Bali Gourmet Festival 2015: a food fanatic’s most delectable dream

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The tantalizing scents of this year’s festival seem to be growing more intense, as preparations are being made for Indonesia’s most celebrated food bonanza which will take place from the 14th to the 16th of August 2015. The Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre will sizzle, as the culinary skills of Indonesia’s 5 star hotels and street vendors will be displayed. The festival is an incredible opening for burgeoning food businesses and similarlywould not fail to entice the taste buds of food lovers. It would certainly be a pity if you miss the irresistible thrills of the festival. Book your stay at InterContinental Bali Resort and indulge in the luxuries offered by this premium Bali resort while giving into your wildest food fantasies.

Indonesia boasts a growing economy that spends 50% of its total per capita income on food. Thus, it would seem suitable that it widens its horizons by strengthening ties between the food industry in its own country and those from around the world. If you have a food-related business, you can get some useful tips from the experts and even invest in some marketing strategies that will solidify your presence in the food industry. In establishing ties with culinary expertise from around the world, the organizers of the Bali Gourmet Festival display foresightedness. The festival also cultivates a culture of sharing.

Bars and lounges galore! Specific locations are demarcated for those who enjoy beverages of different kinds. Whether you crave beer, champagne, whiskey or a cocktail, the festival has it all. More than 120 premium brands will also showcase their products and display their talents. If you desire some live action, head towards the cookery theatreand watch as the fiery and silent food preparations become works of art in their own right.

Be entertained throughout the day and late into the night. Live music will be the best accompaniment when savouring good food. When the stalls close for the night, you can join the after parties that are part of the festival. You would not be able to imagine a better combination than the one established between food and entertainment. Be a part of it!

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