Theatre & Performing Arts in Beverly Hills – The city where arts come alive

The historic post office building of Beverly Hills was turned into the Wallis Annenberg centre for Performing Arts on the 11th of March 2010 and will be opening in the fall of 2013 which is indeed a very worthy cause. The old post office has been converted to a very comfortable theatre school fully completed with a studio theatre, café, gift shop and a sculpture garden. The graceful old building still holds its ample space which now holds the lobby of the theatre and the old structure is still preserved well because it is a memorable place to many people who lived in the vicinity. The 500 seat Gold Smith Theatre truly brings glamour to the aged structure and adds more value to it. The building takes the shape of a ‘T’ as was the post office in its original state. Every bit of interior space of the theatre has a parallel exterior square garden that expands the space to the public area. 

It has been modified with a few beautiful open air gardens and courtyards to give a very pleasant environment and to engage in various activities. A pathway too has been linked through to walk from the city hall towards the shopping arenas. The site of the performing arts theatre is decorated with affluent with lush greenery and garden to linger about.
 Since it’s a theatre of performing arts the architectures have been keen on providing more space to give a sense of freedom in the premises. The Promenade Terrace will definitely be a great location for dining and special proceedings. This being the main landmark for performing arts theatres, Clarity Theatre, Fine Arts Theatre, Saban Theatre, Canon Theatre, Samuel Goldwin Theatre, Seligman Performing Arts Centre, Beverly Hills Performing Arts Centre, Wilshire Theatre are famous theatres for performing arts in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is popular for its performing arts theatres all around the world. If a visitor desires a Hotel in Beverly Hills on your visit to Beverly Hills on your hunt for performing arts and theatres, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a great option for a Beverly Hills Hotels.

Singapore Repertory Theatre

Singapore Repertory Theatre which is connected with international theatre community gives opportunities to the young Singaporean playwrights, directors and actors stage their talents. The company stages award winning international plays from time to time. It also focuses on creating original plays and musicals. The company is popular among the travellers and prominent in the local art circles for its various events. Singapore Repertory Theatre also organizes educational programmes such as workshops, lectures and drama classes for the young people who are interested in drama and theatre.

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Uncover Modern and Classical Thai Dance at Bangkok’s Iconic Patravadi Theatre

Quietly nestled on the Chao Phraya riverside in view of the Grand Palace’s shimmering rooftops and the towering cityscape of the Thai capital lies a dance theatre that is redefining pre-conceived notions on traditional art forms and pushing the envelope with avant-garde performances.  Founded nearly 20 years ago by iconic Thai actress Patravadi Mejudhon the Patravadi Theatre has become one of the country’s foremost institutions in the field of dance and performance art.  A visionary artist in her own right the award-winning Patravadi Mejudhon who is both a renowned theatre director and playwright conceived of a performance art venue with the complementary purposes of education and performance which were fulfilled in 1992 with the patronage of aspiring performing artists who would be its key stakeholders.
Occupying a stunning location well-suited for a performance art space the venue overlooks the Wat Phra Kaew temple and other iconic landmarks in the area and is an iconic institution for the viewing and learning of traditional Thai dance forms in its own right. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the performances of the Patravadi Theatre’s students on weekends when local dance lovers and patrons mingle with curious tourists eager to discover the finer points of the centuries old dance school with its elaborate costumes and subtle hand gestures. Drummers and Thai acrobats are also part and parcel of these dinner shows where exuberant students unleash their creativity in a spectacle of movement and music.

Home to a spacious rehearsal hall the students engaging in Thai dance forms both ancient and new age can be seen practicing their steps to the beat of traditional instruments.  A restaurant is also on-site for spectators to indulge in a snack after a show while a gift shop is also nearby for those who wish to pick up a reminder of their first encounter with Thai dance forms.

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Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre – For a Complete Cultural Experience in Hanoi

The concept of water-puppetry is unique to Vietnam, and a traditional water-puppet show is a must for all visitors to the country. This form of art is very entertaining and it is also the ideal way to experience the culture and aesthetics of the country.

The tradition of Water Puppetry evolved in Vietnam way back in the 11th Century. Most of the original concepts of this form of art came from the northern Red River Delta Area and it all began with the flooding of their rice fields and where villages needed a form of entertainment to keep them busy when they could no longer work on the their paddy fields. As normal puppetry was anyway part of their culture, the village folk used the water on the rice fields as a unique form of stage to share their folktales with the others.
Today, just as they have done for centuries, the puppets are made out of wood and their features are emphasized using coloured lacquer paint. But Instead of a flooded paddy field the modern version uses a waist-deep pool filled with water. A large stick is used to support the character on the pool which gives an illusion of characters gliding over water, and the puppeteers remain behind a screen manipulating the scenes. The Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is a leader in this type of entertainment.
Background music is generally provided by a traditional Vietnamese orchestra where the instruments include, cymbals, drums, wooden bells, gongs, horns and bamboo flutes. Each instrument is used to depict a particular mood in the story.  Background singing is also used to support the story-telling. And the culture of this water puppetry is such that the puppets are treated like real life beings and there is even impromptu interaction amongst the musicians and the puppets during the show, which makes it even more interesting and entertaining.

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St. James Theatre & Opera House – Showcasing Excellent Performing Arts

Be captivated by the magic of music and dance in the grand and exquisite St James Theatre and Opera House, two of the finest stages for performing Arts in the city of Wellington that proudly showcases some exquisite talents in opera, drama and much more. Exhibiting breathtaking architecture with a pleasant old time feel combined with lush, grand interiors, these two locations make popular tourist destinations in the city.

Designed for the famous John Fuller and Sons Ltd by Mr. Henry Eli White Architect, a talented structural Engineer, the St James Theatre makes the first steel framed concrete coated arched theatre in the whole of the southern hemisphere. With a unique resistance to earthquake damage the theatre was known for intelligent and magnificent architecture that boasts an Edwardian Facade. The large domed auditorium has also been a highlight of the theatre. With a ‘Theatrical Rocco’ style originated from Louis XIV, the auditorium boasts modelled plaster work decorated with box fronts, grand parapets, proscenium and the gallery has fantastic clear vision from each and every seat. The theatre had its grand inauguration on December 1912 and started off as a picture house. Over the years the theatre underwent many ups and downs but today stands strong and hosts a number of live shows as well.

The Opera House was the work of Melbourne Architect William Pit and was originally known as the Grand Opera House. Inaugurated two years after the St. James Theatre, this building is also a display of grand architecture highlighted by its lavishly decorated public rooms and auditoriums that makes it an icon of the 1900’s. The Opera House apart from being a popular historic building is also famed for its many spooky stories that claim that the building houses a number of ghosts. All this only adds to the mystery of the venue making it all the more intriguing and worth paying a visit.

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Theatres in Minneapolis

Known as the “Twin Cities” and “Mill City”, Minneapolis is the largest city in the State of Minnesota. For those seeking a variety of entertainment especially theatres to enjoy performing arts, Minneapolis has more theatres than anywhere in the country. For the traveller who is in search of good taste in theatre, there are number of places to visit such as Hennepin Theater District,  Acme Comedy Company, Ballet of the Dolls/Ritz Theatre, Bloomington Civic Theatre, Guthrie Theatre, Lakeshore Players and many more. If you are ready for some fun in Minneapolis, start by choosing a Minneapolis downtown hotel which is located close to the theatres. Enjoy the comforts of a Minneapolis hotel such as Millennium Hotel Minneapolis and be close to the rich performing arts venues of the city.

New York Philharmonic Orchestra – making music for decades

The New York Philharmonic Orchestra or the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York is housed under the Avery Fisher Hall at New York’s Lincoln Centre. Founded in 1842 it is the oldest symphonic institution of America. The Orchestra’s 14000th concert was a record setter and was held in the year 2004. Watch the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in action while staying at any New York Luxury Hotel and uncover the beauty and wonder of the city. An ideal choice would be The Peninsula New York, a fine choice among the many lavish and hospitable accommodation found throughout the city. This Fifth Avenue Hotel New York is home to provides impeccable amenities together with superior service to make your holiday a truly memorable one.

Devdan Show at Bali Nusa Dua

A spectacular show, Devdan features a fusion of world-class aerial acrobatics, modern contemporary dance, traditional Indonesian dance activities, hi-tech special effects and dazzling costumes. Taking the spectators on a fascinating tour of the Indonesian Archipelago, the show focuses on the diversity of cultures across the nation. One of the most distinctive and amazing attractions in Bali, the show was created with the intention of introducing local culture and traditions to visitors whilst providing them with unparalleled entertainment. An exceptional Bali hotel is Anantara Seminyak, Bali. Located amidst breathtaking vistas, this Bali resort is the idea accommodation for those visiting the paradisiacal region.

Phipat Music and Thai Phipat Orchestra

A traditional style of Thai music, Phipat music is a classical composition that is used during sacred ceremonies as well as for background music in such art forms as shadow puppet theatre. This popular style of music is dominated by percussion instruments. Offering some of the best Bangkok serviced apartments, Anantara Baan Rajprasong, Bangkok is ideal for both business and leisure travellers. This well equipped serviced apartment Bangkok provides a convenient base from which to explore the city.

Sentosa 4D Magix – Movies & Rides that Tickle the Senses

Sentosa 4D Magix is an interactive movie experience with 4-dimensional digital effects. The multi-million dollar theatre is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. By using an advanced digital projection system, in-built speakers, and environmental effects like water features, seat vibration, leg ticklers and base shakers, movies come to life right off the big screen. Visitors can get right into the middle of the action. Currently, the theatre feature three shows, namely ‘Pirates’, ‘Extreme Log Ride’, and ‘Desperados’, a 3D interactive game. Travelers to Sentosa generally opt for a centrally located hotel in Singapore city. Offering elegance and comfort on the world famous Orchard Road, The Orchard Hotel Singapore features elegantly designed rooms to suit business and leisure needs, making it a pioneer above any other hotel Singapore.