Wayang (shadow puppet)- Puppetry at its best!

When touring in Indonesia, Wayang or Shadow Puppet Shows are a must visit entertaining event. Although this is regarded as an entertaining activity, puppets are believed to have a religious power. The puppet master and the story teller in Wayang should be extremely talented to put up a rare kind of a show like this. These put shows are accompanied by an orchestra and it is a fusion of music and drama. When touring in Bali, accommodation in Uluwatu hotels will not be a problem as there are plenty of options available. However, Anantara Uluwatu Resort & Spa Bali is known as one of the excellent Bali resorts in the area for luxury holiday.

Arts and Crafts in Bali – A Land with Talent and Style

Bali, a wonderful tourist destination, consisting of lavish arts, culture, religion and a place where people unify to build up peace. The harmony among people has helped this land to create and flourish a truly amazing industry of arts and craft. Bali’s handicrafts have gained much popularity over the years and the people making arts out of the most fundamental necessities in their lives are undoubtedly gifted.

In this exotic land, one could see that wood carvings, stone carvings, sculptures, paintings use different styles. It’s usually the males who engage in the trade of sculpting and carving while the women engage themselves with crafting handsome offerings to gods in the form of pyramids of flowers, fruits and cakes which reach up to about two meters high built with so much devotion.

Wood carving is a regular make practiced all around the country. Tegallalang, Pujung and Sebatu are the regions famous for classy wood carvings. It is not a bizarre resonance for the ear to catch the tapings of the carvers’ mallet anywhere around these places. These carvings are influenced with native and some are of distant patterns for the artist in Balinese love to survey the external world, merging foreign with traditional.

Paintings of Bali have styles like Kamasan or the Wayang styles, Pita Maha style (great vitality) and a few others. Kamasan style features Wayang Figures similar to floral designs and flame-and-mountain motifs. Pita Maha materialized when painting was distancing as a form of art.

Balinese jewelry is generally handmade and has designs found identical to those of Thailand and Mexico. It is a illustrious place for jewelry and seldom use casting techniques or imported silver. Village Celuk is famous for its jewelry.

Mask carving is another unique craft mastered by the Balinese, especially in Mas and Puaya. These are done by the proficient and it’s a specialized form of wood carving. Barong and Rangda masks are decorated and made with real hair with huge teeth and protruding eyes. Stone carving too is similar to the wood carving as it’s carved in soft volcanic rock. Kapal and Batubulan are famous for stone carvings.

Bali is a divine location with exotic arts and crafts on top of being a traveler’s sanctuary. The favorable mode of accommodation while holidaying in Bali would be one of many Bali Resorts and Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort and Spa is guaranteed to exceed expectations of what your ideal Uluwatu hotels should be.

Barong and Kris Dance – Depicting The Fight Between Good and Evil!

Offering a unique insight into the religious traditions of Bali, the Barong and Kris dance depict mythical characters engaged in the age old struggle between good and evil. The dance features ‘Barong’ who is a representation of good going up against Rangda who symbolizes evil. The dance is accompanied by traditional ‘gamelan’ music and features the use of a ‘kris’ which is a kind of a sword. Those wishing to explore the island can stay at one of many a Bali resorts such as Anantara Seminyak Bali. This beachfront Bali resort, offers luxurious accommodation along with contemporary dining and leisure facilities.

Balinese Music and Dance – Age Old Art Forms

Bali boasts a diverse culture and Balinese music and dance is an integral part of the country’s rich heritage. Gamelan music is one of the main musical art forms and centres around percussion instruments. Blending local traditions with Indian mythology, the ‘Kecak’ is a popular type of dance and draws from the famous epic poem known as the Ramayana. Barong, Balih-balihan and Sanghyang or the fire dance are some of the other popular dances in Balinese culture. Those heading to this picturesque island and looking for luxury hotels Bali can stay at Anantara Uluwatu, Bali. Apart from being one of the best Bali resorts, this luxurious property also offers Balinese dance classes where one can learn some of the steps of this age old tradition.