The New Zealand Herald New Year’s Day Races

This New Year started out with the crème de la crème of New Zealand’s racing and society royalty gathering to witness what is arguably, the country’s best day of horse racing, the The New Zealand Herald New Year’s Day Races.

There was an outstanding six carry black-type status of the 10 races that were held on the 1st of January 2015, at the Ellerslie Racecourse which is situated just about 17 minutes from the renowned Country Comfort hotel by SilverNeedle hotels, a premier chain of hotels in Australia and New Zealand.

Not just an event limited to racing fanatics and elite socialites, the New Zealand Herald New Year’s Day Races featured free entertainment for the kids as well, that included a Tip Top Popsicle Planet, New Zealand Herald Giant Games and Ellerslie Swingball Park.

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The Royal Christmas Variety Show Greymouth – Bring out the true Christmas Spirit

Christmas is not the same without all the cheer this festival is known for. Tradition marks the heart of such festivities which is fun and symbolic to the 25th of December. Since Christmas festivities have a lot to do with the Western culture, it always comes with a winter theme as its backdrop with snow adding a magical touch to this special day. In Australia and New Zealand although Christmas is profoundly celebrated, the weather really does not match up to the Christmas theme. Here such a celebration is nice and bright and sunny and everything traditionally winter based seems a bit off for the nice warm weather outdoors. Yet countries like Australia and New Zealand go all out in keeping the spirit of the season alive. Shows are performed and even artificial snow is created.

There is one particular event held in New Zealand that is a popular crowd puller. It is the Royal Christmas Variety Show. This musical event is held every year in the month of November to gear up its audience for the festive month up ahead. It is performed with such ardour that it brings to life the perfect spirit to enjoy everyone’s favourite holiday season.

The Royal Variety Christmas Show is fully equipped with the musical charms of Christmas. Carols boom from the speakers as popular performers sing to the tune and dance to the rhythm. The show is led by the famous Sue who has one talented team to take her audience to the heart of festivity. However that is not all that one can look forward to as the show is composed of other songs, interesting performances and plenty of hands on entertainment. The unique fact about the event is how it captivates its audience. Before long you will be in a laughing, crying, singing, cheering and clapping all at one time. The show truly moves its audience. All this is only the first half of the show. The second half is all about the snow and all the seasonal celebrations like the famous elves, carols and so much more.

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GLOBALfest – Think Learn Experience Rotorua – A Culture Fest

When you think of New Zealand, no doubt you would think of picture-postcard landscapes, amazing recreational activities, and a chill social scene. New Zealand is indeed an immensely laid-back country and the majority of those who visit the country crave the quiet nature of the beautiful, serene surroundings. While the country’s primary appeal resides in its panoramas, they do have some amazing activities to pique the interest of travellers and New Zealanders combined. Some of these include the world-famous trekking tracks. Tourists come from all over the world just to experience these panoramic paths first hand. New Zealand is a wonderful land to visit and there is no better time than now to do so.

This year, in November, there is something even more interesting that you can check out that is sure to draw in droves of tourists. This is the GLOBALfest taking place in Rotorua, which is a gathering of individuals from diverse backgrounds, where they share the very best aspects of their culture, and explore and celebrate other communities as well. This is considered a great opportunity for people of different cultures, races, and backgrounds to meet, greet, and celebrate everything that makes each of them truly unique and interesting. It is a festival to experience the diversity of people and the world in which we live. Being at such a festival is truly a rich experience. There will be a fusion of different cuisines, the stage will see many different acts grace its floorboards, and the costumes will be a vibrant sight to behold and photograph, if you want to take a piece of the event’s activities home with you. Smell the aromatic foods of Arabia, check out the traditional dances of the Far East and see the beauty of each nation as it unfolds right before your very eyes. This is an amazing opportunity for children and adults alike as they will all benefit from such a rich cultural experience.

A part from experiencing the foods, costumes, and customs of all these amazing cultures, you can also take advantage of the rich natural surroundings that Rotorua has to offer all those who visit. Take part in all the fun activities as well that will be available. Staying in New Zealand is a truly serene experience, where you are bombarded with majestic views unfurling before you, no matter where you look. Check out the range of luxury New Zealand hotels on offer to select one that suits your lifestyle and preferences. A franchise that combines luxury with style can be found at the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ. Of all the Rotorua hotels on offer, a Millennium property guarantees an unforgettable stay in the region.


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The World Outdoors Summit 2013 – Rotorua – a message to the world

In a time where the outdoors is being challenged, the World Outdoors Summit will be of great value. The World Outdoors Summit gives the opportunity for the global community to share, discuss and plan to resolve those challenges and support outdoor leisure based around adventure tourism areas. This is a four day conference held every few years in the ‘land of the white clouds.’
The World Outdoors Summit 2013 is scheduled to be held in Rotorua, New Zealand. It is a perfect cultural hotspot for the outdoors with ideal locations to discuss contemporary issues relating to the value of outdoor activities. The aim of this summit is to advance the development of education, recreation and adventure tourism within international outdoors via sharing knowledge, debating practice. The end result expected by this forum is to help outdoors stay as an important and valued part of society.
During this great summit you could enjoy networking opportunities, keynote presentations, panel discussions, activities, exhibitions, the awards gala night and of course amazing outdoor sessions. The summit will be conducted by Dr. Ihirangi Heke, Dr. Robyn Zink, Ngahi O Te Ra Bidois and Paora Te Hurihanganui. Visit and gain knowledge and wisdom from these local and international experts and convey its value to the world. The event will happen later this year from the 18th to the 22nd of November.
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Labor Day Weekend 2013 – A Must not miss Holiday

Almost every nation in the world has one day completely dedicated for the worker; for they are the men and women who toil night and day to make the nation what it is. It is without doubt a day worth recognizing and in most countries it is declared as a public holiday. In several countries throughout the world the international workers day that falls on the 1st of May is actually declared as the Labour Day. But in countries such as the United States and New Zealand the day is marked based on the countries specific histories which makes it all the more significant and all the more special.

New Zealand and its breathtaking scenery never fail to entice anyone who walks into this paradise of a nation. As gorgeous as it is on the outside it is a nation filled with essence on the inside; primarily thanks to the deep rooted history that goes back several hundreds of years. Along with all the interesting stories that have danced on the tongues of aged New Zealanders generation after generation, the history of the Labour Day stands amongst the most favourite. It all started in 1840 when the Wellington Colony was first founded through the inspiration of carpenter Samuel Parnells 8 hour work policy which was agreed upon by many of his coworkers. On the month of October 1840 a resolution was passed by the workers meeting supporting the 8 hour work idea and before long this policy was implemented. On the 28th of October 1890 the 50th anniversary of the 8 hour day was celebrated with a large parade and since then every year the 28th of October has been a big deal for the citizens of New Zealand. Celebrations surround and parades adorn the street as the worker is recognized and given regard.

Since the year 1900s the Labour Day has been declared a public holiday in New Zealand and even today the spirit of this day burns with that much ardour. If you are around this breathtaking country during late October don’t miss the beautiful Labour Day celebrations in the nation.

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Taylor Swift New Zealand Concert 2013

The international singing sensation Taylor Swift will be returning to New Zealand with The Red Tour. Make your reservations in advance at an Auckland city hotel such as Copthorne Hotel Auckland City to enjoy exclusive Auckland hotel specials to enhance your experience while you prepare to attend the concert. Taylor’s fourth studio album titled ‘Red’ was released back in October 2012 and features a number of hit singles. The red Tour’s concert in Auckland is set to take place at the Vector Arena on 20th and 30th of November 2013. Swift will be joined by the renowned alternative rock band Neon Trees for guest performances. The performances of the Red Tour feature elaborate costumes, multi-level stages, changing sets, aerialists, dancers and more. You can expect to see Taylor playing acoustic guitar, piano, banjo and electric guitar.

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The Peak to Peak Queenstown – Competing Between the Summits

If you happen to be in New Zealand during the season of snowflakes and snowmen, this is one event to look forward to. The unique race takes place from one sand peak to another powder white mountain summit, namely the Remarkables Ski Area to the Coronet Peak in Queenstown New Zealand. The event coincides with the school holidays of the local schools, making it a popular event that kids look forward to annually.

The competition includes mountain biking, running, paddling, skiing and snowboarding between the peaks. The organizers have all the gear and equipment you require, therefore you only need to sign up and be present on the day to join in the fun. Competitors can enrol individually, in pairs or in groups of five at a reasonable rate, with guaranteed fun. In case the weather turns sour, there is a reserve day on which the events will be continued or held afresh.

The routes to be taken by each respective event are detailed prior to the contest and can be read and understood by the competitors long before, so that they are in a better position to take home the gold. The cyclists have a daunting challenge whenever new snow falls on the surface and it becomes precarious to manoeuvre around as well, but with the guards and crew members along the path, it is a safe adventure to embark upon. There are two cycling tracks to choose from, one along the mountain range and the other winding up at the Coronet Peak Ski Area.

Kayakers will require grit and brawn to conquer the quest which takes participants from Frankton Beach to Queenstown Bay, a paddle of just over a half a dozen kilometres. The run kicks off at the Frankton Beach and concludes at Coronet. Whichever event you enter for, there will be plenty of competition and good company.

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New Zealand Art Show 2013 – A visual feast of kiwi culture!

Kiwi art is quite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, and every year, local artists come together to showcase their brightest and boldest creations, hopefully for a profit or just for appreciation by peers and art admirers. Visitors to New Zealand should consider contemporary accommodation at a Luxury hotel Queenstown can offer the discerning art appreciator. One quality Queenstown hotel designed to provide modern comfort with elegant interiors is the Millennium Hotel Queenstown. The New Zealand Art Show 2013 will be celebrating ten years of spotlight kiwi art during July 26-28 so free up your calendar for a truly unique experience. The art show is the perfect venue to find original creative works by local artists who have used a wide variety of media and techniques to bring their ideas to life. The art show aims to spotlight new and emerging artists, whose works are affordable (the show’s website lists nothing above the price of NZD 5,000), which means that every visitor will be able to take home some intriguing conversation feature or snazzy coffee table ornament. The largest exhibition of its kind, the art show unfurls in a very spirited and inspiring setting. Annual visitors number in the ten thousands, so any emerging artist should be excited at the vast audiences that her or his pieces will reach. Applications are still being taken for artists to feature their art, so any local kiwi artists still have time to comb their portfolio and present a few choice pieces for exhibition. Any arts enthusiast will love the budding array of splendid talent featured at this year’s New Zealand Art Show, which is a must-experience when visiting the country during the summer.

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Uncover New Zealand’s Premier Wedding Fair at Hitched 2013

Regarded as one of the most progressive wedding shows in all of New Zealand Hitched 2013 is set to take the world of weddings by storm once again this year with its state-of-the-art fair. Due to take place from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM on 2nd June this year Hitched 2013 will take centre stage at the Rotorua Convention Centre with the participation of the country’s leading wedding consultants and other service providers. Set to be the largest wedding showcase in the country Hitched 2013 will bring together more than 90 wedding service professionals hailing from the Bay of Plenty and other regions to one venue for the convenience of couples hoping to tie the knot in the near future.

One of the chief highlights of the event is of course its two runway shows featuring best in wedding fashion including the newly added Calico People’s Choice Runway showcase. Here brides can enjoy the latest in bridal fashion and select the gown for their big day from a wide variety of breathtaking designs from the country’s leading bridal wear designers. Featuring live music, prizes as well as surprises Hitched 2013 allows couples to select and book every aspect of their big day from clothing to caterers and flower arrangements to venue with the widest possible choices on offer. As one of the country’s preferred wedding venues Rotorua can rightly be dubbed the wedding capital of New Zealand and Hitched 2013 afford visitors the chance to plan and execute their wedding with localized service providers catering to their every whim and fancy.

The Calico Challenge at this year’s wedding fair also provides a unique opportunity for up-and-coming designers as they can design wedding garments for either the bride and groom or the attendants using calico to create at least 50% of their garment. Aspiring milliners and accessory makers can also try their luck at this year’s competition in the Hats and Fascinators category.

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New Zealand Mountain Film Festival – Film appreciation out in nature!

Southern New Zealand houses some spectacular natural beauty, which has made it one of the best adventure capitals and nature-lovers’ paradises in the world. Nestled in the beautiful Queenstown area, nature-enthusiasts will find a superb range of Queenstown hotel accommodation to choose from. Offering stylish modern apartments with modern amenities is the Copthorne Hotel & Apartments Queenstown Lakeview – a quality New Zealand Queenstown hotel to stay at when visiting the area. Independent movie lovers will love the visual offerings of the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival, when the exquisite rugged terrain of the southern alpine region is translated onto the big screen. Participants and movie-lovers will enjoy the international and local adventure film prizes, which will snag them prizes of over USD 3000 in cash! Enjoy live music, check out some great winning film previews, and be awed at the glittering awards night. Get international film perspectives from solid names in the field such as Cory Richards from the US, Blair Smith from NZ, and Cas and Jonesy, two charismatic Australian explorers who chronicled their famous walk from Antarctica to the South Pole and back, a gruelling 89-day trek. Be inspired by some fantastic workshops and purchase some fabulous outdoor gear at the trade show. Check out the riveting art exhibition and enjoy a huge array of exciting giveaways. Or, simply show up and soak in the camaraderie and schmooze with a wide offering of local and international film talent, all within the magnificent southern alpine mountains of New Zealand!