Uncover Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Diversity Witnessing the City’s Colorful Religious Festivals

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As a melting pot of varied cultures the thriving desert holiday destination of Abu Dhabi is no light weight when it comes to engaging, local celebrations. Populated by immigrants and expats from around the world the vibrant diversity of Abu Dhabi is put on display each year with colorful religious festivals hosted by various communities in Abu Dhabi society. As one of the most progressive and religiously tolerant Islamic nations in the world this bustling metropolis is a shining example to the region and the globe at large.
As a predominantly Islamic nation the most coveted religious holiday in the Abu Dhabi calendar is of course the holy festival of Ramadan. Celebrated with great reverence this annual festival begins in late June as a month long fasting season heralds in the holy month. Muslim devotees refrain from consuming food and drink from dusk till dawn during the period in which great vigilance is paid to one’s moral behavior and righteousness in terms of conduct. The breaking of the fast in contrast is heralded in with the distribution of sweets and family gatherings with large, traditional Arabic meals and donations to charities. This three-day long celebration period is known as Eid Al Fitr where the exchange of gifts between friends and family is also a custom.
Easter is also marked with great pomp and pageantry in Abu Dhabi. The city’s most iconic Christian church, St. Joseph’s is at the centre of the celebrations as more than 25,000 worshippers flock to the church to mark this sacred Christian holiday. Twenty services were conducted on Easter Sunday, 2013 with sermons delivered in an impressive 12 languages to cater to the large number of Christians hailing from various nations around the world. Diwali is Abu Dhabi’s most highly anticipated religious festival for Hindus and visitors can witness this vibrant local festival each October-November as Hindu temples across the city set the scene for the annual thanksgiving celebration marked by Hindus the world over.
Indian Sweetmeats the like of Rasgulla and Mithaj are central to the celebration of Rama’s defeat of Demon monarch Ravana in this Hindu festival full of colour and camaraderie.
Vesak Day is also marked by Buddhists residing in Abu Dhabi as the religious festival marks the birth, enlightenment and demise of Lord Buddha. Hosted by the Sri Lankan embassy in the city 2013’s celebrations saw alms giving programs, Bakthi Gee recitals and the Bodhi Pujas with the attendance of the Sri Lankan Buddhist community residing in the UAE.

Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014

Calling all real estate professionals and investors! Attend Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014 for a taste of the trends and developments slated to unfold on Abu Dhabi’s landscape over the next decade. Ensure that you book your pick of luxury Abu Dhabi hotels in time, to secure downtown accommodation. The Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi is a fine choice of Abu Dhabi city hotel that plants you in the midst of the most vibrant city on the UAE’S landscape. Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014 will take place during 22-24 April and presents all those who are involved in the real estate industry with a chance to hob-nob and associate with the best and brightest names in the field, who will all play a part in reshaping Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure over the next year. This exciting event will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and will showcase some of the most ambitious plans that will take the world of the UAE by storm, adding to the sheer elegance and grandeur gracing the city’s current skyline. The 2014 edition will be the event’s seventh incarnation and its past editions have all been resounding successes. With the involvement of key government departments all working towards the common goal of situating Abu Dhabi amidst the world’s most elite cosmopolitan cities, Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014 promises to be another exciting meeting of creative minds in the real estate industry.

Travel Catering Expo 2014 – Culinary Delights on Air

Running parallel alongside the Airport Show 2014 which is to be held in Dubai from 11-13 May 2014, the authorities have also organized a Travel Catering Expo to take place at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, formerly known as Dubai World Trade Centre; same dates, same venue, two different experiences.

With an estimation of over 400 million air passengers to Dubai by 2020, there is certainly much planning and preparation to do in order to provide superlative customer services, care and attention in all areas related to air travel and hospitality. A main feature of a world class airline together with unparalleled customer service would be the food and beverages served on air. We all would love to have a taste of a home cooked meal, nutritious and fresh, especially when one is off miles and miles away from home. Therefore this Travel Catering Expo 2014 is all about enhancing the quality of the technology, techniques, kitchen appliances used, food packaging and storing in order to ensure that the final product, which in this case would be food and beverages served to air passengers in Middle Eastern flights, the very best. Participating in this event will definitely create lucrative business deals for caterers, chefs, procurement managers, purchasing managers, cutlery providers, manufacturers and solution providers. Altogether around 30 exhibitors and over 1000 trade buyers are due to be present at the exhibition representing numerous food and beverage companies, catering services, hospitality and travel / aviation industries.

Dubai’s neighbouring Abu Dhabi is another colourful city in the UAE. Accommodation at Abu Dhabi hotels can be expensive since the city itself is known as one the most expensive cities in the UAE. But the Abu Dhabi city hotel complexes built facing the Arabian Gulf Sea with a panoramic view of its beauty and hotels complexes that are in the city closer to all major business entities and shopping complexes will be worth the price paid. Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi, located just 500m away from Abu Dhabi’s main business district and shopping malls is a luxurious hotel belonging to the world renowned Millennium Hotels and Resorts Group.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2014 – a major hit

For all you bookworms out there, there’s no better event to mark down on your diary than the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2014. Tipped as one of the grandest festivals in the region, this spectacle can be accessed by choosing the comfort of an Abu Dhabi city hotel such as Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi. Ranked amongst some of the finest Abu Dhabi hotels in the area, this property could be considered when one is planning to holiday in this part of the world.

Held with an objective to promote reading in Abu Dhabi, this book festival has been rated as the fastest growing event of its kind in the Middle East and Africa linking the Arab world with the global publishing community. Many literary works covering a range of subjects will be up for grabs and one is sure to spend hours on end here. You can also meet and express your views with the industry professionals that commune in their numbers at the festival. Determined to contribute towards the global book business, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is a joint venture of the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage and yet again is sure to capture the hearts of the ardent reader.

FIFA U-17 World Cup UAE 2013 – Watch It Live in the Emirates

FIFA’s Under 17 Football World Cup will be hosted by United Arab Emirates in 2013. The event is scheduled to take place from the 17th of October and will go on till the 18th of November. This year there are around 24 international teams competing for the title of Under 17 World Cup Champion. According to the FIFA website 52 matches will be played during the course of the three weeks that the World Cup will be held.

The UAE has planned for this event since 2012 and there are six stadiums that will host the matches scheduled including Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, Fujairah Stadium and Al- Ain Emirates Stadium. National teams representing the African region are Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Tunisia, while strong teams from the Asian region include Uzbekistan, Japan, Iraq and UAE are hoping to give it their best at this year’s tournament.

From the qualifying rounds the one team that represents Oceania is New Zealand and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the matches. All football fans are looking forward to the South American line up this year with football powerhouses the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay all making it through the qualifying rounds.

European football teams include Italy, Slovakia, Croatia, Russia, Sweden and Austria though England is a notable absence. North and Central American teams have some great players coming in with Mexico, Honduras and Panama all promising to bring their “A game” for the tournament this year.

What is attractive about the Under 17 FIFA World Cup is that it introduces new talent and provides a platform for rising football stars. Most of the players go on to play professionally in the national teams and at the Under 17 tournament you can catch a glimpse of these players and their skills.

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2013 Al Ain Aerobatic Show – witness the tricks of the trade

If you ever wanted to be amazed by the world’s most daring and exceptional aerobatic pilots while being in Abu Dhabi, then visit the exciting Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2013 which will be part of the National Day festivities of the UAE from 30th November to 02nd December 2013. Complement your stay by choosing from the many Abu Dhabi hotels on offer. Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi which is a famed Abu Dhabi city hotel would be ideal.

Not only will you be witnessing a selection of airplanes, helicopters, wingwalkers and gliders in action but the kids can also be entertained at the Kids Zones which will feature bouncing castles, trampolines and a whole lot more. How about meeting a pilot? Well that’s all taken care of at this year’s edition of the show where guests will be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to exchange pleasantries at the ‘Meet the Pilots’ enclosure. You could also purchase some of the merchandise which will be up for grabs.

2013 Abu Dhabi Art – creativity celebrated

Showcasing local creativity and giving it the international exposure and regional appreciation it deserves is the prestigious Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2013. Make this event part of your cultural “to do” list when you make your stay at one of the quality Abu Dhabi hotels in the region such as the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi as its central location affords easy access to the art fair, making it an ideal Abu Dhabi city hotel to host your cultural excursions in the city. Venture down to the Saadiyat cultural district during 20-23 November and be treated to the creative offerings of the emirate, showcased in splendour at the 2013 Abu Dhabi Art Fair. You’ll be treated to a stunning array of ingenious art installations as well an impressive host of large-scale sculptures. Look forward to a brand new section featured this year, entitled “Artists Waves”, which places at its locus the creative offerings of Abu Dhabi artists in the form of a curated exhibition. There will also be a fascinating line-up of various talks and panels by professionals in the field that are designed to give you a theoretical insight into these intriguing pieces. Witness some of the finest works featured in renowned art galleries, and special children’s arts tours are designed to foster artistic appreciation early on.

Mazayina Dhafra Camel Festival (Camel Beauty Show) – Calling all camel lovers!

Visitors to the impressive emirate of Abu Dhabi will find a range of excellent Abu Dhabi hotels to choose from, but to truly enjoy a holiday in one of the grandest desert states, consider staying at one of many luxury hotels Abu Dhabi. One option is the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. Its traditional Arabian setting with state-of-the-art modern conveniences make it the ideal property to enjoy the wonders of desert culture.

Set amidst the rolling sands of the Arabian Desert that birthed numerous myths, legends and occasional movie settings, Abu Dhabi is a magical emirate to venture into. In addition to hosting events such as film festivals, Abu Dhabi also hosts an event that venerates and celebrates an important aspect of desert culture: the impressive and at times irritable camel. This noble “ship of the desert” is honored in an annual festival that showcases the most “beautiful” camel, in the Mazayina Dhafra Camel Festival, otherwise known as a camel beauty show. The festival is held in Zayed City in Al Gharbia, and it provides a glimpse into traditional Arabic desert culture, as well as bridging the gap between the country’s generations. The main event is the camel beauty contest, which features the Asayel and Majahim camel breeds vying for the beauty crown. For those interested in adding one of these magnificent beings to their family, there is also a camel auction. Other notable events at the festival feature a traditional bazaar straight out of Arabian nights, a handicrafts market featuring the best of Arabic arts and a dates presentation competition that highlights the best offering of these sweet treats. To set the atmosphere, there is also folklore music that hearkens to the time of Aladdin, a poetry competition and other activities that spotlight the splendid Arabic heritage. So come and sample the best of the Arabian Desert culture at the Mazayina Dhafra Camel Festival!