Celebrating the Songkran Festival – A Time for Family and Fun

The Songkran Festival, also known as the Thai New Year, is a vibrant and joyous celebration deeply rooted in Thai culture and tradition. Held annually from April 13th to 15th, this auspicious occasion marks the beginning of the traditional Thai solar calendar. It is a time of renewal, purification, and the welcoming of fresh beginnings. Throughout Thailand, streets come alive with spirited water fights, elaborate parades, and colourful ceremonies that pay homage to Buddhism and Thai customs.

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival – Image via Flickr

The Festival and Symbolism

The term “Songkran” in Thai signifies ‘to move’ or ‘movement’ and the Songkran Festival is determined by the transition of the sun from one zodiac position, Pisces, to another position, Aries. Also referred to as the Water Splashing Festival, it holds significance as the Thai New Year celebration. In Buddhism, water symbolizes renewal, with devotees splashing water on Buddha statues for good fortune, while younger generations honour their elders by bathing their hands in return for blessings.

Origins and Timing

The Songkran Festival is an annual celebration observed from April 13th to April 15th. Commencing with an official opening ceremony on April 13th in major cities across Thailand, the festival heralds the beginning of festivities. While traditionally spanning three days, the holiday’s duration extends in various regions. This timing traces back to the migration of the Thai people from southern China to Thailand circa 200 BC. Originally following a lunar calendar, they adjusted their New Year to coincide with April, marking the conclusion of the dry season, as they settled into the climate of Central Thailand.

The Three Days of Songkran

During the Songkran Festival, April 13th marks Song Nam Phra (‘Pouring Water on Monks’) Day, featuring Buddha image processions and spirited water fights. April 14th, also called Wan Nao, commemorates the old Thai New Year’s Eve and serves as National Family Day, emphasizing family bonding. Finally, April 15th, Wan Payawan (‘Bathing Buddha’) Day, signifies the start of the New Year with widespread festivities including continuous water battles, concerts, street food, and various celebrations across the nation.

Traditional Activities during the festival

Songkran festival

Songkran festival – Image via Flickr

During the Songkran Festival, numerous traditional activities take place. Water splashing, a beloved tradition, offers respite from the April heat, with streets transforming into lively arenas for playful water fights using pipes, buckets, and water guns, welcoming both locals and foreigners. Cleaning rituals symbolize renewal, as homes, temples, and public spaces are tidied to welcome the New Year, around every part, no matter if it’s a Sukhumvit hotel like the well-known Travelodge Sukhumvit 11, or a restaurant corner. 

Christmas day at Koh Phangan – A Tropical Christmas!

Christmas day is looming, and you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Thinking of a relaxing Christmas break in a peaceful environment? A perfect pick would be Thailand at a Koh Phangan resort where you could chill with your partner in privacy. A few things to remember when spending Christmas in Thailand.


Thailand being predominantly a Buddhist country, does not celebrate Christmas like the west. Although you may find some festive cheer around, the best way to celebrate is to chill at a resort such as the Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas where you can request for your own private villa.

Christmas buffet

There are a few restaurants in Koh Phangan that serve up a proper Christmas roast, but with a more tropical twist. Look out for those restaurants and make sure you reserve a table early on for you and your partner to enjoy a Christmas feast.


If you’ve relaxed enough and want to party, Koh Phangan has options for that too. During the season there are some Christmas themed parties on the island, such as the famous “full moon” party, which is essentially like a rave on the beach. If you are travelling with a bunch of friends, this might be something to check out.

Water Activities

Discover life under water by snorkeling on the island of Koh Nang Yuan. Or take a private yacht tour in luxury and delve deep into underwater treasures as you sip on cocktails on deck.

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Koh Samui for Christmas and New Year – Seasonal cheer is in the air

Since Christianity isn’t a popular religion in Thailand, Christmas may not come across as unconventional in this country. New Year, on the other hand, is a celebration that goes big in the local community.

Tropical Christmas

Christmas may not be an official holiday in Thailand, nevertheless, the day is celebrated even though not on a grand scale. What’s unique in Koh Samui is that Christmas has a tropical feel to it rather than the usual wintery feel. If you are curious to know if Santa visits Koh Samui, well, he certainly does and in the most eccentric ways at that!


Things to know

Since the rains hit Thailand in November, this weather condition can carry on to December as well. However, the weather may gradually turn out better towards the end of December. In case you were wondering about the Christmassy atmosphere in hotels, Chaweng beach resorts will be decked up just as in other parts of the world.


New Year’s Eve

Kho Samui is one of the busiest places in Thailand when the time for New Year’s Eve draws near. Be it a simple drink, a romantic night or an out of this world New Year’s Eve party, Koh Samui has it all.


Fabulous Celebrations

Almost every bar and beach restaurant in town will all be prepped and ready for a big celebration. Even hotels like Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort will be hosting their gala events as well.

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Songkran the Must Experience Festival of Thailand – The National Waterfight of Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its culture, and there’s so much to experience where that is concerned. One of the best, and most famous, festivals that happen in Thailand is Songkran.

What is Songkran?

Songkran is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word, Sankranti, and is a reference to the traditional New Year that is celebrated in South Asian countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

So it’s an International Thing?

The traditional New Year is celebrated in many ways throughout the world, in nations such as Sri Lanka, for example, it’s the ‘Sinhalese New Year’, in Myanmar it’s called ‘Thingyan’. Only Laos and Thailand refer to the occasion as Songkran.

Songkran in Thailand

Since Songkran is associated with purification and washing away of bad luck and sins, people take to the streets to throw water on one another. This trend has led to the festival becoming extremely popular, to the point that many Krabi resorts with examples such as Anantara Si Kao Resort would experience surges in reservations during the time of the festival.

Things to Keep in Mind

As much as Songkran can be extremely fun, there are also many dangers associated with it. Alcohol consumption tends to increase greatly during this time, and Thailand’s road-based fatalities increase considerably.

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New Years Eve on Krabi Beach – End the Year with a Bang!

When it comes to New Year’s Eve Krabi has plenty to put forward to travellers, from lush greens to busy markets.

Ride around

Hire a car or bicycle and head off. Krabi has amazing scenery, and a bike ride is the best way to truly enjoy it all. From the lush green forests to limestone karsts that jut out from the deep sea, it’s a sight for the sore eyes.

Now showing Photo, Cycling

Image Credit: Anantara Si Kao Resort

Warm dips

Located in a small jungle, close to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, the hot springs are pools that have been created from the water in smooth rocks, with the hot water passing through volcanic chambers.

Beach parties

Beach parties are an obvious hit when it comes to New Year Eve plans and at Krabi resorts, it is no different. If you are staying at a property like Anantara Si Kao Resort, for example, all you have to do is ask your help desk for the hottest party spots of the night.

Ao Nang Beach

Walk to the beach after an amazing spa or warm dip, and stick around to watch the lanterns and wait for the clock to strike midnight. The spectacular fireworks display will leave you speechless as you welcome the year 2018 with joy.

Rocket, Red, Orange, Fireworks, New Year'S Eve

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Songkran: The Thailand Water Festival – The Wettest Festival in Asia

The culture of Thailand is just as renowned as her lush natural beauty. Anyone who is familiar with Thailand or even Asia in general will be aware of the legendary Songkran festival.

What is Songkran?

This festival is associated with new beginnings and purification, which is why the country turns into a massive water-fight. During Songkran, Thai people also gently and respectfully wash the hands of their elders, and even wash Buddha statues with water scented with flowers. In the modern day, things are taken to the extreme with people taking to the streets with water guns.


When is it?

This iconic festival officially takes place over the course of three days starting on the 13th of April and concluding on the 15th. Many people take leave from work during this time and the duration of the festival usually ends up being extended to around six days.

The Best Places to Be

Extended festival celebrations usually take place in the more tourist-oriented areas such as Phangan. Resorts are aplenty in this region with many to choose from such as Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas, which means Songkran is particularly intriguing here.

Tips to Remember

Everyone excluding religious figures, royalty and pregnant women will be splashed. Since you’re guaranteed to get very wet, leave any electronic belongings at your place of residence/accommodation. Due to increased accidents during this time, it is recommended you do not ride a bike when Songkran happens.

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Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

The phenomenon of the full moon has become an integral aspect of folklore and tradition in many cultures for a multitude of reasons. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are a number of celebrations, events and parties that take place commemorating the full moon. While the full moon is of special religious significance to Buddhists, who engage in meritorious deeds and visit the temple during this time, the Feast of the Hunters’ Moon is another event of significance that takes place in Indiana in the United States of America. The Farmer’s Almanac also give different names to the various full moons that occur each month while the ‘Long Night’s Moon’ is considered to be the last full moon of the year. There are also a number of Hindu Festivals that are celebrated during the full moon.

Tourists who visit Koh Phangan during the full moon will be able to witness the vibrant celebration called the Full Moon Party. Having its origins in Haad Rin in Koh Phangan, this particular party takes place on the day of the full moon and lasts through the night. Its popularity is so great that nearby resorts such as Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villas even have transport packages that allow guests to partake in the festivities. Tourists who opt for such packages often leave their accommodation early, grab a bite to eat at a Koh Phangan restaurant and make their way to Haad Rin.

On the eve of every full moon, anywhere between five thousand to thirty thousand tourists come together to celebrate the event until the rays of the sun make an appearance in the wee hours of the morning. It has become so popular that many tourists consider it a ‘must-do’ activity when in Thailand. Previously, other editions of the party, such as the ‘Half Moon’ or the ‘Quarter Moon’ party also existed but all these versions were banned by the Government in 2014. At present, only the Full Moon Party takes place.

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Thailand as a Business Destination – Corporate Getaways in Asia

Is Thailand all about the sexy beaches, intriguing restaurants and bars and day tripping all around the country? Amidst all these temptations for the ideal vacation, one might wonder if Thailand is still a business destination where you could have a company retreat or a mere business meeting with high-end clients who needs to be impressed.

Despite the intriguing vacation landscape of Thailand, the economy of the country has been through a tremendous amount of change and today, country bears favourable opportunities for foreign investments. As one of the largest growing markets in the world, and as a member of the ASEAN region and its unforgettable vibrant consumer base, the country attracts a large number of international investors.

Nothing says a “stress free business meeting” like a meeting in Pattaya. If you do not wish to be amidst all the hustle and bustle, you can always go for options such as AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa where you can still have a conventional business meeting with great views of the bay.

If you organize your business meeting in the off-peak period you can benefit not only from cheaper flights but also from reduced hotel rates. A business meeting over a pint or a game of tennis does sound more appealing than in an air-conditioned hall! With prices slashed during the off-peak season, you are able to enjoy that business meeting or retreat that is also the ultimate relaxed getaway.

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Heralding the New Year – Songkran Festival

Although Songkran, celebrated in Thailand from 13 to 15th April each year is known as a water festival where spraying water on everyone seems to be the primary activity, it in fact heralds the Thai New Year. Coming at one of the hottest months, many people make this an excuse to get soaked and to have weeklong celebrations. Occupying a prized location, Citadenes Sukhumvit 16 Bangkok offers convenient access to important business and commercial locations and fun city activities.

Businesses and offices shut down and half the population of Bangkok leaves for their home towns for long awaited family reunions. Water splashing, besides being a fun activity, is a symbol of washing away the misfortunes of the previous year, beginning the New Year afresh. This is similar to cleaning out houses that is also part of the festival. Originally a small symbolic bowl of water was poured over relatives and friends but now buckets, garden hoses and water guns have entered the picture. The first day of Songkran is also National Elders Day. Young people sprinkle perfumed water on the palms of their elders and ask for their blessings. The second day of Songkran is National Family Day. Many families start the day by giving alms to Buddhist monks. Other Songkran rituals include bathing Buddha images in perfumed water at home and in temples and carrying out merit making activities according to Buddhist beliefs. In Sanam Luang a Buddha image is taken in procession through the streets for devotees to sprinkle water on it.

The wildest Songkran celebration takes place in Bangkok on a 5km stretch of street near Patpong. It is packed deep with Thais and tourists in holiday mood wielding water spraying gadgetry. Fire trucks stationed at intersections ambush the revelers with their powerful water hoses providing a respite from the scorching heat. Elephants too are used as water sprayers. Some Thai communities celebrate Songkran a week later than the rest of the country also with water splashing but tempered with cultural activities. Beauty pageants, food fairs and sand sculptures honouring the Buddha are also part of the Songkran festivities. As a highly rated Bangkok apartment hotel, Sukhumvit 16 offers comforts and conveniences to suit the needs of its diverse clientele.

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Asanha Bucha – In Remembrance of the First Sermon of Lord Buddha

for tourists visiting the Golden Triangle in Thailand, the tourism industry of the state has intelligently woven an idea of cultural heritage and natural beauty within the triangle. Nestled comfortably towards the northern most part of Thailand lies the city of Chiang Rai, a beloved destination of tourists with a vociferous appetite for the mystical cultures of the East, a mere fifty or so kilometres from the tripoint of the Golden Triangle which connects Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

Chiang Rai celebrates a multitude of cultural and religious festivals, and is ideal for the culture vulture in you. For those visiting at the beginning of the year, the King Meng Rai Festival gives travellers an insight into the national pride of the locals while the Flower Festival creates splashes of colour and natural splendour across the city. For those visiting towards the middle of the year, the Asanha Bucha event is one that allows for a tremendously valuable experience in terms of witnessing how the locals venerate their faith. The Asanha Bucha is celebrated with vigour in remembrance of the First Sermon of Lord Buddha.

Given the proximity of the city to the famed Golden Triangle, many opt to reside in Chiang Rai hotels and explore its surroundings during their visit to Thailand. Ideal for this purpose is Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. This is one resort with an exemplary view of the beautiful jungles of Thailand that also overlooks Myanmar and Laos. Enjoy the precious feeling of being at one with nature and the serenity the surroundings invoke while basking in luxury.

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