Embracing Tradition – A Deep Dive into the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

In the vibrant tapestry of Thai festivals, the Phuket Vegetarian Festival stands out as a celebration of spiritual cleansing, cultural traditions, and a culinary exploration of plant-based delights. Delve into the vibrant spectacle that is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

Origins and Significance: A Tapestry of Spiritual Practices

The roots of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival trace back to the early 19th century when a Chinese opera troupe fell ill while performing in the region. To appease the gods, locals adopted a vegetarian diet and engaged in rituals. Today, the festival is a blend of Taoist practices, vibrant processions, and vegetarian feasts.

The Nine Emperor Gods: Guardians of Purity

Central to the festival is the veneration of the Nine Emperor Gods, revered in Taoism. Devotees believe that by adopting a strict vegetarian diet and engaging in purification rituals, they can invoke the gods’ protection and blessings. The festival lasts for nine days, symbolizing the nine emperor gods.

Purification Rituals: A Feast for the Senses

Witness the mesmerizing rituals that mark the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. From firewalking to body piercing, devotees demonstrate their commitment to purification and seek blessings for good health and prosperity. These rituals are not for the faint-hearted and add an element of mystique to the festival.

Vegetarian Gastronomy: Culinary Delights sans Animal Products

The festival is a paradise for food enthusiasts. Explore the diverse array of vegetarian dishes crafted with precision and flavors that rival their non-vegetarian counterparts. Street vendors and local restaurants showcase the best of Thai vegetarian cuisine, offering a delectable journey for your taste buds.

Processions and Street Performances: A Visual Extravaganza

Phuket Vegetarian Festival Celebration on the Street | Image via flickr

The streets of Phuket come alive with processions featuring elaborate costumes, traditional music, and vibrant performances. Devotees, dressed in white, parade through the city, carrying religious symbols and participating in rituals that captivate onlookers. The atmosphere around Karon Beach Phuket hotels is both festive and deeply spiritual.

Participation and Respect: Observing the Festival Responsibly

If you plan to partake in the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, it’s crucial to approach it with respect for its cultural and religious significance. Adhere to the festival’s rules, such as dressing in white, abstaining from meat, and refraining from disrespectful behavior during the processions and rituals. If you’re planning a vacation around the holiday, there are plenty of places that offer accommodation such as Jono X Phuket Karon.

National Day of Maldives – A day of remembrance

The long-standing independent archipelago, the Maldives is among the top tropical destinations in the Maldives. The country was not always a tourist destination; in fact, it was predicted that the country would never be a tourist destination, owing to its location. However, the country is now one of the most visited destinations. Just like the tourism industry, the country’s independence was hard-fought.

Colonial occupation

Like many other South Asian nations, the Maldives too was colonized by the Dutch, the British, and the Portuguese. The Maldives was captured by the Portuguese in the year 1558; they ruled the country for the next 15 years. And in 1573, Muhammad Thakurufaanu freed the country and became the sultan of the country.

The Sultanate

He served the country for 12 years as sultan. During his rule, he improved the country by augmenting trade, forming an army, and introducing a currency. His dynasty would continue for the next 132 years.

Date of the National Day

The Maldives National Day is celebrated on the first day of the third month in the Islamic calendar. Many festivities can be seen in the celebration of National Day.


Military Displays at Maldives National Day | Image via maldivesindependent.com

The country becomes filled with color on National Day. Male, especially, takes a festive note with parades, military displays, fireworks, and various stage performances. Apart from its historic importance, National Day is also a draw for tourists. The best Maldives all inclusive resorts go up in demand, and the likes of OBLU Xperience Ailafushi get packed with tourists who want to witness the festivities.

Most prominent meeting place in Melbourne – Federation Square of Melbourne

The most prominent meeting place in Melbourne is undoubtedly the Federation Square. The area is a blend of culture and attractions as well as many museums, restaurants, galleries and the likes. The square is also considered as the premier events and functions venue of the city. There are over 2000 events that are held in the Federation Square on an annual basis. These events may include markets, various festivals that celebrate diverse cultures, film screenings and even sporting festivals. The venue has the capacity to accommodate 10,000 people at one time. However, for most Melbourne officials and corporations who wish to hold any business meetings indoors, there are many conference facilities in Melbourne such as the Oaks On Collins and many other venues to choose from.

The Federation Square is as big as one whole city block and is fully done in cobblestones that pave the way in the Kimberely province of Australia. The Square sort of forms a platform that stands above the ground and therefore its renders magnificent vistas of the Melbourne city as well as the beautiful Southbank area and the Yarra River.

Visitors can opt to walk around the Federation Square and gaze at the perfectly done Atrium which is a completely constructed out of glass, zinc and steel only. The gallery is home to many art exhibitions and the Edge is an amphitheatre which holds events from musical gigs to theatre performances to discussions and talks.

The Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Victorian Arts Centre, Yarra River and the Alexandra Gardens are all visually fulfilling sights that can be seen from the Federation Square. The eminent venue also holds the Ian Potter Centre, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the National Gallery of Victoria as well as the National Design Centre.

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Uncover Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Diversity Witnessing the City’s Colorful Religious Festivals

Travellers in search of luxurious Abu Dhabi hotels will find no finer alternative to the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. Conveniently situated in a strategic location this stylish rest serves as the perfect base from which to explore the metropolis that is Abu Dhabi.

As a melting pot of varied cultures the thriving desert holiday destination of Abu Dhabi is no light weight when it comes to engaging, local celebrations. Populated by immigrants and expats from around the world the vibrant diversity of Abu Dhabi is put on display each year with colorful religious festivals hosted by various communities in Abu Dhabi society. As one of the most progressive and religiously tolerant Islamic nations in the world this bustling metropolis is a shining example to the region and the globe at large.
As a predominantly Islamic nation the most coveted religious holiday in the Abu Dhabi calendar is of course the holy festival of Ramadan. Celebrated with great reverence this annual festival begins in late June as a month long fasting season heralds in the holy month. Muslim devotees refrain from consuming food and drink from dusk till dawn during the period in which great vigilance is paid to one’s moral behavior and righteousness in terms of conduct. The breaking of the fast in contrast is heralded in with the distribution of sweets and family gatherings with large, traditional Arabic meals and donations to charities. This three-day long celebration period is known as Eid Al Fitr where the exchange of gifts between friends and family is also a custom.
Easter is also marked with great pomp and pageantry in Abu Dhabi. The city’s most iconic Christian church, St. Joseph’s is at the centre of the celebrations as more than 25,000 worshippers flock to the church to mark this sacred Christian holiday. Twenty services were conducted on Easter Sunday, 2013 with sermons delivered in an impressive 12 languages to cater to the large number of Christians hailing from various nations around the world. Diwali is Abu Dhabi’s most highly anticipated religious festival for Hindus and visitors can witness this vibrant local festival each October-November as Hindu temples across the city set the scene for the annual thanksgiving celebration marked by Hindus the world over.
Indian Sweetmeats the like of Rasgulla and Mithaj are central to the celebration of Rama’s defeat of Demon monarch Ravana in this Hindu festival full of colour and camaraderie.
Vesak Day is also marked by Buddhists residing in Abu Dhabi as the religious festival marks the birth, enlightenment and demise of Lord Buddha. Hosted by the Sri Lankan embassy in the city 2013’s celebrations saw alms giving programs, Bakthi Gee recitals and the Bodhi Pujas with the attendance of the Sri Lankan Buddhist community residing in the UAE.

Wesak Festival In Sigiriya- A True Cultural Celebration

Wesak Festival is one of the most colourful religious and cultural celebrations you could experience in Sri Lanka. Therefore, the month of May is one of the best times to visit the island. Being one of the three cities of the Cultural Triangle, Sigiriya is the perfect place to be during Wesak. If you are looking for Sigiriya accommodationchoices, Jetwing Vil Uyana is a luxury Sigirya hotel you could try out. Sri Lanka being predominantly a Buddhist country, celebrate Wesak at its best in every nook and corner. Regardless of the religion each and every house will display Wesak lanterns in numerous shapes, colours and sizes. Massive pandols depicting the life of Lord Buddha, illuminated with hundreds of tiny multihued bulbs, are very much a part and parcel of the Vesak celebrations. Following the path of the Lord Buddha and His noble quality of giving, “dansal” or offering free food and drinks in the streets is the most exciting experience you could get while your stay during Wesak.

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Sri Lanka Cultural Values & Business Etiquette- Respect and adhere!

People with welcoming smiles, generous hearts and warm hospitality are the features tightly woven to Sri Lankan culture. The island being one of the spectacular event venues, if you are looking for event planners in Sri Lanka to organize your corporate gathering or the business conference, Nkar Mice is one of the pioneering companies specialized in event management in Sri Lanka. Whether you are on leisure or business, if you are on a visit to this paradisiacal island, do not forget to educate yourself of its cultural values and business etiquettes. Sri Lankans who have the highest regard for their cultural values do not encourage overt physical displays of affection in public. Being predominantly a Buddhist country, visitors are expected to be in decent attire when visiting temples. Although the country boasts of beautiful sunny beaches, nudity is not allowed in any of the beaches in Sri Lanka. It is the normal practice in Sri Lanka to greet anyone by saying “Ayubowan”- May you live long. Knowing some of these cultural values and etiquettes unique to the island will always come in handy when wandering in Sri Lanka.


Arab Future Cities Summit 2014 – Smarter Cities, Improved Quality of Life

The Arab Future Cities Summit (AFCS) is due to be held from 7-8 of April 2014 in Doha. This is a very important summit where the future constructions of the Middle Eastern cities will be discussed, ideas and new innovations will be shared and plans will be made.

This is the third time the summit is being held and for the summit in 2014 over 300 senior level corporates are invited to attend the meeting and contribute to the future developments. The great need for such planning of city developments is to cope up with the increasing urbanisation and finding new methods to minimise the complexities that come with it. Thus smarter, efficient cities must be built so that cost would be minimised improving the quality of life. Some of the main items that will be discussed at this summit would be the water and energy supply, transport and mobility, sustainable development, use of technology more effectively and the development of an intelligent urban policy.

Knowledge sharing and networking is a key aspect that will be looked at during the coming summit where government authorities, developers, urban planners, academics, investors and cutting edge technologists will share their thoughts and ideas and give direction to building smarter cities across the Middle Eastern region.

The rich Emirati culture, architecture and interior decorations you see in many hotels in the Middle Eastern region are present in Doha hotel venues as well. These hotels are well equipped with modern facilities, gymnasiums, spas and indoor swimming pools. With places of interest such as the Museum of Islamic Art which is considered to be Doha’s flagship museum housing artefacts from Muslim dynasties from all over Asia, Africa and Europe, the Souq Waqif, a market place superb for souvenir shopping and Villaggio Mall shopping complex with a long canal offering gondola rides at reasonable prices whilst shopping in the mall, Doha is a much visited place by tourists making investors keen on staying in a hotel in Doha. Of all the available options consider residing at Millennium Hotel Doha which is located in the heart of Doha city, complete with a gymnasium, indoor pool, spa therapy and comfortable lodging.


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Marina New Year Countdown – The Event of the Year

New Year’s Eve is a time for letting go, for releasing inhibitions and for having fun. It is a time for fresh beginnings for those who want to shed the old and begin the new, to live up to aspirations and make much needed changes. For those who want the year ahead to be filled with excitement and adventure, where better to greet the New Year than on an exotic holiday that is filled with fun and entertainment. An exciting place to be for the celebration is Singapore, a country fast becoming one of the most stylish and interesting places in the world, due to its ability to fuse its beautiful culture with modernity.
There are many ways to spend the evening of the 31st of December in Singapore, where visitors can have unforgettable fun into the early hours of the morning. Yet one highlight that is a favourite among both locals and visitors is the Marina New Year Countdown, one of the finest places to be for the celebrations. A large crowd heads over to the Marina Bay area for a phenomenal experience, surrounded by colour, music and laughter. This was one of the most enjoyed and most talked about New Year’s Eve events in 2012 and the years to come promise to be just as exciting and memorable.
The skies will be lighted up by a breathtaking array of fireworks in all colours and sizes at the Marina New Year Countdown, only made more stunning against the back drop of the beautiful city. In the build up to the mid night countdown there are also various events that take place in the area, so that guests can truly make the last night of the year the best. The countdown is a romantic place to be at midnight for lovers, as they will feel truly blessed to be together amidst such fine sights. It is also a popular site for the family, as they can spend the coming of the year together, forming pleasant and unforgettable memories. It is advised that visitors get to the Marina Bay area early for this fantastic night in order to be at the centre of the excitement.
Visitors who want a holiday filled with activity and fun can stay at a Sentosa resort Singapore, from where they can access some of the most popular sites in the city with ease. W Singapore Sentosa Cove is the ideal location for this as the luxury resort Singapore is one of the most fantastic locations to stay in the country.


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Game Evolution 2013 – The Ultimate Gaming Competition

Gaming for decades has been the favourite past time for many youngsters growing up. It all started with the simple videos that have now been raised one notch further with technology conquering this area. Gaming now is full of life, vigour and festivity that have captured the lives of so many people with non-stop entertainment and fun. Gaming in a country like Dubai can be expected to give you the most unique treat just like everything else in this amazing and exotic city. This November Dubai is gearing to bring Gaming in in the most dramatic form with the Game Evolution scheduled to take place here.

The Game Evolution is a fun and exciting event that brings to life the gaming world in the most competitive spirits. Gaming Gurus from around the world join to compete for the meat which in this case is pure gold. A grand prize of USD 150 000 awaits the ultimate gamer and hundreds of eager participants are at present eyeing this wholesome reward with a Gameboy at hand! The event is scheduled on the 15th and 16th of November at Dubai World Trade Centre and is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who also happens to be Chairman of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. The Gaming Evolution so far is supposed to be the ultimate challenge in the gaming world that features a range of interesting and exiting events taking the gaming world to a whole new level. The event, thought to be the grandest of all the LAN and Console Gaming Tournaments will also feature Consumer Exhibitions, Career Fairs and a couple of Educational Workshops. With such an exciting tournament on for 2 whole days the world certainly games together.

After an exciting dose of gaming you can leisurely tour this amazing holiday destination. While you are here stay at the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Middle East. These Hotels live up to its international standards making it the finest of all the UAE hotels. Even if you are looking for any Middle East Hotels in general choose the Millennium and Copthorne brand name.

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Airport Exchange Conference & Exhibition 2013 – The Renewal of the Aviation Industry

Air transport is a major industry in the world today. It is the key player that links great minds together and enables free movement of goods and services beyond seas. Every year there is one leading air transport event that brings together the greatest minds in the industry. New solutions are discussed and new innovations are put on the table. The Airport Exchange and Conference Exhibitions is the largest airport meeting that takes place around the globe.

The Annual Airport Exchange and Conference Meeting is usually held either in Europe or Asia Pacific. But since its enormous success being held in the UAE in the year 2012, the Exhibition and meeting is scheduled to take place this year in the exotic and vibrant city of Doha. Middle East with all its booming technology is now becoming the new hub for such events. The Airport Exchange conference and Exhibition is a major event in the calendar that draws to its doors at least 2000 business executives from the Aviation world. Such professionals hail from all corners of the globe. This year the conference and exhibition is focusing on the all new theme; ‘beyond airports 2020’.Here latest solutions in the airport industry will be showcased along with new innovations that will aim to be efficient, sustainable, reliable and most certainly hospitable. A glimpse of this informative session will give you a wholesome insight into this industry that shapes the world.

Doha is a captivating city in the UAE. Not too long ago it was hidden in the shadows, hardly heard of or spoken of. But of late the scale at which it is booming is astonishing. It is one city that is leading the way in so many industries; entertainment being a primary one. Doha is an exquisite location for a family holiday for once you step in here you are sure to fall in love with the place. The many amazing highlights will keep you hooked on to the city much longer than you anticipate. While visiting Doha stay at the Millennium Hotel Doha. This hotel in Doha with all its luxurious amenities is the best Doha hotel that you would come across.


Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.