Central Festival Phuket – Best Place to shop in Phuket – Shoppers Retreat

No city is complete without a shopping mall, and Phuket is no exception. An island off the mainland of Thailand, Phuket has been a very busy and island in terms of all the tourist activity going on. However just outside the city center one is met with one the island’s largest shopping malls, Central Festival.

People visit Phuket for varying reasons, mainly the beaches and the Phuket Resort that have always managed to live up to their world class standards.One that has been highly recommended by those who have visited the island before is, Anantara Phuket Villas, designed by one of the world renowned architects these villa come with private pools and offer spacious luxury.

A trip to Central Festival is definitely a must do while in Phuket. The mall is home to around 120 outlets that sell a varying range of products. Some of the products you can find while here are, up market clothing, fashion accessories, silk goods, bedding, household goods, toys and other accessories for children, food and drinks as well as watch and jewelry counters.

The Central Phuket Department store, where one can find most designer brands. The basement floor of the mall features homeware, electrical equipment and other home decor. Ground floor has some of the famous clothing lines such as CK, Armani,H&M, cosmetic stores, watches and women’s footwear. Moving onto the second floor one is met with a wide range of women’s fashion specially focussing on teens. The third floor features mens fashion, luggages a large book store and all the banks and restuarants can be found on this floor. The fourth floor is dedicated to the kids with lots of toys and other interesting items as well as few hair and skin care stores.

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Business Events in Koh Phangan – Obtaining Optimum Results in Comfort Zones

Koh Phangan in Thailand is not only noted for its riotous Full Moon Part on Haad Rin Beach it is also fast gaining prominence as an up market meeting destination. With a number of star class hotels providing a range of facilities more and more people are flocking to Koh Phan Nagan for their business events. Both local and foreign government and non – governmental organizations are constantly utilizing the business facilities provided by Koh Phangan establishments. Hotels in Koh Phangan are totally geared to provide exclusive , customized services to their corporate clients. Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa provides luxury accommodation with expert services which will dovetail detail and overall experience to optimize results from your corporate event.

Koh Phangan establishments will cater from private meetings to fully serviced conventions with buffets, entertainment and in-meeting catering. State – of – the art multi media facilities are also provided and the hotels will also provide up -to-date communication facilities.

Koh Phangan is convenient to access. There are several ways to get there depending on your port of entry and budget. The nearest airport is Koh Samui. Bangkok Airways has around 20 rturn flights from Bangok toKoh Samui each day. The State Railway of Thailand too operates an efficient service to Koh Phangan and overnight sleeper trains would be the best choice. Private air conditioned tour coaches are also avialble as is a ferry service. All facilities are also available in Koh Phangan to make travel arrangements.

To relax after a hard day’s work Koh Phangan has plenty of entertainment. For the aqua enthusiasts there are water sports a plenty and for sports enthusiasts there are Muay Thai or Thai Kick Boxing exhibitions etc.For those wishing for a more tranquil type of relaxation a visit to one of Koh Phangan’s temples or a walk along the island’s pristine beaches would be ideal.

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Bali Gourmet Festival 2015: a food fanatic’s most delectable dream

The tantalizing scents of this year’s festival seem to be growing more intense, as preparations are being made for Indonesia’s most celebrated food bonanza which will take place from the 14th to the 16th of August 2015. The Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre will sizzle, as the culinary skills of Indonesia’s 5 star hotels and street vendors will be displayed. The festival is an incredible opening for burgeoning food businesses and similarlywould not fail to entice the taste buds of food lovers. It would certainly be a pity if you miss the irresistible thrills of the festival. Book your stay at InterContinental Bali Resort and indulge in the luxuries offered by this premium Bali resort while giving into your wildest food fantasies.

Indonesia boasts a growing economy that spends 50% of its total per capita income on food. Thus, it would seem suitable that it widens its horizons by strengthening ties between the food industry in its own country and those from around the world. If you have a food-related business, you can get some useful tips from the experts and even invest in some marketing strategies that will solidify your presence in the food industry. In establishing ties with culinary expertise from around the world, the organizers of the Bali Gourmet Festival display foresightedness. The festival also cultivates a culture of sharing.

Bars and lounges galore! Specific locations are demarcated for those who enjoy beverages of different kinds. Whether you crave beer, champagne, whiskey or a cocktail, the festival has it all. More than 120 premium brands will also showcase their products and display their talents. If you desire some live action, head towards the cookery theatreand watch as the fiery and silent food preparations become works of art in their own right.

Be entertained throughout the day and late into the night. Live music will be the best accompaniment when savouring good food. When the stalls close for the night, you can join the after parties that are part of the festival. You would not be able to imagine a better combination than the one established between food and entertainment. Be a part of it!

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Songkran – Celebrate the New Year with a Splash!


By JJ Harrison ([email protected]) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

One of the best and most popular tourist destinations of Southeast Asia is the city of Bangkok. Serving as the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, and is home to a wide range of attractions and highlights. Thus, Bangkok promises to offer its visitors an exciting, exotic and truly memorable experience. There are many ways to explore the many amazing features of this city, but one of the most unique ways is by embarking on a Bangkok cruise tour with Anantara Cruises.

Each country has its own unique way of celebrating the dawn of the New Year, and the way it is celebrated in Bangkok and in most parts of Thailand is truly unique. Songkran is the name given to the New Year celebrations that take place in Bangkok. The festivities and celebrations are so popular that regardless of locals traveling back to their home-towns, Bangkok still remains crowded due to the mass number of tourists and visit Bangkok to partake in the celebrations!

Songkran is formally celebrated from the 13th to the 15th of April each year, but in reality the celebrations go on for a few days after the 15th of April as well. Much like many South and Southeast Asian countries, Thailand celebrates its traditional New Year on the 13th to the 15th of April. These celebrations are vibrant and colorful affairs and full of fun. The main highlight of the celebrations is the major water-fights that take place. That’s right; the New Year is celebrated in Bangkok with all-out water fights by both locals and tourists. In locations such as Shilom and Khao San Road it is common to see people frolicking by throwing water at each other, which is supposed to be symbolic of washing the evils of the previous year away. Other celebrations include religious rituals at temples, family meals, beauty pageants, street parades, and exchanging of gifts, making the entire Songkran experience truly amazing.

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The Illusionists 1903 – Magic, Mystery and Amazement!

With the premiering of movies such as Now You See Me, the fascination with the art of deception has been awakened in many souls. While magic has a long history, it has been considered as sorcery and witchcraft and has led to the death of many across the world. With the onset of the 20th century, however, magic had developed its reputation as the staunch art of deception and proved to be a worthy distraction to ongoing humanitarian and social problems such as the World Wars and the Great Depression. A magic show in this era would surely have been a sight to behold from the setup of the old halls and the manner in which magicians hold the gaze of their audiences to the admiring glances as they deceive with an air of confidence and mystery.

With The Illusionists 1903, dare to experience the landscape of magic as it existed at the turn of the century. This magic troupe has been spreading mystery and wonderment across Australia during their recent tour and performed at the Concert Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane till the 10th of January providing the opportunity for guests staying at Oaks Felix to experience a magical night! Given that Brisbane CBD accommodation was completely booked quite quickly, if locals or tourists want to experience the show when they perform in Adelaide, it makes sense to make reservations early.

The reactions to the tour of the Illusionists 1903 have been highly positive and it has been described as ‘an amazing show not to be missed’. This comes as no surprise considering that The Illusionists 1903 provide a unique experience that combines magic and talent that create an aura of amazement among the audience members. With levitation, juggling and escaping among the tricks performed, they also seemed to read minds and guess the contents of their pockets. All in all, The Illusionist 1903 put on a show that is worth watching and it will leave you amazed.

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New Year Celebrations in Dubai -2015 – One of the most extravagant and lavish parties are hosted at Dubai

Dubai is known for their exotic, extravagant and lavish style and is a travel destination for many people from many different countries. Dubai is known for their lavish parties and mainly for their fabulous night life. The New Year’s Eve at Dubai is one of the biggest events of the year and many people fly to Dubai, just to take part in the New Year festivities. These festivities have dance shows, theme parties and a range of processions throughout the streets of the city. The city has vibrant lights and some amazing New Year firework shows for the brand new year of 2015. The Ascott Park Place, Dubai is one of the best Dubai hotel apartments, and is a great venue to celebrate the New Year 2015. This hotel is also very near to the exhibition center and the station. They have an iconic 56 story building, and have floor to ceiling windows in each department that overlooks breathtaking views of the city or the Arabian Golf. Guests can enjoy the 40 meter swimming pool and have an empowering work out with the state of the art equipment.

At New Year’s Eve in Dubai, many restaurants offer special menu, and very grand buffets and a refined fine dining options. Dubai is known as a city that never sleeps, and this is one of the few cities which experiences high inflow of tourists from all over the world. The world famous Burj Al Arab is one of the most special places, as this 7 star hotel welcomes the New Year like no other city. One can enjoy the complete view of the New Year eve’s fireworks right from the rooftop of this hotel. The World famous Burj kalifa, also offers an amazing firework display. The downtown area of Dubai celebrates New Years that accommodates millions of tourists along with the local residents. These celebrations begin with a musical performance followed by dances that are choreographed by world famous dancers.

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OzAsia Festival – a splendid fusion of colour, culture and tastes of Asia

OzAsia is the premier South Australian festival that celebrates Australia’s long standing relationship with Asia and its rich legacy of arts, culture, food and tradition. OzAsia is an important landmark on the Adelaide’s event calendar and showcases artistic grandeur of Asia while promoting cooperation between Australia and its Asian counter parts.

OzAsia takes place in September each year and the Oaks Embassy-Adelaide is a choice accommodation option out of Adelaide Hotels CBD if you are visiting particularly for the festival. Each year, the festival focuses on a particular region in Asia; for instance this year’s festival was based on Adelaide’s sister city Shandong Province of China. The festival is a cheerful exchange between Australia and the Asian entity that is being focused, where there’s valuable exchange of culture, values and arts between the countries.

The Moon Lantern Festival is the pinnacle of the OzAsia event and is a definite crowd puller. This is a modern celebration based on an ancient Chinese tradition – a mid-autumn festival celebrating the harvest. This free event has become a major part of the OzAsia Festival, and is held each year in Elder Park.

Because the OzAsia Festival celebrations embrace the rich heritage of Asia, the Moon Lantern Festival includes a blend of traditions and influences from this region. It begins early afternoon with regional food stalls scattered around Elder Park to tempt visitors to try out Asian food and culture. It’s a good idea to come hungry, as you’re bound to find some tasty regional cuisine here. Traditional dance acts, arts and crafts, spiritual activity such as horoscope reading as well as cookery workshops etc. from all parts of Asia are common features at the Moon Lantern Festival.

At dusk a colourful moon lantern parade takes place where hundreds of beautifully crafted flickering lanterns are set afloat casting an eerie light around Elder Park. This is followed by some spectacular fireworks with which the festival comes to a close.

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Shinju Matsuri – festival of the pearl

Shinju Matsuri is perhaps one of the longest running, multi cultural festivals being held for over 40 years in Western Australia. The festival rekindles the early day romantic allure of Broome, a world-renowned producer of South Sea Pearls. The prosperity of these pearls drew Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Koepangers, Filipino and Europeans to Broome; adding to its multi-cultural spirit and energy which is celebrated to-date with the Shinju Matsuri festival.

Those visiting the festival would find it convenient to seek accommodation at a Broome Hotel that is in close proximity to the festival premises such as the Oaks, Broome.

Shinju Matsuri festival with its colourful spectacle of history, culture, music, taste and fragrances opens up exciting 10 days for the locals as well as visitors. Being a festival that recognizes the many different cultures that have enriched Broome’s community over the years; its key elements that represent the different communities, their unique character as well as Broome’s rich history and natural beauty – magically come together within this parade to showcase the harmony and prosperity of a thriving city.

On the first day of the festival which usually falls in September, ‘Sammy’ the dragon is awakened signifying the official opening. Thus follows ten days of camaraderie and celebration until the culmination of the festival at a grand closing ceremony.

The Chinese Float parade – a colourful display of Chinese culture and tradition, Mardi Gras – a carnival inspired event of fun and frolic, are some of the long standing family favourites of the festival. The festival also comprises a kids comedy gala, traditional dance workshops as well as film festivals and quiz nights that reawaken fond memories of a bygone era.

Adults visiting the festival may also enjoy features such as cabaret performances, magic and circus shows while the art aficionado will take pleasure in indulging in an invigorating show of visual arts by the talented artisans of Broome.
Shinju Matsuri is a cocktail of culture and entertainment that enlivens the city and delivers a memorable experience for all that attends.

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Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) – For Any Formal Occasion

Sri Lanka is a small South Asian island nation located just south of India. Known for its rich history, beautiful coastal features and booming tourism industry, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a hub of development in the region, and a great exhibition and convention centre Sri Lanka is the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. If you are planning on having any formal occasion in Sri Lanka get in touch with Nkar MICE, an excellent solution for meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions.

The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) is one of Sri Lanka’s iconic landmarks, and has hosted a number of international and regional events. Located in heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, the BMICH is equipped with facilities and services, making it a suitable forum for any type of occasion, be it a business exhibition, convention, meeting or a panel conference.

Built in 1973 by the People’s Republic of China as a gift to Sri Lanka, the BMICH is named in memory of S.W.R.D Bandaranaike; a former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Since then it has been the host of the Non-Aligned Movement Summit of 1976, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2013, the World Conference of Youth 2014, and many other multi-lateral and regional forums and conferences. Within the premises one can find many conference halls with modern facilities, many exhibition halls, delegation rooms and many other technical services. With its own catering service, police detachment and VIP services, the BMICH is fully equipped for any high profile or formal meeting, convention or conference. Adjoining the BMICH is the Sirimavo Bandaranike Memorial Exibition Centre, which covers an area of over 4500m2 and is a convenient solution for smaller events. This centre also has many delegation rooms, lounges and technical facilities.

All in all, the BMICH complex is an ideal solution for any meeting, conference or convention to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Suphanburi Tingkajad Festival – a colourful cultural parade

A beautiful festival that dates back to at least 100 consecutive years and considered to be a ritual of the Mahayana Buddhism is held in the month of August. If you are planning a holiday at a Bangkok resort, you could consider a stay at Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa that lies in close proximity to the venue of this festival.

When travelling to Bangkok on either business or pleasure during august, you could visit the Suphanburi province and witness this spectacular festival which is bound to be a stress reliever. Many poor people attend this parade for free meals and the other provisions. There are different parts included in this spectacular parade, a few being the Chinese exhibitions, donations offered to the Chinese monks that makes lot of merits.

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