Sukhumvit – The quintessential Thai nocturnal experience

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If Bangkok seems endlessly lively and busy during the day, it is of little surprise that life in the vibrant capitol city of Thailand continues at the same express pace, long into the night. Sukhumvit Road, stretching across central Bangkok blazing a trail of urbane sophistication, is the cornerstone of Bangkok’s pulsating nightlife.
Offering an extraordinarily comprehensive experience, Bangkok has a hotspot for everyone. The National Museum displays a magnificent array of artifacts that chronicle Thailand’s rich history. The pilgrim will find spiritual healing at the feet of the Wat Traimitr the Golden Buddha, while the shopper will have reached her Garden of Eden when entering Pratunam. However, after a day of traditional tourist attractions, travellers will find themselves lured by the lights of Sukhumvit Road, drawing them to an unforgettable nocturnal experience. Full of glamorous bars, fashionable eateries, luxury hotels, sprawling malls and trendy clubs, Sukhumvit is a one-stop deal for a visitor looking to unwind or party on into the night.
The rambling Sukhumvit Road and its many by-roads (Sois) are home to some of Bangkok’s most exclusive restaurants as well as famed street stands, guaranteed to whet your taste buds. The sheer number of choices in cuisine is overwhelming,from the elegant’ Pan Pan’ down Soi 33 serving delectable Italian fare to the ‘Baan Kanitha’ with its menu of ethnic Thai dishes. Serving up an arsenal of food and alcohol, along with a side dish of live music, the popular bars and pubs down Sukhumvit are ideal for a warm-up before a long night ahead. ‘Song Saleung Bar’ stands out among the rest for its throngs of beautiful young people and uncontrollably groovy live music. The ‘Zest Piano Bar’ has a distinctive contemporary flair and its plush interior is the ideal alcove of sophistication in the midst of the chaos. The ‘Nana Plaza’ is for visitors with a taste for the eye-popping, but follow the pounding beat down to Soi 11 to clubs like Bed Supperclub and Q Bar where the architectural artistry only rivals the top international DJ’ing talent.
Even alongside the fun bedlam, Sukhumvit sports pockets of tranquility where visitors are able to retreat to the comfortable ambience of charming little cafes, romantic restaurants and lush spas. Best of all, conquering the daunting length of Sukhumvit Road is an easy enough task with the convenient Skytrain (BTS) stretching along almost the entire expanse.
The lively Sukhumvit area is a veritable paradise of some of the best in Bangkok hotel accommodation. Visitors enjoying the glamour of this cosmopolitan region, can opt to sink into the contemporary hotel apartment Bangkok, and of these, the Bangkok President Solitaire is ideally situated at the heart of all that Sukhumvit has to offer.
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