The Lantern Festival in Bangkok – a glorious sight!

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It is one of the most noteworthy days in the Chinese calendar. The colorful Lantern Festival which is also known as Yuanxiao Jie, is a significant Chinese festival celebrated on the final day of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. This spectacular festival is celebrated by the Chinese community residing in various parts of the world. For instance, this traditional festival is celebrated hugely in Beijing and all across China, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok and many more.
Putting an official end to the two week long New Year celebrations, The Lantern Festival is a time for both the young and old to come together. It is a time when all the people finally get together in one display area in order to witness the magical and intricately designed lanterns. These show places are generally organised by relevant local municipalities or individuals.
This vibrant fiesta is held under the first full moon of the Lunar New Year. Therefore, the atmosphere is much more invigorating and exciting. Children join in the festival by making their own paper lanterns while the youth consider this charming festival the Chinese Valentine’s day. Various competitions are held in order to judge the best and most attractive lanterns. People who gather to view these spectacular lanterns solve puzzles that are usually hidden within the designs of the lanterns and taste yuanxiao or gluey rice balls with family and friends.
Lantern making among the Chinese community has a long and colorful history that dates back to almost 2000 years and therefore this long lived tradition plays an important role among the Chinese. However Lantern making in ancient times was not as advanced and intricate as was once seen today. Back then, the designs and techniques used to craft Lanterns were simple. Contrary to this, today’s designs are large, complex and simply astonishing.
So, the best way to discover this extraordinary craft of Lantern making in Bangkok is to witness a display of lanterns at the Lantern Festival held each year on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Travellers can enjoy this spectacular event at much ease by staying at serviced apartments Bangkok such as the Bangkok Royal President. This contemporary and well appointed Bangkok accommodation provides home like comforts for a pleasant and unforgettable stay.
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