New Year’s Eve – A Time for Choices!

It is that time of the year again. Resolutions, new ones and old keep you busy, getting ready for the dawn of a new year. It is that time of the year to take a good look at all that surrounds you. Count your blessings and appreciate family. The real reason behind celebrating New Year’s Eve is a mix of all these aspects. The festivities and glamour are all directed towards the appreciation and celebration of life.

But this day means much more than celebrations to most. It is a valuable time to rethink the months gone by, and take the good memories as you step on into the future. It is also a time for letting go of bad memories to make way for the new ones.

Most streets still have glistening Christmas trees and cheery decorations, which add to the colorful setting as New Year’s dawn approaches. With amazing store discounts and with most public places ablaze with cheerful crowds and chatter, it really is the most amazing time of the year.

If you are making arrangements to be with your family to celebrate the start of the year in America then Beverly Hills is an ideal choice. Located in California, it offers a perfect setting in which to herald in the new dawn.

There are many hotels and restaurants that put on a magnificent show on this much awaited evening and provide plenty of fun for the entire family. If you are choosing a Beverly Hills hotel to spend this spectacular night The Peninsula Beverly Hills is an ideal choice. This elegant Beverly Hills luxury hotel comes alive with festive cheer during the season and lets you celebrate the New Year at its best. The elegant Belvedeer restaurant is magically transformed with charming decorations to hold a New Year’s ball, for guests to dance their way into the coming year.

Thanksgiving in Beverly Hills – A Weekend of Fun and Frolic!

Thanksgiving is a holiday for all communities residing in America and Canada. This state holiday is celebrated on the 4th Thursday every November and is known for its many festivities. In Canada thanksgiving is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of every October. This customary day is dedicated for friends and families to get together in harmony and celebrate a special feast. This meal habitually comprises of cranberry sauce, turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie, stuffing, gravy and also vegetables. It is a day of giving thanks for what you have received during the year and for the family and friends in your life.

Beverly Hills is such a city in the United States that celebrates this holiday in a very joyous and grand style. There are many Thanksgiving Day parades that take place along the streets and many people participate and gather around to watch these colorful pageants. Some of these festivals and parades mark the season of Christmas and shopping. Most people take off a period of four days and go out on trips or visit family members who most often reside in other states of the country. Most schools, offices and business declare the day of thanksgiving as a holiday and also allow a four day weekend so that people can spend some quality time with their loved ones. The public transit system also works at irregular times and not on the normally scheduled times during this period. It is a day that is reserved for a break, where the whole city gets busy watching parades or spending time with family, while enjoying a traditional thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday in America in the year 1863, though the first ever day for thanksgiving was held in El Paso in 1598. Beverly Hills would be an ideal place to spend this holiday with friends and family where top notch restaurants offer very grand meals and where the streets get lit up with the vivid parades. The Peninsula Beverly Hills a Beverly Hills luxury hotel presents an ideal setting in which to celebrate this most joyous of celebrations. This Beverly Hills hotel is of the best of its kind and is an ideal place to spend your thanksgiving weekend.

The Cinemas in Beverly Hills

Surrounded by the City of Angels, Beverly Hills is not just an area where you just might run into a movie star, but a splendid city with beautiful scenery, exquisite restaurants and a shopping experience like no other on the legendary Rodeo Drive. The famous residents and luxurious culture of 90210 make it one of the most prestigious cities of the world.

Not going to a movie theatre on a visit to a city full of movie stars is almost a crime! The close affinity of the cinema industry and Beverly Hills has been a long standing affair and one does not think of the most famous celebrities without Beverly Hills immediately popping into one’s mind.  Opened in 1922, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is one of the oldest in the city. It is not only known for its majestic palace like architecture, but it was also part of many historic events such as the premiere of Star Wars as well as many other films, hosted three Academy Awards as well as numerous celebrity birthday parties and corporate junkets.

A movie at the Cinerama Dome or now known as the Arclight Cinemas will be a rare opportunity. This 14 screen complex provides five star service and individual attention. Though a little more expensive than others, the restaurant and gift shop and all that is present in the entire cinema makes it a one of a kind experience. On Grove Drive are the Grove Theatres with the best sound and seating system of modern times. This Neo-Deco style building is situated minutes away from the silent movie theatre and the Farmer’s Market and the perfect place to grab a bite after the movie. The AMC Century 14 is the average cinema but it is clean, with good seating and usually a good movie as well. Other cinemas would include the Vista in Los Feliz Area and the Crest on Westwood.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a magnificent Beverly Hills Hotel with luxurious surroundings that stand up to the high standards expected of this glamorous city. This Hotel in Beverly Hills ensures a most pleasurable stay.

Theatre & Performing Arts in Beverly Hills – The city where arts come alive

The historic post office building of Beverly Hills was turned into the Wallis Annenberg centre for Performing Arts on the 11th of March 2010 and will be opening in the fall of 2013 which is indeed a very worthy cause. The old post office has been converted to a very comfortable theatre school fully completed with a studio theatre, café, gift shop and a sculpture garden. The graceful old building still holds its ample space which now holds the lobby of the theatre and the old structure is still preserved well because it is a memorable place to many people who lived in the vicinity. The 500 seat Gold Smith Theatre truly brings glamour to the aged structure and adds more value to it. The building takes the shape of a ‘T’ as was the post office in its original state. Every bit of interior space of the theatre has a parallel exterior square garden that expands the space to the public area. 

It has been modified with a few beautiful open air gardens and courtyards to give a very pleasant environment and to engage in various activities. A pathway too has been linked through to walk from the city hall towards the shopping arenas. The site of the performing arts theatre is decorated with affluent with lush greenery and garden to linger about.
 Since it’s a theatre of performing arts the architectures have been keen on providing more space to give a sense of freedom in the premises. The Promenade Terrace will definitely be a great location for dining and special proceedings. This being the main landmark for performing arts theatres, Clarity Theatre, Fine Arts Theatre, Saban Theatre, Canon Theatre, Samuel Goldwin Theatre, Seligman Performing Arts Centre, Beverly Hills Performing Arts Centre, Wilshire Theatre are famous theatres for performing arts in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is popular for its performing arts theatres all around the world. If a visitor desires a Hotel in Beverly Hills on your visit to Beverly Hills on your hunt for performing arts and theatres, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a great option for a Beverly Hills Hotels.