National Day of Maldives – A day of remembrance

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The long-standing independent archipelago, the Maldives is among the top tropical destinations in the Maldives. The country was not always a tourist destination; in fact, it was predicted that the country would never be a tourist destination, owing to its location. However, the country is now one of the most visited destinations. Just like the tourism industry, the country’s independence was hard-fought.

Colonial occupation

Like many other South Asian nations, the Maldives too was colonized by the Dutch, the British, and the Portuguese. The Maldives was captured by the Portuguese in the year 1558; they ruled the country for the next 15 years. And in 1573, Muhammad Thakurufaanu freed the country and became the sultan of the country.

The Sultanate

He served the country for 12 years as sultan. During his rule, he improved the country by augmenting trade, forming an army, and introducing a currency. His dynasty would continue for the next 132 years.

Date of the National Day

The Maldives National Day is celebrated on the first day of the third month in the Islamic calendar. Many festivities can be seen in the celebration of National Day.


Military Displays at Maldives National Day | Image via

The country becomes filled with color on National Day. Male, especially, takes a festive note with parades, military displays, fireworks, and various stage performances. Apart from its historic importance, National Day is also a draw for tourists. The best Maldives all inclusive resorts go up in demand, and the likes of OBLU Xperience Ailafushi get packed with tourists who want to witness the festivities.

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