les Invalides, which contains weapons and pieces of armour. 
The ‘City of Lights’ has excellent infrastructure and boasts a good public transport system and an array of top notch restaurants and cafes. When it comes to accommodation there are plenty of luxury hotels Paris. Tourists looking for a good place to rest their head can try Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris. It is one of the best Palace hotels Paris and is sure to make guests feel at home.

Tahune AirWalk – A Walk Among The Giants

Did you know that Southern Tasmania has some of the tallest trees in the world? Take a hike through the lush green eucalypt forests of Tasmania, home to the tallest flowering plant ever found, the Eucalypts regnans as you visit the Tahune Air Walk. The Air Walk is not only an architectural marvel but faces an amazing view of the mountains and rivers that surround the conservation. 

Put on your best walking shoes and get ready to walk among the giants of the world. Some of the trees are a few thousand years old and you will need the help of a few people to even think of hugging the bark of the tree! Tread carefully on the rough forest floor sheltered by a thick green canopy formed by the overhanging branches of these massive trees. Scattered here and there are other interesting plants such as man ferns, sassafras, celery top and flowering leatherwood marked by small sign posts describing their properties and uses in day to day life.

The Tahune Air Walk totals a walk of 578 meters and gets you high above the tree tops. From the point of entry the basic trek leads you to a hanging bridge across the Picton River, a 50 meter long bridge suspended over the rushing waters below with the wind in your face will be a most exciting experience. After a few minutes’ walk will be another longer and sturdier bridge across the Huon River. The water gushed over rocks and boulders and a lot wilder than the Picton River crossing. From then on it is straight to the Air Walk with the cantilever suspended 48 meters above the forest bed. The airwalk itself is more of a ramp and boats a magnificent view of the surrounding Hartz Mountains and the intersection of the Huon River and Picton River. 
There are also a number of other smaller platforms giving different perspectives of the view and the Huon Pine trail that runs along the river bank and provides a glimpse of the life cycle of the Huon Pines. After nearly an hour’s walk stop at the Visitor’s Center for a cool drink, hot food and a place to rest your feet while you enjoy the greenery around you. Whether it is a leisurely walk through the forest or a more challenging hike, there will always be something to fit the budget and always remember to take lots of drinking water and dress appropriately for the journey. 
The park is a mere one and a half drive from Hobart and Accommodation in Hobart is an ideal way to visit the park and learn more about these giant trees. Somerset on Salamanca Hobart provides ideal Apartment Accommodation Hobart for both business and leisure travelers.

Pattaya Music Festival – Grooving All the Way

If you are looking to holiday in the most happening city in Thailand; choose Pattaya as it is the city that never sleeps. The clear blue sky, warm tropical sun, plenty of fancy hotels, clubs and bars are all reasons for this city being known as the party spot of the nation. Year round it has something for everyone but the real crowd puller is the Pattaya Music Festival. Attracting thousands nation and world-wide, this festival most certainly brings out the most energetic and vibrant side of you.
2012 kept its promises in giving you bigger and better. Just completing its 10th anniversary celebration in 2011 the festival emerged revitalized with a new vigor and passion. This year the festival made headlines as the largest beach music festival in all of Asia and ensured even the minutest details was perfectly planned and coordinated for the most optimum results. Those of you who would have enjoyed Thailand during the latter days of April would have got the profound opportunity to enjoy this amazing festival that is known by many as the rhythm that will rock the world. The festival this year was one that satisfied a variety of music tastes. It was featured on a total of 5 stages ; the Reggae stage, Techno Stage, GMMZ stage, open grounds in Central Pattaya and the Soi 4 Beach Road. Each stage had its own agenda which was not difficult to figure out and hence drew a crowd that enjoyed that particular line of music. You could hear everything and anything in the form of music; rock, pop, jazz and much more and a world of Thailand’s top artists were all drawn in. Participants enjoyed the best of Potato, Clear, Paradox and Buddha bless; all combined to give fans an ultimate music experience.
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Wayang (shadow puppet)- Puppetry at its best!

When touring in Indonesia, Wayang or Shadow Puppet Shows are a must visit entertaining event. Although this is regarded as an entertaining activity, puppets are believed to have a religious power. The puppet master and the story teller in Wayang should be extremely talented to put up a rare kind of a show like this. These put shows are accompanied by an orchestra and it is a fusion of music and drama. When touring in Bali, accommodation in Uluwatu hotels will not be a problem as there are plenty of options available. However, Anantara Uluwatu Resort & Spa Bali is known as one of the excellent Bali resorts in the area for luxury holiday.

Enjoying the Nightlife – Manila style

Manila, like most of its Asian city peers is renowned for the celebrated nightlife that locals and visitors enjoy each day, all night long. Whilst certain districts and areas are better known for nightlife activity, Manila generally caters to all types and demands of nightlife.

If bar hopping is your forte then the city will spoil you for choice. Hard Rock Café is a popular and crowded choice together with JJ’s, TGI’s, and Street Life. All these bars specialize in beers – be it their own brew or other available brands. They also serve good food for great value and are ideal places to sit back, relax and soak in the ambiance.

If visiting bars alone is not your choice then surely the range and choice of eating options available in Manila will convert you to an instant foodie. If you know where to look, then international cuisine from every conceivable country around the world is available in the city, enabling you to have your pick of the restaurants. Of course being in Manila it is essential that you try out some mouthwatering Philippine dishes as well. You won’t be disappointed. Whilst you’re at it don’t forget to try out some fresh fruit as they are fresh, juicy, succulent and infinitely tasty.

Most people in the Philippines are musically inclined and enjoy dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. As such live music is a popular pastime and makes for an ideal night out. Local and international music are given equal prominence and music lovers should find a restaurant, pub, bar or hotel featuring live music and enjoy the night away. Apart from these cinemas, theatres and cultural shows also play an important and entertaining role in Manila.

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The Cinemas in Beverly Hills

Surrounded by the City of Angels, Beverly Hills is not just an area where you just might run into a movie star, but a splendid city with beautiful scenery, exquisite restaurants and a shopping experience like no other on the legendary Rodeo Drive. The famous residents and luxurious culture of 90210 make it one of the most prestigious cities of the world.

Not going to a movie theatre on a visit to a city full of movie stars is almost a crime! The close affinity of the cinema industry and Beverly Hills has been a long standing affair and one does not think of the most famous celebrities without Beverly Hills immediately popping into one’s mind.  Opened in 1922, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is one of the oldest in the city. It is not only known for its majestic palace like architecture, but it was also part of many historic events such as the premiere of Star Wars as well as many other films, hosted three Academy Awards as well as numerous celebrity birthday parties and corporate junkets.

A movie at the Cinerama Dome or now known as the Arclight Cinemas will be a rare opportunity. This 14 screen complex provides five star service and individual attention. Though a little more expensive than others, the restaurant and gift shop and all that is present in the entire cinema makes it a one of a kind experience. On Grove Drive are the Grove Theatres with the best sound and seating system of modern times. This Neo-Deco style building is situated minutes away from the silent movie theatre and the Farmer’s Market and the perfect place to grab a bite after the movie. The AMC Century 14 is the average cinema but it is clean, with good seating and usually a good movie as well. Other cinemas would include the Vista in Los Feliz Area and the Crest on Westwood.

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Abu Dhabi Nightlife – Like no other

From pubs to clubs to restaurants and everything in between, Abu Dhabi caters to every sort of evening desire a person can have. Expats and locals alike swing into party mode every evening and perhaps the most time-consuming question is where to go.
If you are chomping at the bit for a night of hectic dance floor action, then Allure, Cinnabar, or Etoiles are some of the excellent places to go.  
Perhaps it is a more authentic pub feel you seek. Then it is off to P.J. O’Reilleys, Oceans or the Piano Lounge with you!
With so many amazing places to choose from, visitors will never be disappointed with what happens in Abu Dhabi any night of the week. 
One of the most well known aspects of Abu Dhabi nightlife are special ladies’ night events which take place regularly. Ladies can enjoy the standard freebee’s they’d get anywhere in the world during such events, except that they would be getting them in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, hence exponentially increasing the excitement of it all!
Not one for piped music or DJ’s? Not to worry, because Abu Dhabi boasts some of the best live music venues around, with talented musicians playing everything from cover tunes to classic and contemporary jazz. Some of the good places to listen to live music are Blitz, 49’ers, The Jazz Bar and the Mood Indigo Bar, which is rumoured to have some of the best musicians in town.
Sports fans need not fear as there are more than a handful of sports bars to choose from. NRG, Heroes and Hemmingway’s are all sports bars that show live sporting events ranging from rugby to football to cricket and beyond.
Whatever you fancy for the night, come morning there is no better place to lay your head than the wondrous Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara on Yas Island. A gem among Abu Dhabi resorts, this opulent getaway can rejuvenate anyone, even those who have partied the night away. As Abu Dhabi beach hotels go, this is one where guests will be treated in line with the most pampered of lifestyles. 
So for those interested in the nightlife of this great city, there is much to see and much to experience. 

Music, Dance & Theatre – An Age Old Entertainment

Two of the oldest forms of entertainment that passionately narrate stories of the heart are music and dance. For religion, for love and for tragedy, music and dance have always been there telling us tales that tug at our heartstrings and that captivate us in more ways than we can imagine.

Music, dance and theatre are international forms of entertainment but vary from place to place and from culture to culture. Watching a theatrical performance that combines music and dance is an insightful way to taste the best of the local culture in any region. Stories may portray local beliefs and is usually accompanied by traditional outfits and ornaments. Musical performances are entertaining to watch regardless of which place you decide to do so.

An interesting sector in the world of performing Arts is the Musical Theatre. This is a combination of spoken dialogue, acting, songs and dance where the emotional essence of the piece is portrayed through music, words and movement. Musical Theatres showcase dramatic performances. In essence this form of entertainment has been there from ancient times but from the 19th century it emerged with a new vigor in the Western world. Today it is also known as musicals and is hosted mostly in large big budget Broadway theatres that attract a huge international audience every year. Musicals have slowly made their way into theatres around the world. Asian and African musicals of course are far more traditional but have a slight structural influence from the Western world. Wherever you go this combination of music, dance and theatre is one of those elements that you need to make your holiday complete.

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