World Food Expo 2013 – Strictly for Food Lovers

The Philippines is a small but very beautiful country that should be visited by anyone who is planning to head towards the east during the next vacation. Like most of the Asian countries, this country too is blessed with sunlight throughout the year apart from the rainy season that would occur from time to time. The things that you would get to explore within the country too are countless. The tranquil un-spoilt beaches, the scenic mountain ranges and other nature based adventure trails, the wide range of water based activities, the culture and lifestyle of the people are some major tourist attraction highlights.

When considering the lifestyle related activities there are many areas that a visitor can explore while in Philippines. Shopping, especially bargain shopping is very common among visitors. The vibrant nightlife that can be experienced attracts a huge number of visitors itself. There would be places to just hangout and relax and also there would be a wide range of dining options to satisfy each and every visitor’s needs. There would be many festivals and events held in the country especially in Manila. The World Food Expo 2013 Manila is one such unique event that had been continuously held for the past twelve years.

This would be a very special occasion for food lover all around the world. This year it would be held from the 31st of July to the 3rd of August providing all visitors four entire days full of fun. This is known as the “Country’s Biggest & Most Effective Food Show” which would feature around 500 exhibitors who would be displaying their newest products to the whole world. Stroll among the stalls enjoying every tiny bit of the displays and do not forget to get your hands on some of the exciting freebies that would be given a way. Taste the mouth-watering delicacies that would be very fresh and tempting.

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The age-old traditions of Ati-Atihan

According to an age old story in the Philippines, sometime during the 13th century a group of 10 tribal chiefs known as belonging to the clan ‘Datus’ were fleeing from Borneo to escape the clutches of a tyrant by the name of Sultan Makatunaw. After days of sailing the waters they arrived at Philippines which was inhabited by the Ati people; the tribes of Panay Island.

Datu Puti who was the travellers’ chief minister traded bales of exquisite cloth, brass basins and golden salakot with the natives in order to buy land. To further create goodwill, the Ati chief’s wife was gifted with a beautiful golden necklace which was extremely long. The Ati-Atihan festival intricately tied with this incident.
Some believe that the grateful ‘Datus’ smeared themselves with soot and celebrated the hospitality of the Aetas; expressing their gratitude through song and dance. Others stand by the fact that the festival originated when the Ati people were rescued from famine by the ‘Datus’.

Held every January, Ati-Atihan is celebrated in the island of Kalibu. The name of the festival means ‘to be like aetas’ or ‘make believe ati’s’. Though originaly a pagan festival, with colonization came Christianity and the festival become synonymous with the celebration of infant Jesus.

The Ati-Athan festival will definitely give you an opportunity to witness the many tribes adorned in their cultural attire, dancing to the beats of ancient drums. With thousands and thousands of people participating, it has a Mardi Grass atmosphere.

If you are done with the celebration and need some unwinding time then you can head over to the nearby Boracay Island. Awarded 2012’s Best Island by Travel + Leisure, this island was once the home of the Ati people. With its powdery white sandy beaches this dog bone shaped island has windsurfing tours, ultimate Frisbee events and dragon boat races.

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Uditha Dharmawardhane is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Roland Lefevre. He specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.

Enjoying the Nightlife – Manila style

Manila, like most of its Asian city peers is renowned for the celebrated nightlife that locals and visitors enjoy each day, all night long. Whilst certain districts and areas are better known for nightlife activity, Manila generally caters to all types and demands of nightlife.

If bar hopping is your forte then the city will spoil you for choice. Hard Rock Café is a popular and crowded choice together with JJ’s, TGI’s, and Street Life. All these bars specialize in beers – be it their own brew or other available brands. They also serve good food for great value and are ideal places to sit back, relax and soak in the ambiance.

If visiting bars alone is not your choice then surely the range and choice of eating options available in Manila will convert you to an instant foodie. If you know where to look, then international cuisine from every conceivable country around the world is available in the city, enabling you to have your pick of the restaurants. Of course being in Manila it is essential that you try out some mouthwatering Philippine dishes as well. You won’t be disappointed. Whilst you’re at it don’t forget to try out some fresh fruit as they are fresh, juicy, succulent and infinitely tasty.

Most people in the Philippines are musically inclined and enjoy dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. As such live music is a popular pastime and makes for an ideal night out. Local and international music are given equal prominence and music lovers should find a restaurant, pub, bar or hotel featuring live music and enjoy the night away. Apart from these cinemas, theatres and cultural shows also play an important and entertaining role in Manila.

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Manila Nightlife Guide – Partying The Night Away!

The capital of the Philippines, Manila, is known for its rich cultural heritage and long and colourful history which is very much a part of the city’s identity. A popular tourist destination, it offers plenty of fun and adventure for those exploring the charming city streets where you will find a range of both modern and historical attractions that can be enjoyed by the entire family. However, when the day draws to a close and night sets in, a whole new side of Manila comes out to play!
Home to one of the most happening nightlife scenes in Southeast Asia, Manila has an energetic club and bar scene ideal for visitors looking to party away till the break of dawn. Those planning to explore the city at night can head to such areas as Malate and Ermita which are ideal hotspots for some bar and club hopping. Also popular are such areas as vibrant Makati City and Quezon City which boasts a youthful energy due to its student population. Located along the Bay of Manila, Roxas Boulavard is home to a variety of bars as well and makes a great night time destination. 
Those planning to do some serious clubbing in Manila have many venues to choose from. One of the best clubs in the city, the 7th High Club hosts some of the best local and international DJs and offers a pulse pounding night out on the town! Located in The Fort at Bonifacio Global City, the club features areas for live performances apart from its main club area.
Located in Metro Manila’s Pasay City, Edsa Entertainment Complex is home to several bars and offers the perfect bar hopping experience for those not wanting to do a lot of travelling around the city. The Pit Stop Bar and the Firehouse Bar are among the popular haunts here. 
The Distillery which has three outlets in the city, the trendy outdoor venue known as Skye Lounge and Time which is a great place for those who love house music are a few of the many happening clubs and bars in the capital. 
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Entertainment in Metro Manila

Composed of several cities, the urban area known as Metro Manila is a vibrant destination home to numerous entertainment facilities. Visit the iconic public promenade, Rizal Park featuring an array of points of interest. You can savour Asian and Filipino cuisine at the seafood restaurants found here. For an extraordinary shopping experience, stop by at one of this area’s glamorous malls. Experience the unique vibrancy and culture of Metro Manila during your holiday in Philippines. As for accommodation, an ideal choice is The Heritage Hotel Manila. A renowned hotel in Manila, it boasts elegant comforts and modern conveniences, emerging as an exceptional Manila hotel.

Manila Bay Area- Beauty At Its Best

Serving as the Port of Manila and shipping getaway, the natural harbor of Manila Bay in the Philippines is considered to be the finest of South Asian harbors ranking itself amongst the top marinas on a global scale. Strategically positioned in the capital of Philippines, Manila Bay is the catalyst of commercial trade connecting the Philippines to its bordering countries. With a coastline of 190 km, this absolutely beautiful cove is surrounded at the entrance of the channel with a cluster of islands making it the ideal location to be while day breaks and twilight sets in.
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Manila Casino PAGCOR – An Asian Gambling Hub

PAGCOR is the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Founded in 1977, the corporation is owned by the Philippine government. The entity was created to bring world class entertainment and gaming to the Philippines. The gaming corporation is based in Manila and operates fourteen casinos in the city, five of which are located in Metro Manila alone. PAGCOR also operates twenty five exclusive PAGCOR Slot VIP Clubs in many of the country’s major cities. In addition to the exclusive casinos, PAGCOR also helps bring world class entertainment to the masses.

Visitors can play anything from poker and roulette to blackjack and baccarat. Baccarat is a game where players strive to get a hand that totals up to nine, with the player who comes the closest to being declared the winner. It is a particularly popular game here and is a perennial casino favourite. Variants such as Super 6 and Bonus Baccarat are also quite popular here. After trying their luck at the various games available at the casino, visitors can take in one of the casino shows. The shows line-up includes some of the best local artists and famous performers from around the region, and many of the performances are free.

Slick and edgy, Manila is the cosmopolitan capital city of the Philippines. It is found towards the west coast of Luzon Island. The large city is divided into sixteen districts, each with their own unique attractions. Binondo is known as the country’s Chinatown, and serves as a centre for business and trade. Tourists looking for cheap electronic goods can head over to the Quiapo district, while San Nicolas has much to offer adventurous bargain hunters. 

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Tagaytay –reflecting the wonder of the Philippines

Tagaytay is a city situated just a 15 minute drive away from Manila and is also a spectacular viewing point of Lake Taal and the Tagaytay Volcano. You can also see the Mabini Shrine, Casa de Segunda Katigbak, Jose P.Laurel Memorial Library, Marcela N. Agoncillo Historical Landmark, Punta de Santiago Lighthouse, the Palace in the sky, the Flower farm and St. Anee’s Shrine. Explore Tagaytay while staying at a luxury hotel Manila is home to and uncover the beauty and wonder of the city. An ideal choice would be The Heritage Hotel Manila, a lavish and hospitable hotel in Manila that provides star class amenities together with superior service to make your holiday a truly memorable one.

Fete De La Musique- A Melodious Celebration

Fete de la Musique is a festive celebration of musical talent which originated in France, 1982. This attractive celebration has since caught the attention of thousands of fans worldwide and is now celebrated in a number of countries across the globe. The idea of such an event was first thought of by Joel Cohen, an American musician whose professional endeavors saw him move to France. While he was working for France, Musique Cohen came up with the idea, taking music in France to another level. Also known as World Music Day, this wondrous celebration brings together musicians from all walks of life, regardless of their professional background or where they come from.

With the simple goal to “Make Music” the festival can be divided into two categories. The most distinctive feature of this celebration is that it allows amateur musicians to perform on various locations of the city that the event is hosted in. The Fete de la Musique celebration which takes place in Manila provides this opportunity to the local musician who dreams of performing in front of cheering fans. The other aspect of the occasion is the fact that several concerts are staged, catering to the tastes of the varied fan base attracted by the festival.

Music lovers of all age groups will be in for a treat as the drums start to pound and the guitars start to sing. Almost every musical genre known to modern man can be heard when in Manila in the month of June. From the deafening sounds of hard metal to the easy beats of Reggae music, the sheer variety and the contrasting styles of the performers on show will no doubt impress the visitor. As the atmosphere created during these festivities is simply remarkable and the event is free for all, this mega event is an experience that you should not miss out on.

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