New Year’s Eve – Celebrating a New Beginning!

Celebrated around the world on January 1st, New Year’s Day is an event that attracts much revelry and partying the world over. It is a time of year when people band together regardless of country, class or creed and join hands to face the new dawn and the endless possibilities it will bring. The event is generally marked by lighting fireworks at the magical stroke of midnight as the night sky is lit up with a dazzling array of lights.

Each country however, has special ways to celebrate this occasion. In America, one of the most popular places for festivities is Times Square in New York City where you can countdown the famous ball drop.

In China such major cities as Beijing and Shanghai give you a chance to enjoy a wide range of festivities. Musical concerts which can be witnessed in such venues as the Solana Blue Harbour Shopping Park in Beijing, while not to be missed is taking in cultural performances that can be viewed at the iconic Temple of Heaven.

When in Hong Kong during the New Year make sure to make your way to such areas as Causeway Bay which offer stunning views of the harbour at night. Also worth seeing is the show spectacular known as the Symphony of Lights as well as the pyrotechnics that can be seen on the Two International Finance Centre.

In the capital of Japan, Tokyo, well known celebrations points include Shibuya crossing and Minato’s Zojoji Temple. A distinctive element of the festivities at the Zojoji Temple involves people releasing balloons filled with helium. The balloons generally have a message written with good wishes for the coming year.

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Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


New Year’s Eve – A Time for Choices!

It is that time of the year again. Resolutions, new ones and old keep you busy, getting ready for the dawn of a new year. It is that time of the year to take a good look at all that surrounds you. Count your blessings and appreciate family. The real reason behind celebrating New Year’s Eve is a mix of all these aspects. The festivities and glamour are all directed towards the appreciation and celebration of life.

But this day means much more than celebrations to most. It is a valuable time to rethink the months gone by, and take the good memories as you step on into the future. It is also a time for letting go of bad memories to make way for the new ones.

Most streets still have glistening Christmas trees and cheery decorations, which add to the colorful setting as New Year’s dawn approaches. With amazing store discounts and with most public places ablaze with cheerful crowds and chatter, it really is the most amazing time of the year.

If you are making arrangements to be with your family to celebrate the start of the year in America then Beverly Hills is an ideal choice. Located in California, it offers a perfect setting in which to herald in the new dawn.

There are many hotels and restaurants that put on a magnificent show on this much awaited evening and provide plenty of fun for the entire family. If you are choosing a Beverly Hills hotel to spend this spectacular night The Peninsula Beverly Hills is an ideal choice. This elegant Beverly Hills luxury hotel comes alive with festive cheer during the season and lets you celebrate the New Year at its best. The elegant Belvedeer restaurant is magically transformed with charming decorations to hold a New Year’s ball, for guests to dance their way into the coming year.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in New York

To celebrate one of the biggest moments every year, the city of New York pulls out all the stops in marking the advent of a New Year. The festivities include the massive celebrations, high energy parties and firework displays throughout the city.

The internationally recognized Times Square provides one of the most famous New Year’s Eve celebration locations. This iconic destination is memorable for its plethora of neon lights and advertising signs that somehow manage to become even brighter come 31st night. New Year’s Eve is also marked with the annual ‘dropping of the ball’ tradition atop One Times Square.

New York City will also be coming to life with a host of parties being thrown to mark the coming of the New Year. Major hotels, ballrooms, bars, pubs and nightclubs will be hosting a diverse range of events that will cater to various tastes. When residing in the vibrant city of New York this New Year’s Eve, visitors can simply pick an event that is to their liking.

For those desiring a quieter way to mark the moment, dining at one of the many magnificent restaurants located in the city provides a perfect option. With so much choice on offer in New York, visitors need only decide what type of food and atmosphere that they are seeking and they are sure to find an option that is suitable to them.

Indulging in a cruise is yet another popular activity that is chosen by both locals and tourists alike. Typical cruises offer the chance to mingle and relax amidst a luxurious atmosphere in addition to the benefits of an open bar. From your vessel, visitors will be able to take in refreshingly new views of the entire cityscape as well as the fireworks that are set off as the clock strikes 12.

The fireworks that pepper the skies of New York are yet another popular part of the moment each year. While the fireworks are visible for different parts of the city, the center of all the activity is the immense and magnificent Central Park. The view of the fireworks is simply astounding, especially from Sheep’s Meadow. Other activities that are put on here include the Midnight Run around the park, music and dancing as well as other entertainment.

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