Central Festival Phuket – Best Place to shop in Phuket – Shoppers Retreat

No city is complete without a shopping mall, and Phuket is no exception. An island off the mainland of Thailand, Phuket has been a very busy and island in terms of all the tourist activity going on. However just outside the city center one is met with one the island’s largest shopping malls, Central Festival.

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A trip to Central Festival is definitely a must do while in Phuket. The mall is home to around 120 outlets that sell a varying range of products. Some of the products you can find while here are, up market clothing, fashion accessories, silk goods, bedding, household goods, toys and other accessories for children, food and drinks as well as watch and jewelry counters.

The Central Phuket Department store, where one can find most designer brands. The basement floor of the mall features homeware, electrical equipment and other home decor. Ground floor has some of the famous clothing lines such as CK, Armani,H&M, cosmetic stores, watches and women’s footwear. Moving onto the second floor one is met with a wide range of women’s fashion specially focussing on teens. The third floor features mens fashion, luggages a large book store and all the banks and restuarants can be found on this floor. The fourth floor is dedicated to the kids with lots of toys and other interesting items as well as few hair and skin care stores.

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Central Festival Phuket – The Shopping Party

Thailand is without a doubt the shopping hub of the earth and lives true to its reputation in every city around the nation, and Phuket is no different. Although it is predominantly the beach and the party town of Thailand, the shopping experience is just as vibrant here; for it is in this city where you can find the Central Festival and it is a shopping party all day long.

The Central Festival is a massive shopping mall that can be found on the outskirts of Phuket. It is a one-stop destination that is loaded with everything and anything you would ever dream of and want. Having in-store products that range from high-end clothing to household goods and toys, this is most certainly the shopaholic’s gold mine. There are a couple of sectors where you can find stores that cater to a particular range of products. With such divisions, you can find what you are looking for with ease and convenience.

For all those who love books, media and everything and anything to do with either of the two, the B2S is your place to go. Here you can find plenty of Thai and English books and DVDs at absolutely reasonable prices. Do keep an eye out for promotions and you may be able to strike an excellent deal. For all the sports fans, the super sports store is located on the third floor and is completely geared with all types of sporting accessories, making an excellent one-stop destination for all sorts of sports-related brands and items. The prices are certainly much cheaper than in the west. To experience the hub of electronics, explore the power buy, which actually has a knowledgeable team to help you pick. Then there are the boutiques. Spread across the four floors of the mall, this is the most popular sector of the Central Festival. Here you can find all sorts of branded outlets and a couple of privately owned shops as well. All in all, they have a couple of excellent products with fantastic prizes.

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