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The historic post office building of Beverly Hills was turned into the Wallis Annenberg centre for Performing Arts on the 11th of March 2010 and will be opening in the fall of 2013 which is indeed a very worthy cause. The old post office has been converted to a very comfortable theatre school fully completed with a studio theatre, café, gift shop and a sculpture garden. The graceful old building still holds its ample space which now holds the lobby of the theatre and the old structure is still preserved well because it is a memorable place to many people who lived in the vicinity. The 500 seat Gold Smith Theatre truly brings glamour to the aged structure and adds more value to it. The building takes the shape of a ‘T’ as was the post office in its original state. Every bit of interior space of the theatre has a parallel exterior square garden that expands the space to the public area. 

It has been modified with a few beautiful open air gardens and courtyards to give a very pleasant environment and to engage in various activities. A pathway too has been linked through to walk from the city hall towards the shopping arenas. The site of the performing arts theatre is decorated with affluent with lush greenery and garden to linger about.
 Since it’s a theatre of performing arts the architectures have been keen on providing more space to give a sense of freedom in the premises. The Promenade Terrace will definitely be a great location for dining and special proceedings. This being the main landmark for performing arts theatres, Clarity Theatre, Fine Arts Theatre, Saban Theatre, Canon Theatre, Samuel Goldwin Theatre, Seligman Performing Arts Centre, Beverly Hills Performing Arts Centre, Wilshire Theatre are famous theatres for performing arts in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is popular for its performing arts theatres all around the world. If a visitor desires a Hotel in Beverly Hills on your visit to Beverly Hills on your hunt for performing arts and theatres, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a great option for a Beverly Hills Hotels.
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