Dubai’s major sporting events you shouldn’t miss – Experience the Thrill of Dubai’s Top Sporting Events

Dubai is known for its luxurious hotels and its vibrant sporting scene, with a variety of world-class events taking place throughout the year. From football and tennis to golf and horse racing, there’s something for everyone.

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Horse racing

One of the most exciting sporting events in Dubai is the Dubai World Cup, the world’s richest horse race, which takes place annually at the Meydan Racecourse. This event attracts horse racing enthusiasts from around the world, and it’s a must-see for anyone visiting Dubai.


Another major sporting event is the Dubai Tennis Championships, which features some of the world’s top tennis players competing for the trophy. This event is held at the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium and draws thousands of spectators each year.


If you’re a golf fan, don’t miss the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, which takes place at the Emirates Golf Club. This prestigious event attracts top players from around the world and offers stunning views of the city’s skyline.

Relax and unwind

After a day of watching sports, you’ll want to unwind at a comfortable hotel, and La Suite Dubai Hotel and Apartments is an excellent option. This hotel boasts beautiful rooms and suites, and some of the best Dubai hotels with swimming pools. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just enjoy watching the action, Dubai’s major sporting events are not to be missed. Book your tickets and accommodation today for an unforgettable experience.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Hotel for a Business Conference – Planning the Perfect Event

If you’re exploring options on hotels suitable to host a conference, here are some essential things to keep in mind that will help make the event truly memorable.

Choosing a Hotel

Not all properties are ideal for meetings, so be mindful to choose those that are suited for such events, usually belonging to the best business hotel chains. A central location and ease of access are two important factors to consider as well as the implementation of stringent health and hygiene protocols. For accommodation, the rooms should be spacious and feature aspects like a dedicated workspace and Wi-Fi access, while integrating technology and business amenities too.

Special Business Programmes

Some leading hospitality brands offer special programmes for corporate travellers; an ideal example is the Global Business Preferred Programme of the Park Hotel Group which provides access to its participating hotels in diverse locations along with special rates, free Wi-Fi, discounts on dining and exclusive perks. The group also offers a complimentary corporate self-booking tool that lets one manage business reservations, make bookings at negotiated rates and generate reports that will help in tracking.

The Right Venue

Of course, you should also check what kind of venues the hotel has for your conference and if it has a dedicated team of event specialists who will ensure all your requirements are met. Ideally, it should have versatile spaces that can be used for small or large conferences; some properties offer outdoor areas too, perfect for evening cocktails or dining. Aspects like restaurant-connected function rooms, high-tech audio-visual systems, advanced teleconferencing facilities and high-speed internet access should be available as well.

Onsite Amenities

Apart from facilities for conferences, the right hotel should have other onsite amenities that will help make for a memorable time not limited to just the event period. Having complimentary Wi-Fi that features high-speed internet with a stable connection and secure access is important. Additionally, the property should feature diverse dining options throughout the day along with a pool and a fitness centre, ideal for attendees staying at the hotel. Some hotels will even make transportation arrangements such as an airport limo service which will be useful as well.



Festivals That Will Leave You Speechless – A Quy Nhon, Vietnam Travel Guide

This coastal city in Bình Định province, Vietnam was once flourishing in agriculture and fishing as their primary commercial activities. Quy Nhon has now become a widely popular tourist destination that attracts travellers from all corners of the world. While you may be planning a vacation to Quy Nhon, be sure to note if your trip coincides with any of the below festivals in the city.

Kick Up a Session of Martial Arts

The Vietnamese traditional martial arts are honoured once every two years on a platform created especially to discuss all things martial arts, delegation meetings, exchanges and promoting this art on a global scale. Participants of this event will be able to reside at a Quy Nhon hotel. The Bình Định traditional martial arts festival kicks off with performances in the town of Quy Nhon, a convenient location to reach for guests staying at Anantara Quy Nhon Villas.

Dong Da Festival

The Dong Da Festival is an annual tradition that takes place for Emperor Quang Tung and the leaders of the Tay Son movement. Festivities of this tradition are carried out on the fifth day of the first lunar month and will involve Vietnamese martial arts, Kung Fu (di quyen), a drumming competition and playing with fighting sticks.

Summer Sea Festival to Explore

The Summer Sea Festival includes an entertainment-filled series of activities for all. This family-friendly festival features events in both culture and sport. As means of attracting local and foreign travellers, the Summer Sea Festival offers an assortment of exciting activities like futsal for children, martial arts competitions, culinary contests and tourism workshops.

Do Gian Festival – the Story of a Goddess

The Do Gian Festival is a special ceremony held in the village of An Thai on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, to worship Ba, Goddess of the Sea. While villagers celebrate this festival in song and dance, they seek the blessings of Ba for good weather, wealth and joy. The village community also practises a sacrifice offering of roasted pork which is thrown down from the trellis after the festival.

Cultural Festivals and Events in Abu Dhabi – Exotic Experiences

Apart from the famous Ramadan festival, Abu Dhabi thrives in a range of other diverse and colourful festivals and events that you could witness during a holiday spent at your Abu Dhabi resort the likes of Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.

Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival

This is one of the most-awaited festivals in this city and it dazzles its spectators with some of the best-talented dancers around. They present awesome dance forms including Salsa, Afro Rumba, Hip Hop, Bachata, and much more.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Reading enthusiasts will have their dreams come true at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the fastest-growing fair of its kind in the region. With over 800 exhibitors who come from all across the world, you will be able to get your hands on some of the most-coveted titles out there.

Abu Dhabi International Boat Show

An annual luxury boat event, Abu Dhabi International Boat Show attracts thousands of people worldwide. Over 25 countries exhibit the best of their boats used in luxury yachting and marine leisure.

Camel Racing

This is one of the traditional aspects that cannot be coaxed out of the lives of the people in Abu Dhabi. It is an incredibly competitive and thrilling event with unbelievable prize money for the winners.

Thailand’s craziest, coolest, and most bizarre festivals – Enjoying a vibrant culture

Thailand is a destination for partying! It’s not just about the regular beach parties, but also about the cultural events with many unique traditions and rituals.


How about getting drenched from head to toe during your stay at any hotel in Khon Kaen the likes of Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre? You may enjoy fun water fights with the locals for 3 consecutive days. Use buckets, water guns, or hose pipes while dancing and shouting like crazy!

Phi Ta Khon

It’s the Ghost Festival. Locals wear diverse sorts of masks and join a parade to entertain people. The festival goes on for 3 days, and it happens in Dan Sai, Loei Province.

Yi Peng

This is one of the most popular festivals happening in Chiang Mai every November. Attendees release thousands of paper lanterns to the sky, and to add more colour, there are also parades, firework sessions, and religious rituals.

Lopburi Monkey Banquet

Lopburi is a paradise for monkeys in Thailand. It’s them who rule the central temple of the city, and November becomes their happiest month of all. Lopburi Monkey Banquet happens for them where they get to enjoy tons and tons of fruits, vegetables, and sweets. Thanks to the generous humans!

Guide on Dubai Expo 2021

The Dubai Expo 2021 will be a celebration of human advancements and how they have helped reshape the face of the earth. It was supposed to be held in 2020 but was postponed due to the coronavirus.

The World’s Greatest Show
Thanks to the subject material and the grand way that Dubai is known to celebrate conventions, the Dubai Expo is often dubbed the World’s Greatest Show.

Dubai Expo 2020 Image by Skv282 via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Celebrating Human Brilliance and Achievements
Many luxury hotels in Dubai will fill up come October as dignitaries from all over the world will flock to the metropolis to celebrate human brilliance and achievements. Lots of innovations will see the light of day at the Expo.

Dubai at the Forefront
As always, Dubai will be at the forefront of all these technological advancements as a living icon of human achievement in harsh conditions. People will gather at the Expo to see advancements in science, art, technology, and inventions.

Growth in All Angles
The advancement of technology and the human application of it in our everyday lives benefits all angles of development including tourism, conservation and so much more.

How to Get There
The convention will be held at the EXPO site in Dubai South District. It is easily accessible from most hotels including Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai. You can get there by car or on the Dubai metro.

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Macau – Some Stunning Factors!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a big three-day holiday that Chinese people celebrate by going home to their families, so tickets tend to sell out on long-distance trains and buses as people from the mainland try to go back home.

The Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival occurs while it is still late summer in Southern China. The Mid-Autumn festival synchronises with the 15th day of the 8th month on the Lunar calendar. As the locals head out, it would be a great time to stay at luxury hotels in Macau and explore the emptied city.

Chinese Believe the Moon is the Brightest

The Chinese believe that the moon is at its brightest in fall. The Mid-Autumn Festival doesn’t occur on a full moon day but often the cycles of the moon coincide with the lunar calendar.

Ranked 2nd

Since it is considered the 2nd most important festival, all the luxury resorts like Hotel Okura Macau would be holding grand celebrations which you should also take part in to get the complete cultural experience.


Chinese make mooncakes for the festival and though the regular ones cost very little, there are custom made luxury mooncakes that can cost up to more than 1,000 yuan which is the equivalent of $150. People buy them for family and friends with ingredients like shark fin, bird’s nest and abalone. People also try to make the biggest one ever in a bid to break a world record. The largest ever made was in 2013 and it was in Shanghai and weighed 2.500 kg.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival in the Chinese calendar after the Chinese New Year and is celebrated with mooncakes and a three-day holiday.

Half Moon Parties by the Phuket Beach – An Engaging and Fun Festival Awaits

Looking forward to dancing the night away to loud electronic music? If so, Thailand’s half moon parties are for you. Here’s a little more information to get you started. If you attend the party at Koh Phangan, then the party is situated in the middle of the jungle as opposed to the beach.

Facts and figures

Half Moon Festivals began just over 16 years ago. A young DJ decided to move his events away from the beach and into a rainforest in Koh Phangan. This was his party paradise, that would come alive during every Half Moon festival. Today, Half Moon Festivals are looked forward to more than other events.

What to expect

While you’re at M Beach Club Phuket or any other similar beach club in Phuket, it’s highly recommended that you attend a Half Moon Festival if you’re into fun partying. There are plenty of amenities, such as proper bathrooms. There is also festival security to keep things safe. The festival is much like a tiny version of Coachella!


If you’re looking to attend any of the festivals in 2019, you can always google the dates depending on which half moon party you want to attend, which part of Thailand and the fees.

Atmosphere and music

The festival has a good mix of music, so thankfully you’ll most probably enjoy a stage theme that matches your taste. Since Thailand is a tourist destination for all types of travellers, you’ll expect to see a variety of party-goers.

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Splendour in the Grass Music Festival – Experience one of Australia’s Biggest Music Festivals

Byron Bay is one of the most musically oriented places in Australia and consistently hosts many large-scale music events, attracting celebrities and musicians from all over the world.


Image by Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia  (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Not So Humble Beginnings

Most festivals start off small before they become world-famous, the Splendour in the Grass Music Festival was not one of them. The fourth incarnation, in 2005, was sold out within 26 hours, and scalpers were selling tickets originally priced at A$125 for upwards of A$3000.


Famous Attendees

The festival is massive, and much like other big festivals in Byron Bay has attracted some very famous attendees. These include Elon Musk as well as Amber Heard, who are notable fans of the festival. You’ll definitely find this festival on the best entertainment blogs.


Notable Bands and Performances

The festival mainly deals with indie/alternative music, and some of the most famous artists and bands that have performed include Coldplay, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, and The Smashing Pumpkins.


The Biggest Winter Music Festival

With an average crowd of 30,000, the Splendour in the Grass festival is easily the biggest winter music festival in Australia, situated at one of the hottest concert locations, Byron Bay. As winter approaches you’ll find many entities such as My Entertainment Hub covering the event.



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Songkran the Must Experience Festival of Thailand – The National Waterfight of Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its culture, and there’s so much to experience where that is concerned. One of the best, and most famous, festivals that happen in Thailand is Songkran.

What is Songkran?

Songkran is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word, Sankranti, and is a reference to the traditional New Year that is celebrated in South Asian countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

So it’s an International Thing?

The traditional New Year is celebrated in many ways throughout the world, in nations such as Sri Lanka, for example, it’s the ‘Sinhalese New Year’, in Myanmar it’s called ‘Thingyan’. Only Laos and Thailand refer to the occasion as Songkran.

Songkran in Thailand

Since Songkran is associated with purification and washing away of bad luck and sins, people take to the streets to throw water on one another. This trend has led to the festival becoming extremely popular, to the point that many Krabi resorts with examples such as Anantara Si Kao Resort would experience surges in reservations during the time of the festival.

Things to Keep in Mind

As much as Songkran can be extremely fun, there are also many dangers associated with it. Alcohol consumption tends to increase greatly during this time, and Thailand’s road-based fatalities increase considerably.

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