Abu Dhabi Nightlife – Exuberant and Energetic Entertainment!

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Being an Islamic nation has not stopped the United Arab Emirates from boasting some of the best nightlife in the region; after all the country does contain a large expat population. Most restrictions and limitations apply only to Muslims and foreigners can enjoy a nightlife that rivals that of many Western nations. Inside the United Arab Emirates both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a very active night scene and although the latter is a little more conservative in outlook, it still offers tons of fun. The nightlife in Abu Dhabi falls into two categories; the malls and cinemas and the bars and nightclubs. 
The emirate contains plenty of terrific malls and one can find some sort of sale going on at any time of the year. However, the malls are not solely for shopping, but are a form of entertainment as well. The local malls usually stay open till midnight and provide a variety of entertainment options such as cinemas, bowling alleys and ice rinks. The malls contain activities that are suitable for all ages. 
When it comes to adult entertainment the options maybe limited but are still easy to find. Hotels act as a one stop destination for dinner, music, drinks and dancing, thus reducing the time spent driving around. In addition to this, many bars and clubs also have live music. The best local bars to visit are PJ O’Reilly’s, The Captain’s Arms, 3rd Avenue and Ray’s Bar, Mood Indigo and In Cooler Weather. The best nightclubs are Allure by Cipriani, the Yacht Club, Illusion, Left Bank and Sax Club. The Mood Indigo Bar has excellent live jazz music on Fridays. Tourists should note that local laws on drinking and driving are quite severe and diligently enforced.
While the emirate’s roadways may have been designed for cars, Abu Dhabi does contain an excellent public transport system. Public buses can help tourists reach the furthest boundaries of the emirate for a relatively small price. Metered taxis are a bit more expensive but are somewhat faster. Accommodation is also quite easy to find. Those looking for luxury hotel resorts should definitely try Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas. They operate several luxury hotels in strategic locations throughout Abu Dhabi which are perfectly suited for both business and leisure travellers.
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