Music Square – A Charming Square in Qingdao

Situated along Fushan Bay, Music Square is a charming little area in Qingdao that offers a relaxed coastal getaway in which to enjoy a fun day out with the family. Located near May 4th Square, this popular area was used as a site to host musical shows and a variety of other performances. Offering great views of the city, the square also feature fascinating sculptures and statues that include the classical composer Beethoven. Travellers looking for a hotel in Qingdao that is within easy reach of Music Square can stay at Copthorne Hotel Qingdao. Offering contemporary accommodation options, this Qingdao hotel also has an award winning restaurant, a fitness centre and meeting facilities.

Exciting Qingdao Nightlife

There are many nightlife options in the city of Qingdao. People converge on Century Square at night, to talk and enjoy the sea breeze and the night scenes. There are numerous bars and pubs in the city which offer a good selection of cocktails with DJ music and other entertainment. The food lover will enjoy visiting the food streets at night, a unique experience. Shopping at night in the department stores and markets is another enjoyable diversion.
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The Qingdao Polar Ocean World – Antics And Acrobatics At The Aquarium!

Offering a fun day out for the whole family, the Qingdao Polar Ocean World lets visitors enjoy the antics and acrobatics of various marine creatures both great and small! Home to more than 10,000 aquatic and marine species, this fascinating attraction has a Dolphinarium with North Pacific bottle nose dolphins, seals and sea lions. There are a variety of aquariums here as well and other inhabitants of Qingdao Polar Ocean World include polar bears, white whales, sharks and king penguins. Not to be missed is the entertaining dolphin and white whale show. Situated only around 9 kms from this family friendly attraction, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao is ideal for those looking for a centrally located Qingdao hotel. Apart from a range of modern facilities, the hotel also offers luxury Qingdao accommodation that comes with modern comforts.

A musical wonder that is the Music Square, Qingdao

Many travelling in China never forget to stop over in Qingdao for a unique experience. Among star class accommodation are many must see sites in the ‘old town’ as well as the more modern areas usually accompanied with skyscrapers.
The old town is an area best seen by foot. It exemplifies Western architecture, specifically German and European touches which are effects of a German colonization during the turn of the century. It therefore is an architect’s dream with prime German architecture placed inexplicably in Asia. Qingdao is also loved by visitors for its favorable weather all year round and being set nearby a seaside as a backdrop. The residents and authorities also keep to its cultural roots, making Qingdao a haven for culture and arts enthusiasts.

One such location would be the Qingdao Music Square. Set in the heart of Qingdao, the square features the ‘Sale of Music’, an interactive exhibit which plays some of the world’s best loved classical music whilst visitors traverse around on the stipulated sections. Another important aspect of the Music Square would be the tribute to Ludwig van Beethoven, a well known German composer. The monument stands impressively and is popular with music lovers who can listen to Beethoven’s works of art when they visit the exhibit. Qingdao also houses a music festival eagerly anticipated by local and foreign music lovers which also features the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra.

Another popular area for visitors would be the Tai Dong shopping area of Qingdao. Armed with a variety of cafés, eateries, cinemas and malls, it is a maze dedicated to the shopaholic in any traveler and is a must see.

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Qingdao Nightlife – where the party doesn’t stop at night!

The sea-side city of Qingdao, China is one of those places which is rapidly blinking itself out of its stupor of dreamy historical reveries to embrace renewed vigor as a bustling modern industrial metropolis. It is ideal for tourists in summer, achieving that enviable climate of neither too hot nor too cold, and the pockets of natural beauty which industrialization has not yet obliterated burst into colorful bloom. Along with the commercial expansion and development of the city has sprung up a newly-born night culture, which is fast becoming popular among the university youth, even though it is more subdued yet than that of its peer cities.

The night adventurers looking for fun in the city have four choices when it comes to nightlife – the homely gatherings of Central Square, dining in the food street, retail therapy in the shopping district or the time honored tradition of bar-hopping. The last one is actually a very popular option among the city’s youth – the Qingdao entertainment district of the east downtown suffers from no lack of choices for this pastime. Popular hangout spots are the Honolulu Club at Huiquan Dynasty Hotel, the American-style JFK Bar and the Music Kitchen Bar whose rooftop is open to stargazers. If you prefer something a little more off the beaten track, Yan’er Dao Road is a street devoted almost entirely to bars from which to have your pick.

Lest you get the idea that Qingdao’s idea of night-time fun is merely to get well-sloshed, it should be pointed out that it also provides enough entertainment venues which need not be avoided by teetotalers. The Hailedi KTV is fashionable complex housing with its own supermarket and 50 smaller rooms for private gatherings (yes, it has a pub too). The Freeman Coffee House of Hubei Road has a charming ambience evocative of a quaint street corner of 1940s Europe. If it’s the thumping beat of techno music and dancing you seek, The Feeling Club is definitely the hot-spot you’re looking for. This massive up-town clubhouse, which is packed end-to-end on most nights, boasts the centerpiece attraction of a hydraulic dance floor. The Corner Jazz Club, however, appears to trump this as a consistently fun dance club whose diverse range of music complements the ethnic diversity of its clientele. The Huiquan underground cinema, with its Korean BBQ restaurants and KFC, is also a highly recommended night-time stomping ground.

The night markets of Yan’an Er Lu and Taidong Pedestrian Street are worth an evening roam, although these usually close around 10pm. The former street is also famous for its beer (apparently, Qingdao is not for those unenthusiastic about this particular beverage); the “beer street” stretches all the way to Guangrao Road featuring beers of all brands and strengths.

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