Bangkok International Jazz Festival – Celebrating Sultry and Sweet Jazz!

Offering jazz lovers a chance to hear the sultry and sweet sounds of this popular music style, the Bangkok International Jazz Festival is definitely worth experiencing. Featuring well known international and local jazz musicians, this popular festival takes place at CentralWorld Square and offers a nearly week long celebration of jazz in this vibrant Thai city. Those planning to visit the capital and looking for contemporary Bangkok serviced apartments can stay at Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok. Equipped with modern comforts, each serviced apartment Bangkok on the property offers an elegant living space ideal for both business and leisure travellers visiting the capital.

Captivating Melodies of Islamic Music

Islamic music is a well-established tradition which has acquired a strong following in Muslim countries. In the diverse regions with Muslim populations different styles of music have evolved over the course of time. A popular style is the Nasheed music, which are religious and moral songs featuring different traditional melodies. This music is often performed without backing musical instruments; however some nasheed musicians make use of percussion instruments for accompaniment.

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Cardiff Big Weekend – A Musical Festival in Whales

Live music fans all over the world are constantly on the lookout for live musical events and concerts. There are indeed a number of massive festivals and gigs that take place all over the globe to cater to this massive demand for music and entertainment. Amongst these many events one of the more popular festivals is the UK Cardiff Big Weekend which stands out for it featured talent that includes famous musical bands and artistes and much revelry that has made it such a popular audience draw.

The event has taken place every year since 1995 and it is organized by the Cardiff Council. It is known as the country’s largest free music event, thus attracting hundreds of thousands of music lovers and enthusiasts. The celebrations go on for three consecutive days featuring diverse genres of live entertainment. What is more the occasion also features a number of fun events that are celebrated around Cardiff’s Civic Centre. The participants can also look forward to the fireworks display every night that takes place during the closing of the performances offering a spectacular close to the music filled day of performances.

It features not just budding talent, but also established artistes as well as those who have made a name for themselves in the international entrainment scene. It is believed that generally on Friday nights the concert features Welsh bands. For those who take part at the event, they can look forward to not just good music but also a fun filled fairground atmosphere with all the attractions of a fair. Thus it is a popular spot for not just the young but also those who are young at heart looking to have a great time and hear a wide range of musical styles.

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Music City, a destination like no other

Nashville has rightfully earned the moniker ‘Music City’ as it is a hub for the music industry. Nashville is renowned for its popular concerts and live music, with a diverse range of musical styles on offer, including country, rock, jazz, Latin and more. Visitors will see handsome Southern mansions, modern skyscrapers and even a Greek temple in this attraction-filled city.

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Fascinating Traditional Music of Thailand

Owing to its strategic position on trade routes in a location where India and China converge, Thailand’s traditional music shows influences from other musical styles including those of Africa, Persia, Rome and Greece. In Thai traditional music one finds instruments derived from areas as far-flung as Persia, China, India and Indonesia. However Thai traditional music remains unique; the most popular styles are luk thung and mor lam.

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Folk Music of Maldives

Reflecting the soothing and captivating rhythms of nature, the music of Maldives represent its unique culture which is a blend of foreign influences and native traditions. However the musical traditions of the nation essentially include folk music. The influence of the cultures of nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, South India, Arabia and East Africa is also evident in its music. Overall the folk music of Maldives represents the aspirations and the lifestyle of the locals. Among Maldives bungalows, Anantara Veli, Maldives is ideal for the accommodation needs of travellers to the nation. With excellent service and facilities, it is an exceptional Maldives resort.

A musical wonder that is the Music Square, Qingdao

Many travelling in China never forget to stop over in Qingdao for a unique experience. Among star class accommodation are many must see sites in the ‘old town’ as well as the more modern areas usually accompanied with skyscrapers.
The old town is an area best seen by foot. It exemplifies Western architecture, specifically German and European touches which are effects of a German colonization during the turn of the century. It therefore is an architect’s dream with prime German architecture placed inexplicably in Asia. Qingdao is also loved by visitors for its favorable weather all year round and being set nearby a seaside as a backdrop. The residents and authorities also keep to its cultural roots, making Qingdao a haven for culture and arts enthusiasts.

One such location would be the Qingdao Music Square. Set in the heart of Qingdao, the square features the ‘Sale of Music’, an interactive exhibit which plays some of the world’s best loved classical music whilst visitors traverse around on the stipulated sections. Another important aspect of the Music Square would be the tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven, a well known German composer. The monument stands impressively and is popular with music lovers who can listen to Beethoven’s works of art when they visit the exhibit. Qingdao also houses a music festival eagerly anticipated by local and foreign music lovers which also features the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra.

Another popular area for visitors would be the Tai Dong shopping area of Qingdao. Armed with a variety of cafés, eateries, cinemas and malls, it is a maze dedicated to the shopaholic in any traveler and is a must see.

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Fete De La Musique- A Melodious Celebration

Fete de la Musique is a festive celebration of musical talent which originated in France, 1982. This attractive celebration has since caught the attention of thousands of fans worldwide and is now celebrated in a number of countries across the globe. The idea of such an event was first thought of by Joel Cohen, an American musician whose professional endeavors saw him move to France. While he was working for France, Musique Cohen came up with the idea, taking music in France to another level. Also known as World Music Day, this wondrous celebration brings together musicians from all walks of life, regardless of their professional background or where they come from.

With the simple goal to “Make Music” the festival can be divided into two categories. The most distinctive feature of this celebration is that it allows amateur musicians to perform on various locations of the city that the event is hosted in. The Fete de la Musique celebration which takes place in Manila provides this opportunity to the local musician who dreams of performing in front of cheering fans. The other aspect of the occasion is the fact that several concerts are staged, catering to the tastes of the varied fan base attracted by the festival.

Music lovers of all age groups will be in for a treat as the drums start to pound and the guitars start to sing. Almost every musical genre known to modern man can be heard when in Manila in the month of June. From the deafening sounds of hard metal to the easy beats of Reggae music, the sheer variety and the contrasting styles of the performers on show will no doubt impress the visitor. As the atmosphere created during these festivities is simply remarkable and the event is free for all, this mega event is an experience that you should not miss out on.

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Marlborough Sounds – A picturesque helping of nature

The Marlborough Sounds is one of the most serene, peaceful and stunning sights to take in when travelling to New Zealand. Consisting of a series of sea drowned valleys that collectively form a water maze of sorts, the entire area is blessed with a rich helping of natural beauty that include lush greenery and pristine beaches.

The Marlborough Sounds is surrounded by forested hills that literally spring right from the edge of the crystal clear waters. Those who choose to traverse through the sounds have several methods in which to do so including by ferry, kayak, sail and motorboat. The entire area conveys a feeling of freshness and purity that is truly invigorating to the senses. Being sparsely populated, visitors will also experience a good deal of isolation allowing for a secluded and private experience.

The Marlborough Sounds is also littered with a helping of restaurants that serve cuisine of different culinary preparations. This allows travellers to stop at a venue of their choosing which provides for a good deal of spontaneity to help keep your trip more vibrant.

Other activities that are popular at Marlborough Sounds include fishing, tramping, cycling and even walking which is an extremely pleasant experience beside the lush scenery that the entire area provides.

The waters of the Marlborough Sounds also serve as the home to a host of marine life including dolphins, tiny blue penguins, seals and many others that can be glimpsed during your travel. A variety of birdlife also resides here further presenting an even more impressive level of biodiversity.

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The Glee Cast Live!

Check out the Gleeks on tour as they travel around the States, performing their greatest hits. Fans of the hilarious show will not want to miss the chance to get up close and personal with some of stars of the hit show.