Events and Festivals in Jakarta – Colourful Celebrations

The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta comes alive each year as a wide range of cultural festivals and events are celebrated in the city, each offering something new to experience. Those in search of a centrally located Jakarta hotel from which to explore the city and visit venues where these events will be held can consider staying at Alila Jakarta. This Jakarta city hotel not only makes an ideal base for leisure travellers, but corporate clientele too.

The Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is one not to be missed festival in the capital and those visiting during late January or February can look forward to everything from lion dances to dragon boat races. The Chinatown area (Glodok) in particular is well worth visiting. Those arriving in March can look forward to the Java Jazz Festival, while June is when the Festival Jalan Jaksa is held, where one can witness Betawi cultural shows amidst a street festival atmosphere. Also worth experiencing are the Independence Day celebrations held on August 17th which include a variety of parades that take place in front of the Presidential Palace.


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Pattaya Music Festival – Grooving All the Way

If you are looking to holiday in the most happening city in Thailand; choose Pattaya as it is the city that never sleeps. The clear blue sky, warm tropical sun, plenty of fancy hotels, clubs and bars are all reasons for this city being known as the party spot of the nation. Year round it has something for everyone but the real crowd puller is the Pattaya Music Festival. Attracting thousands nation and world-wide, this festival most certainly brings out the most energetic and vibrant side of you.
2012 kept its promises in giving you bigger and better. Just completing its 10th anniversary celebration in 2011 the festival emerged revitalized with a new vigor and passion. This year the festival made headlines as the largest beach music festival in all of Asia and ensured even the minutest details was perfectly planned and coordinated for the most optimum results. Those of you who would have enjoyed Thailand during the latter days of April would have got the profound opportunity to enjoy this amazing festival that is known by many as the rhythm that will rock the world. The festival this year was one that satisfied a variety of music tastes. It was featured on a total of 5 stages ; the Reggae stage, Techno Stage, GMMZ stage, open grounds in Central Pattaya and the Soi 4 Beach Road. Each stage had its own agenda which was not difficult to figure out and hence drew a crowd that enjoyed that particular line of music. You could hear everything and anything in the form of music; rock, pop, jazz and much more and a world of Thailand’s top artists were all drawn in. Participants enjoyed the best of Potato, Clear, Paradox and Buddha bless; all combined to give fans an ultimate music experience.
If you missed it this year, plan it for 2013 because this vibrant booming affair with Music is definitely worth experiencing. Perfect your Thai vacation with Anantara Bophut Koh Samui. This Samui Resort happens to be a favorite among tourists and gives you comfort and luxury in a unique style unlike any other Resort & SpaSamui.

Abu Dhabi Nightlife – Like no other

From pubs to clubs to restaurants and everything in between, Abu Dhabi caters to every sort of evening desire a person can have. Expats and locals alike swing into party mode every evening and perhaps the most time-consuming question is where to go.
If you are chomping at the bit for a night of hectic dance floor action, then Allure, Cinnabar, or Etoiles are some of the excellent places to go.  
Perhaps it is a more authentic pub feel you seek. Then it is off to P.J. O’Reilleys, Oceans or the Piano Lounge with you!
With so many amazing places to choose from, visitors will never be disappointed with what happens in Abu Dhabi any night of the week. 
One of the most well known aspects of Abu Dhabi nightlife are special ladies’ night events which take place regularly. Ladies can enjoy the standard freebee’s they’d get anywhere in the world during such events, except that they would be getting them in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, hence exponentially increasing the excitement of it all!
Not one for piped music or DJ’s? Not to worry, because Abu Dhabi boasts some of the best live music venues around, with talented musicians playing everything from cover tunes to classic and contemporary jazz. Some of the good places to listen to live music are Blitz, 49’ers, The Jazz Bar and the Mood Indigo Bar, which is rumoured to have some of the best musicians in town.
Sports fans need not fear as there are more than a handful of sports bars to choose from. NRG, Heroes and Hemmingway’s are all sports bars that show live sporting events ranging from rugby to football to cricket and beyond.
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So for those interested in the nightlife of this great city, there is much to see and much to experience. 

A Day of Learning and Family Fun at Katara Village

Offering a truly unique journey of discovery, Katara Cultural Village in Doha lets visitors experience the world’s different cultures. Featuring concert halls, theatres, galleries and exhibition halls, the site plays host to a wide range of cultural activities and also gives visitors a chance to appreciate the rich local heritage. Situated in Doha’s West Bay lagoon area, this distinctive attraction also has a variety of concerts and shows as well as an eclectic array of restaurants that let you savour exotic cuisine. In addition to this, Katara Cultural Village has a private beach with a children’s play area and exciting water sports for young and old alike. 
Travellers in search of a well placed Doha hotel from which to explore the region can stay at Millennium Hotel Doha. This elegant and luxurious hotel in Doha has its own spa and offers a truly memorable stay. 

Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition- A Celebration of Cultural Heritage

Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition is an event with an extensive national and international participation and regarded as a successful family event portraying cultural heritage of the country as well as give opportunity to enter major business deals strengthening the country’s economic aspect. The event will be held in 2012 celebrating its 10th Anniversary. This cultural event is followed by a series of artistic competitions including poetry, painting and photography as well as hunting, water sports and equestrian sports. This major exhibition which is held annually draws more than 100,000 spectators and participants to Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for a hotel in Abu Dhabi with luxury comforts, Eastern Mangroves hotel & spa by Anantara is a popular 5 star hotel with well appointed accommodation Abu Dhabi.

Ko Samui Music Festival

One of the leading events held in Thailand, the Ko Samui Music Festival is also referred to as Songkran Music Festival.  First held in 2004, the event serves as an ideal platform for both professional and budding musicians to showcase their talents. Ranging from reggae and rock n’ roll to jazz, the festival is an extravagant celebration of a wide variety of styles and genres of music.  Attracting thousands of locals tourists each year, this distinctive event will add more excitement to your visit to this part of Thailand. A reputed Koh Samui resort such as Anantara Lawana Koh Samui never fails to cater to the discerning needs of its guests. With a desirable location and modern amenities, this Chaweng hotel is a popular choice in the region.

Hanoi Festivals – City of Celebrations

Hanoi festivals present the time for people to engage in several activities of entertainment and pleasure. Some celebrations are held to welcome the New Year or the new harvesting season according to the lunar calendar and some are more like events highlighting the richness of the culture and traditions of the Hanoi community and remembering its past when people faced many hardships. Most of the time these festivals are followed by captivating narratives of the ancient legends and folklore associated with the origin of these festivals.

There are various events held all across the land throughout the year. Some of the most colourful ones are Chem Temple Festival, The Tet Festival, Giong Festival, Whale Festival, Lim Festival, Tra CO Village Festival and Keo Pagoda Festival. Most of these festivals begin in the evening with lights and festoons and continue on for several days.

Chem Temple festival is celebrated every year as a tribute to the hero Ly Than for saving the country at battles during Hung King Dynasty. Each year a vibrant ceremony is organized with processions of boats, elephants, horses and chariots and it concludes in an impressive ritual at the communal house. The Tet Festival which is celebrated at the beginning of the lunar year is one of the major festivals enjoyed by both locals as well as foreigners. It is simply the New Year celebrations in Vitenam. It is a prolonged event and can be described as more of a ‘friends and family’ festival. Giong Festival is a national event celebrated in Hanoi as it represents the patriotism of the Vietnamese, their respect for independence and gratefulness for their heroes.

The Whale Festival is regarded as the most outstanding water festival among the fisherman of the Vietnam. It is an event which goes on for two days and it is held as a commemorative festival to the Whale God.  A significant feature of this popular water festival is beautifying the whale temple and all the village houses and boats of the fishermen.

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Tattooing Experts at the Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple is an attraction in itself with its immense majestic Buddha statue. However the venue is also of particular interest for anyone interested in getting a professional standard tattoo. The local tattoo specialists provide a variety of attractive tattoo specialties, including everything from full-body jobs to modest henna tattoos that will wash off after a few days. The artists who perform these tattoos are professionals who are masters of their craft.

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Fascinating Kadhaa Maali Folk Dance

The intriguing Kadhaa Maali folk dance is native to Kulhudhuffushi Island in the Maldives. A popular dance form, this appealing attraction is not to be seen elsewhere. The performance commences with the beating of drums accompanied by the local Kadhaa instrument. Dancers attire themselves in colourful costumes, representing evil spirits and ghosts. The dance is considered to be a means of warding off these hostile beings.

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Thailand’s Answer To Spanish Bull Fighting- Buffalo Fighting Shows!

One of the most well known and popular things to do in Koh Samui is to attend a buffalo fighting show.  Though not as spirited as the high energy drama associated with such spectacles as bull fighting that takes place in Spain and many Lain American countries, this still attracts massive crowds nevertheless. Some say that in the world of buffaloes, this is similar to arm wrestling!

In this instance what takes place is that two male buffaloes come to the ring and lock their horns and push each other trying to gain dominance. Once they are bored, they simply walk away unlike the Spanish version of bull fighting where the animals are ultimately killed. Buffalo fighting events usually take place during Songkran, which is Thai New Year or on Ney Year’s Day.

Ban Makham, Nathon Town and Ban Saket are the usual stadiums where these fights are held and the events are announced by way of colorful posters put up in the vicinity informing one when the event is going to take place. Otherwise there are no set dates for the event. It also involves a lot of rituals and invoking of blessings and it is both vibrant and colorful with the animals being garlanded and decorated with flowers and other paraphernalia. Holy water is sprinkled on the ground as well as the contestants prior to the occasion.

There are two rounds of fighting both in the morning and in the evening and in the time in between people enjoy the good food and drink on offer. Once the fights are over and the winning buffalo is named the owner gets a large amount of prize money and the buffalo itself becomes a prized possession. There are bets placed during the event which offers a truly unique and lively atmosphere in which to witness this kind of sport. These events can be attended for those staying at a Koh Samui resort. Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui, is a Chaweng hotel that makes an ideally located base from which to explore the region and its many beaches, attractions and sporting activities.