Tahune AirWalk – A Walk Among The Giants

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Did you know that Southern Tasmania has some of the tallest trees in the world? Take a hike through the lush green eucalypt forests of Tasmania, home to the tallest flowering plant ever found, the Eucalypts regnans as you visit the Tahune Air Walk. The Air Walk is not only an architectural marvel but faces an amazing view of the mountains and rivers that surround the conservation. 

Put on your best walking shoes and get ready to walk among the giants of the world. Some of the trees are a few thousand years old and you will need the help of a few people to even think of hugging the bark of the tree! Tread carefully on the rough forest floor sheltered by a thick green canopy formed by the overhanging branches of these massive trees. Scattered here and there are other interesting plants such as man ferns, sassafras, celery top and flowering leatherwood marked by small sign posts describing their properties and uses in day to day life.

The Tahune Air Walk totals a walk of 578 meters and gets you high above the tree tops. From the point of entry the basic trek leads you to a hanging bridge across the Picton River, a 50 meter long bridge suspended over the rushing waters below with the wind in your face will be a most exciting experience. After a few minutes’ walk will be another longer and sturdier bridge across the Huon River. The water gushed over rocks and boulders and a lot wilder than the Picton River crossing. From then on it is straight to the Air Walk with the cantilever suspended 48 meters above the forest bed. The airwalk itself is more of a ramp and boats a magnificent view of the surrounding Hartz Mountains and the intersection of the Huon River and Picton River. 
There are also a number of other smaller platforms giving different perspectives of the view and the Huon Pine trail that runs along the river bank and provides a glimpse of the life cycle of the Huon Pines. After nearly an hour’s walk stop at the Visitor’s Center for a cool drink, hot food and a place to rest your feet while you enjoy the greenery around you. Whether it is a leisurely walk through the forest or a more challenging hike, there will always be something to fit the budget and always remember to take lots of drinking water and dress appropriately for the journey. 
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