Cultural Festivals and Events in Abu Dhabi – Exotic Experiences

Apart from the famous Ramadan festival, Abu Dhabi thrives in a range of other diverse and colourful festivals and events that you could witness during a holiday spent at your Abu Dhabi resort the likes of Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara.

Abu Dhabi International Dance Festival

This is one of the most-awaited festivals in this city and it dazzles its spectators with some of the best-talented dancers around. They present awesome dance forms including Salsa, Afro Rumba, Hip Hop, Bachata, and much more.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Reading enthusiasts will have their dreams come true at Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the fastest-growing fair of its kind in the region. With over 800 exhibitors who come from all across the world, you will be able to get your hands on some of the most-coveted titles out there.

Abu Dhabi International Boat Show

An annual luxury boat event, Abu Dhabi International Boat Show attracts thousands of people worldwide. Over 25 countries exhibit the best of their boats used in luxury yachting and marine leisure.

Camel Racing

This is one of the traditional aspects that cannot be coaxed out of the lives of the people in Abu Dhabi. It is an incredibly competitive and thrilling event with unbelievable prize money for the winners.

Yas Marina Grand Prix – Home to Formula One

The Yas Marina Grand Prix, located in the busiest and one of the most advancing cities in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi attracts the world’s best racers every year to race on this world-class track.


Yas Marina Grand Prix | Img by: Rob Alter via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

The Race

The Yas Marina Grand Prix is held every November where popular sporting stars such as Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastien Vettel and others head over to the track to race and try their luck at this circuit. As there are a number of tour packages to Dubai, do check how you can attend this star-studded sporting event.

Yas Island

Yas Island is a manmade island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The Yas Marina Circuit is the second in the Middle East that was constructed for Formula One.

About the track

The track measures a length of 5.554 km, with an area of 161.9 ha. The longest straight measures 1140 m.

Other attractions

If your trip is organized by a tour provider such as My Prime Trip Powered by Hemas Travels, some of the other attractions you can visit is Ferrari World; home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.





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Ramadan: Month of Fasting – One of the Five Pillars of Islam

Whether they are at home or residing in resorts in Abu Dhabi, those of the Islamic faith will be inclined to observe Ramadan: the Month of Fasting.

When is Ramadan?
The religious practice of fasting observed by those of the Islamic faith takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It usually lasts for around twenty-nine to thirty days.

What Happens during Ramadan?

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During Ramadan, Muslims will fast for majority of the day and break fast in the evening after sunset. Therefore, many resorts such as Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort in the Middle East, as well as others in predominantly Muslim regions, will host ‘Ifthars’, also known as breaking fast meals.

Why is Ramadan Celebrated?

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Ramadan celebrates the moment when the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad by God. The Quran was, and remains to be the persuasive religious text in Islam. Ramadan is also considered to be one of the Five Pillars of Islam i.e. the five basic acts which are considered mandatory. These basic acts include faith, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage to Mecca.

Who Should Fast?
The act of fasting is considered obligatory for all adult Muslims. However, certain groups are exempted from the practice. These include those who are elderly, pregnant, diabetic or chronically ill etc.

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Ramadan Celebration in UAE – A Celebration Like no Other

The UAE is a great destination for tourist who are interested in learning about the Islamic culture and also exploring the great architecture. The UAE as opposed to the other Middle Eastern nations is more relaxed and welcoming towards tourists. One of the greatest periods to be here would be during the Ramadan month. Even though the city takes a much calmer stride, the after fast activities and the festival itself is great to be a part of. An Abu Dhabi luxury hotel would be a great place to start as most hotels have breaking fast meals and they also organise activities and excursions throughout the city. Hotels such as Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara offer a great Iftar spread which gives guests a chance to savour true Arabian delicacies.

During Ramadan, Muslims should not eat, drink or smoke between sunrise and sunset. It is also believed that this allows people to understand what the underprivileged would go through by putting themselves in their shoes.

Sunset marks the period where Muslims break their fast, known as Iftar. This occurs after the evening prayer.

This is a great moment when friends and families come together to share a meal. Often non-muslims are also invited to these. In the UAE tents are set up on streets and especially near mosques to provide those in need with food.

However, if you are a non-Muslim in the UAE during Ramadan there a few things to keep in mind. Eating, drinking and smoking between sunrise and sunset are a punishable offence. Almost all restaurants remain closed for lunch. However one is free to do whatever he or she pleases within their homes.

Eid ul Fitr is a great family celebration which marks the final day of the fasting period. Most companies grant 3 to 4 days holidays.

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The Sporting Life – Al Forsan Special Summer Events

If ever there was a perfect place for sports enthusiast, any type of sports that is, it would be Al Forsan International Sports Resort in Khalifa City just a few minutes away from Abu Dhabi’s international airport and the city centre. The sporting, leisure and fun facilities here range from two freshwater lakes, one for beginners and the other for experts to wakeboard, water ski and knee board. A shooting range, a polo field, indoor and outdoor equestrian arenas, archery, a 1.2 km professional track at the Motor Sports Centre designed to provide challenging and exhilarating experiences are among Al Forsan’s facilities. Riders can achieve speeds from 30 to 70 mph at the centre’s karting circuit. The Al Forsan complex includes indoor and outdoor paintball facilities, football and rugby pitches, tennis, squash, volleyball and basketball courts and swimming pools. Five international restaurants and cafes, changing rooms and lockers for visitors and places to hire equipment for each sport and an internal transport system ensure every requirement is satisfied. It is definitely a unique sporting and leisure destination in which to ‘spend every spare moment’. Luxury villas, apartments and a 400 room hotel is also part of the complex. Guests at the Abu Dhabi villas of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villa Resort can book training sessions and sports and games for individuals and families here.

Al Forsan special summer events calendar for 2014 targets all genders and age groups. Special sports packages combined with on site dining are available from May to September. Summer camp for 4 to 12 year olds from June to August offers sports, games and crafts for each age group. There are also special dining and sports packages for the month of Ramadan. Other specials include training packages for wakeboarding, shooting competitions for 100, 200 and 300 meter ranges from May to June, weight management, lifestyle changes and fitness training for individuals and groups, Pilates and Zumba classes.

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Abu Dhabi International Book Fair – Leading the Industry From Strength to Strength

As a well read man is a treasure to a nation, much emphasis has certainly been vested on the subject of reading since days of old. The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is organized in this context with the aim of building up and developing the publishing and book industry as well as promoting the priceless habit of reading throughout the United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is said to be the fastest growing book fair in the Middle Eastern and the North African regions. Its strength lies in the professional organization that involves each facet of the fair that helps to make it a prominent event in the city. The visionary and the ambitious planning that is the essence of the fair is yet again a reason behind its success in the region.

Abu Dhabi is the hub of the development that takes occurs in the regional publishing industry and so its commitment is now expanding beyond the borders of the region, with the vision and aim of promoting success of the global book business. The distributors, publishers as well as the book sellers scattered throughout the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf region, consider the emirate as their reference point in the Arab book trade. With these trends setting the stage for the industry to flourish, this event will certainly take on greater heights in time to come.

The event has been a great success in the past years that it was organized, as attested by the number of publishers that were hosted. In the year 2013, 1,024 publishers from 53 countries participated in the fair making it a truly global event of prominence and so the aim of establishing long term relationships between Arab and international publishers with which the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is organized is indeed fulfilled.

If you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi during the event which will take place between 30th April and 5th of May 2014 at the ADNEC Abu Dhabi, you may consider finding accommodation at an Abu Dhabi resort which is located close to the venue, such as Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. The property is one of the leading Abu Dhabi beach hotels and provides an ideal base for your travels.

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Justin Timberlake Live on Yas Island – Timberlake to rock Abu Dhabi

Starting out in the Mickey Mouse Club as a child and moving onto the hit 90’s boy band N’Sync and thereafter releasing hit singles, Justin Timberlake has managed to rocket to fame in a short period of time for his music and lately for his acting career as well.

2013 saw the 33 year old singer/actor dominate the global charts with his bestselling album 20/20 experience and 20/20 experience 2 of 2. The du Arena at Yas Island Abu Dhabi will feature Timberlake bringing this thrilling album as part of his World Tour to an eagerly awaiting audience on the 23rd of May 2014.

Timberlake last visited the UAE in 2007 as part of his Justified Tour which was staged at the Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace. The concert wowed an astounding 13’000 strong fan base and ticket sales for the 2014 Tour which began in mid January have already taken off.

Whilst the 2007 tour featured much loved hits such as What Goes Around Comes Around, Rock Your Body and Cry Me a River, it is hoped that the 2014 edition will feature these along with newer hits such as Mirrors, Suit & Tie and Let the Groove get in.

Yas Island is a much loved and much used famous arena for International performers and concerts and is a mere 45 minute drive away from Dubai and 10 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi.

With 4 Emmy Awards and 9 Grammy awards under his belt, Timberlake is fast moving onto a promising acting career as well as owning two thriving restaurants. He was also named Favourite Pop/Rock Male Artist at the 2013 American Music Awards. Happily married to actress Jessica Biel in 2012, Timberlake is an all round artiste with much promise.

For those visiting the UAE during this time, getting your hands on these concert tickets is a must. Looking for a hotel in Abu Dhabi will prove easier not only in terms of getting to the concert but also in order to enjoy the sights and sounds of Abu Dhabi at leisure. If looking for such accommodation Abu Dhabi then visitors should consider the luxurious and well facilitated Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi.

Gov Tech Middle East 2014 – driving the growth of ICT in the Government Sector

Paving the way for Middle Eastern government ICT professionals to showcase cutting edge technologies that will enhance the scope of businesses, Gov Tech Middle East 2014 is well worth the visit. Scheduled to be held from the 8th – 9th of April 2014, this showpiece event can be attended if you are staying at an Abu Dhabi hotel during this time. If you are on the lookout for a hotel Abu Dhabi UAE, then consider a stay at Grand Millennium Al Wahda.

Setting the stage for widespread growth and development in the region’s economies, the event will feature a large exhibition, technical workshops, keynote conferences, product demos and launches and a whole lot more. Offering a range of innovative products and services in the ICT sector, one is sure to be dazzled by the volume of information that will be shared amongst government professionals. You can also talk to some of the government officials of numerous countries of the Middle East and learn of their plans to transform the region and all its inhabitants through the better implementation of ICT. Sit at any of the seminars and enhance your knowhow on this sector which continues to grow at an alarming rate. Gov Tech Middle East 2014 is organised by Terrapinn Middle East and is definitely worth checking out.


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Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014

Calling all real estate professionals and investors! Attend Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014 for a taste of the trends and developments slated to unfold on Abu Dhabi’s landscape over the next decade. Ensure that you book your pick of luxury Abu Dhabi hotels in time, to secure downtown accommodation. The Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi is a fine choice of Abu Dhabi city hotel that plants you in the midst of the most vibrant city on the UAE’S landscape. Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014 will take place during 22-24 April and presents all those who are involved in the real estate industry with a chance to hob-nob and associate with the best and brightest names in the field, who will all play a part in reshaping Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure over the next year. This exciting event will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and will showcase some of the most ambitious plans that will take the world of the UAE by storm, adding to the sheer elegance and grandeur gracing the city’s current skyline. The 2014 edition will be the event’s seventh incarnation and its past editions have all been resounding successes. With the involvement of key government departments all working towards the common goal of situating Abu Dhabi amidst the world’s most elite cosmopolitan cities, Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2014 promises to be another exciting meeting of creative minds in the real estate industry.

UAE Green Festival 2014: “Live, Learn and have Fun in a Low Carbon World”

For 650, 000 years, the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere remained below a comfortable three hundred parts per million yet in the last fifty years alone, this number has increased up to three hundred and eighty parts per million. Other compelling evidence which are tell-tale signs of climate change include the rise of sea levels by a stunning seventeen centimetres, a significant increase in global temperature, warming of ocean waters, ice coverage in Greenland and Antarctica reducing drastically, glacial retreats being recorded across the world etc.

The globe is now experiencing extreme climatic weather patterns in the form of tropical storms, extreme rainstorms and increased rainfall while other parts of the world suffer from a drastic lack of water. Such phenomenon supported by scientific data indicates a change in the weather patterns of regions and signal that the world is on the brink of climate change.

In light of such astonishing evidence, many protocols have been signed and a number of countries have pledged to reduce their carbon footprint while others blissful ignore its existence. The United Arab Emirates belong to the first group of states that has taken their responsibilities quite seriously, which is prompting the state to engage in greening activities. One of their most commendable initiatives include the United Arab Emirates Green Festival held under the slogan “Live, Learn, and have Fun in a Low-Carbon World’. The 2014 edition will take place from the 16th of March to the 16th of April and is designed to educate all residents of the emirates on ‘green living’.

The concept of green living is not limited to the residents of the country alone but is extended to the tourism industry as well as the government sector. The program strives to promote the UAE as a green destination while also providing a viable platform for the government sector to exchange ideas and concepts regarding ‘sustainable development’; an inclusive form of growth that takes into account the long -effects of human existence on the environment. The festival will include attractions such as Green Fitness, Eco-Fashion, Green Shopping, and much more, which will undoubtedly attract tourists staying at a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

For travellers, this event is a must-visit given its intriguing concept and innovating ideas. For those searching for a hotel Abu Dhabi to reside in during this period, the best option is the Kingsgate Hotel Abu Dhabi whose lush interior makes travelling a true pleasure.

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