Tahune AirWalk – A Walk Among The Giants

Did you know that Southern Tasmania has some of the tallest trees in the world? Take a hike through the lush green eucalypt forests of Tasmania, home to the tallest flowering plant ever found, the Eucalypts regnans as you visit the Tahune Air Walk. The Air Walk is not only an architectural marvel but faces an amazing view of the mountains and rivers that surround the conservation. 

Put on your best walking shoes and get ready to walk among the giants of the world. Some of the trees are a few thousand years old and you will need the help of a few people to even think of hugging the bark of the tree! Tread carefully on the rough forest floor sheltered by a thick green canopy formed by the overhanging branches of these massive trees. Scattered here and there are other interesting plants such as man ferns, sassafras, celery top and flowering leatherwood marked by small sign posts describing their properties and uses in day to day life.

The Tahune Air Walk totals a walk of 578 meters and gets you high above the tree tops. From the point of entry the basic trek leads you to a hanging bridge across the Picton River, a 50 meter long bridge suspended over the rushing waters below with the wind in your face will be a most exciting experience. After a few minutes’ walk will be another longer and sturdier bridge across the Huon River. The water gushed over rocks and boulders and a lot wilder than the Picton River crossing. From then on it is straight to the Air Walk with the cantilever suspended 48 meters above the forest bed. The airwalk itself is more of a ramp and boats a magnificent view of the surrounding Hartz Mountains and the intersection of the Huon River and Picton River. 
There are also a number of other smaller platforms giving different perspectives of the view and the Huon Pine trail that runs along the river bank and provides a glimpse of the life cycle of the Huon Pines. After nearly an hour’s walk stop at the Visitor’s Center for a cool drink, hot food and a place to rest your feet while you enjoy the greenery around you. Whether it is a leisurely walk through the forest or a more challenging hike, there will always be something to fit the budget and always remember to take lots of drinking water and dress appropriately for the journey. 
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Film City Doha – Movie Magic in the Dessert!

The capital of Qatar, Doha offers visitors a chance to experience the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region. Those looking for a truly unique sightseeing experience however, should make time to visit Film City Doha. Located behind a canyon and set amidst the stunning desert landscapes of the Zekreet peninsula, this fascinating attraction has elaborate layouts of a city. Features include a main square, a mosque tower, traditional houses and a bridge, while nearby is another site worth visiting known as Mystery Village. Travellers to the region in search of a centrally located Doha hotel that caters to both business and leisure travellers can stay at Millennium Hotel Doha. It also offers a range of Doha hotel deals that help you get the most from your holiday or business trip.

Entertainment in Metro Manila

Composed of several cities, the urban area known as Metro Manila is a vibrant destination home to numerous entertainment facilities. Visit the iconic public promenade, Rizal Park featuring an array of points of interest. You can savour Asian and Filipino cuisine at the seafood restaurants found here. For an extraordinary shopping experience, stop by at one of this area’s glamorous malls. Experience the unique vibrancy and culture of Metro Manila during your holiday in Philippines. As for accommodation, an ideal choice is The Heritage Hotel Manila. A renowned hotel in Manila, it boasts elegant comforts and modern conveniences, emerging as an exceptional Manila hotel.

Art Calligraphy and Crafts in Maldives – Expressing the Culture of these Beautiful Islands

Culture in the Maldives Islands is a very distinct aspect of its people. The history of the island involves a period of Buddhism followed by the introduction of Islam in the 12th century. As a result, there is an interesting mix of aesthetic ideals that collect and transform the way Maldivians create their unique artwork.

Calligraphy is an ancient art form which is used to adorn beautifully decorated texts, especially those of religious significance such as the Qur’an. Visitors to the island will find many documents and engravings depicting verses from the Holy Qur’an on the walls of important historical sites. The Hukuru Miskiy in Male’ is an example of an ancient site that displays amazingly engraved tombstones with religious excerpts in perfect calligraphic style. Such artistic marvels could be further appreciated when one considers that this art form is now obsolete due to the mastery of calligraphy and engraving skills needed to create such feats. Visitors to the island interested in witnessing such artistic marvels should pay a visit to the Hukuru Misikiy; the oldest existing mosque in the Maldives islands.

Apart from the aged art of ornate writing, there are objects available for tourist to take home with them. Wood Lacquer Ware is a speciality item available mainly on the island of Thulhaadhoo in Baa Atoll. The process of making Wood Lacquer Ware involves the hollowing of wood taken from the Alexandrian Laurel and the crafting of gorgeous boxes and ornaments. Such trinkets would make splendid mementos or souvenirs to take back to one’s own home country. Additionally there are distinctly Maldivian mats which are most abundant in the Gadhdhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. The women of this region fashion a fantastic array of “Thundu Kunaa” which display fascinating abstract designs that turn an ordinary mat into a thing of beauty.

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Sino-Portuguese Architecture in Phuket – A Unique Historical Tour

Those exploring the old part of Phuket City will come across distinctive structures that showcase historical Sino-Portuguese architecture. Influenced by European design styles the Sino-Portuguese buildings or shop houses were structures which served both as a home and a place of business. These buildings were constructed next to each other in a row and examples of such shop houses in Phuket include the Dibuk Grill and Bar, the China Inn Café & Restaurant and the House of the Beautiful Images. Those heading to the region and looking for a Phuket resort that offers the very best in contemporary comfort can stay at Anantara Phuket Thailand. Apart from stylish Phuket villas, the resort also offers a wide range of leisure facilities including a luxurious spa.

Downtown Anchorage

Always bustling with activity, downtown Anchorage is home to a variety of trendy restaurants on locally grown produce and wild caught seafood. Alaskan artworks as well as latest fashion items can be found in the area’s many shops. Tourists can visit such attractions as the Anchorage Museum which houses contemporary art, hands on science exhibits and Alaska Native artifacts. In addition to museums, one can also visit parks and gardens or take a bike ride or a walk along the Tony Knowles Coast Trail. Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage presents the ideal Hotels in Anchorage for those visiting the area. Located amidst various attractions, this Anchorage hotel also offers a selection of excellent dining options.

Cruising Down The Singapore River!

Flowing from the city’s Central Area, the Singapore River is part of the nation’s history and today has become an attraction in itself. The Central Area is where one will find the city’s Central Business District, while attractions along the Singapore River include Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, Merlion Park, the Tan Si Chong Su Temple and the Asian Civilisations Museum. A great way to explore the river is by going on glass-top boat cruises or leisure sightseeing tours which offer a unique perspective on this great waterway. Travellers looking for a hotel Singapore that is within easy reach of the Singapore River and the Central Business District can stay at Orchard Hotel Singapore. Located along one of the city’s most famous shopping and entertainment districts, this Orchard Road hotel Singapore is a great base from which to explore the city.

Kabukiza Theatre: The home of song and dance

Kabuki is a highly stylized Japanese form of theatre that originates from the red light district of Edo and began in 1603 as performing a new style of dance and drama on the riverbeds of Kyoto.”Kabuki” means “song and dance” and this form of theatre attracted a diverse mix of social classes unlike the older forms of Japanese arts that entertained the high class Japanese society.

Kabuki play usually tackle social and political issues such as moral conflicts, historic events and love relationships where the actors of these plays used an ancient form of Japanese speak in rather dull tones and are spiced up with the use of ancient Japanese music. The speciality of this art is that it is staged on a rotating platform equipped with trapdoors that are used as entry and exit points by the actor and the footbridge that brings the actors almost a few feet away from the audience. Initially actors of both genders were allowed to act in Kabuki plays although this changed as time went on. Women were forbidden from acting in Kabuki plays, and this is in place even today.

The Kabukiza theatre is located in the area of Ginza. Inside the theatre the scene resembles an enormous family get-together. The theatre holds around 2,500 spectators. Given that an entire play continues for several hours visitors often select certain acts they would like to see as it is not considered rude to leave in between acts. This provides quite a bustling business to surrounding tea houses and restaurants. Tickets for the plays can be pre-ordered by phone or be purchased at the theatre.

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Things to do in Putrajaya

Malaysia’s third and newest Federal Territory, Putrajaya is positioned about 25 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. It is constructed on expansive marshland which was once the grounds of the oil palm estate in Selangor. Putrajaya is part of the Malaysian government’s Multimedia Super Corridor project.

Extensive planning has been put in to developing Putrajaya as a contemporary city that occupies an area of about 5,000 hectares. The most up to date technologies and infrastructure have been incorporated to build this exceptional city. The well-paved roads and streets have been created to give a distinctly stylish European feel. Most government buildings have been designed in a way that blends both contemporary architectural styles and traditional Islamic arts.

A waterway has been built through the city which flows directly to an outsized lake. Putrajaya also features breathtaking landscapes that include parks and water lands that give the city a relaxing and picturesque ambience.

There are numerous places to explore while in Putrajaya which is only a few minutes away from the KLIA airport. Among the many fascinating attractions is the Putra Mosque which is an attractive structure that reveals the architectural growth of Muslim mosques. The pink dome and minarets of Putra Mosque are its prominent and unique features. It is beautifully and skilfully erected across the waters of the Putrajaya Lake.

To explore Malaysian flora and fauna, travellers will have to head towards the northern sector of Precinct 1 where the impressive Botanical Garden lies. It is also known as an unmatched place for research and education.

Putrajaya is also home to Dataran Putra which is also known as Putra Square. Perdana Putra that houses the office of the Prime Minister and Putra Perdana Park is positioned at the highest point of the city.

There are plenty of ways to get to Putrajaya. For instance, travellers can use the bus, railway or ferry services from Kuala Lumpur. There are numerous luxury accommodation in Kuala Lumpur that feature a host of modern amenities. Travellers can easily plan their stay at a Kuala Lumpur luxury hotel and explore the wonders of Putrajaya. For example, the intimate and stylish, Putrajaya Shangri-La offers a fusion of personalised service and sublime comfort.

Royal Palace of Kandy – A Window into the Imperial Household of a Golden Era

Regarded by visitors as the tiny teardrop in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers travellers many attractions which are appealing and diverse. Among the abundant sites include those of archeological and historical importance and abundant natural wonders. Golden sandy beaches, stunning landscapes interspersed with a deep sense of culture and tradition, make the nation an ideal destination.

Sri Lanka’s rich history portrays an era of kingdoms and their subjects. The island holds many majestic ruins of royal households allowing locals and visitors alike a window into the lives of this bygone epoch. In the heritage city of Polonnaruwa lie the Royal Palace of King Parakumba. The vestiges of this structure indicate the magnificence of the abode.

Cites in the country’s cultural triangle such as Anuradhapura and Sigiriya also house royal palaces. King Vijayabahu’s residence and Nissanka Malla’s citadel in Anuradhapura are significant architectural masterpiece of ancient times. Ruins of the fortress located atop of Sigiriya reveal chambers, courtyards and terraces. These ruins present an insight into this long-gone period.

The Royal Palace of Kandy is considered as the surviving dwelling belonging to the Kandyan sovereignty. Lived in by the last King, until overthrown, Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, the facility housed both the royal court, better known in local parlance as the Magul Maduwa and the Temple of the tooth, which contains the much venerated Relic of the tooth of the Buddha.

The complex is significant both architecturally and historically, especially the great hall which housed audiences for the King. Built by wood, the pillars predate the late 1700s where the royal court was assembled. To-date however, few vestiges of palace grandeur remain. The country’s Department of Archeology has ceremoniously taken over the residual complex buildings and created a national museum for visitors to experience true Kandyan royalty.

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