Printemps des Musees (Museums day) in Paris

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The wide number of museums scattered around the city provides an educational value as well as entertainment. Most of these museums cost a fortune, but there is a special day in Paris where visitors get the opportunity to enter these amazing museums for free. Known as the Printemps des Musees (Museum Day), this is held on a Sunday in spring. This event was initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Communication French in 1999. Take advantage of this amazing offer and visit all the informative and creative museums in Paris.

Paris Marathon – The Gala of April

Paris is an exquisite tourist destination. It is dotted with some of the most beautiful attractions. The Eiffel tower hovers over them all as a symbol of majesty and that is not all; there are so many other places that echo a strong sense of Art, history and Passion. In addition to the many wonders of this remarkable city, Paris hosts a number of festivals year round. It is a place that has no season and never goes dry; throughout the year its paradise. If you are looking for a city to spend your April holidays choose Paris and feel the cities magic in its wonders and events.

The first thing about a Paris holiday is finding out what Paris has in store for the month of April. If you are into the Blues Music try out the Banlieues Bleues. This Blues festival brings out some fantastic Blues Artists from all over the world to entertain you with a remarkable collection. It is usually held in the suburb of St. Denis somewhere round the first week of April. For the real vibrant event of April don’t miss the all time favorite Paris Marathon. The Paris Marathon is a crowd puller and attracts not just the tourists but hundreds of locals from around the nation. Visit the city at this time of the year to enjoy this marathon. The race opens up with a gala food festival that features the ever so delicious Spaghetti Bolognaise. The race then continues around the monuments flanking the Champs Elysees and heads on to the town of Auteuil. The annual run kicks off at 9 am from the Champs Elysées and comes to a close at about 11am on the avenue Foch. It is really one event that must not be missed if you are visiting Paris during April.

The best part about Paris; be it in April, or any other month, is the many Palace Hotels Paris it has. Paris is the city for romance, art and class and when it comes toLuxury hotel Paris, standards are outstanding. Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris is a very a popular name in Paris tourism.

Moving to the Beat – Banlieues Bleues

Every year in early spring, for the past 30 years Parisians have enjoyed a jazz festival that showcases all genres of the medium interpreted by artists from around the world. Known as the Banlieues Bleues, it takes place over about two weeks in multiple locations around the north eastern suburbs of Paris, Seine St Denis. The festival appears to have had a definite impact on the regeneration of the area which was a quiet residential area.

The festival brings together traditional and new styles of jazz from Afro Cuban to New Orleans to acid, blues, gypsy music and experimental jazz performed by both new and established artistes. In fact the festival is all about introducing all sorts of beats, blends and sounds and introducing new exponents of the genre who are encouraged to distribute their music at the festival. Not only is it an opportunity for festival goers to be introduced to new music and new interpretations of jazz standards, it is a platform for performers to present new compositions and for new performers to showcase their skills. Some performers in addition to displaying their musical virtuosity dress up their concerts with the use of costumes and dance. The festival noted for the high quality of its music is packed with superb musicians and provides a rare treat for jazz lovers. Jazz fans can attend individual performances of their choice or get a festival pass to see any three performances and get reduced rates for any other performance they may wish to attend. The staging of performances in multiple locations around the city allows festival goers to discover new cultural venues.

The Banlieues Bleues festival was created by a cultural association who bears the same name as the festival and received institutional and public support to make it happen. They are dedicated to the creation and dissemination of information on modern musical forms not only in regional neighbourhoods but at a national level and raising public awareness of the various types of jazz music.

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Festival des Arts Martiaux – An adrenaline pumping experience

The Martial Arts Festival of Paris better known as Le Festival des Arts Martiaux is a rare festival that brings all of the world’s greatest martial arts techniques to a single arena. However, one must simply lodge in a luxury hotel Paris to fully witness this momentous occasion. Le Royal Monceau Paris is a 5 star hotel Paris that is known for its class, elegance and the ultimate luxuries that it offers each and every one of its guests, taking care to pamper them in every way possible. The Paris experience is simply not complete without a visit to this hotel that is spinning out legends as we speak.

This is one adrenaline pumping event to almost everyone who enjoys a good fight. Every year 15,000 visitors come to the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy to witness this grand gathering and to see with their own eyes the many tactics of the masters of the art. From Europe to Japan, China to Brazil, the very best are portrayed here and it must be emphasised that this indeed is the place to be for all ardent martial arts fans all over the world.

Paris Carnival – A century old parade of fun and frolic

Parisians come out on to the streets in thousands to participate in this cheerful festival. The walk of masks and the processions are the two types of events that happen at the carnival. People disguised in huge numbers parade the streets and so many curious people come to see them at the given time and location.
The modern day carnival is run by the MACAQ – the movement for the cultural and artistic Liveliness of the Quarter . The festival accompanies more than 1500 participants and over 40000 spectators in 2009 , growing from 10000 in 2007 . With interesting themes such as the 2010 theme of Improbable couples the festival is looked forward to by many.
The 2013 carnival theme has been, announced as The World of Toys and will be held in February. And is expected to attract more than 50000 people .With a colouful Madi grass festival that concludes the festivities , the Paris carnival is a definite must experience if you’re visiting romantic Paris. With renowned attractions such as the Eiffel tower, Moulin Rouge , the Paris Cabaret show and the beautiful city streets itself you will have no time to spare in this beautiful country.
Where better to reside in while you’re in Paris but at a Luxury Hotel Paris, where you would be able to fall in love with this romantic city, while basking in ultimate hospitality. If you want to be absolutely pampered, while you discover the city at your own pace, explore every nook and corner and find out for yourself the charm so raved about ,an ideal stay among the luxury hotels Paris would be Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris.
Colourful outfits, good cheer, beautiful locations and curious onlookers are only a bit of what you will experience at the carnival de Paris an age old tradition that still colours Paris. And who wouldn’t love to discover this country, where operas are sung, Museums are dressed in century old history, Gardens such as Tuileries Gardens , Montsouris, Parc des Buttes Chaumont, and Parc Monceau charm you, so much so that falling in love is inevitable.


Opéra de Paris Garnier: A Feast for the Eyes

The capital of France, fondly known the world over as the ‘City of Love and Music’, is home to the Opera de Paris Garnier which was built for Emperor Napolean the Third. The name of the building is derived through its designer, Charles Garnier and work on the building commenced in 1862. However, its completion was delayed due to the astonishing discovery of an underground lake, part of which is said to exist even today, making this construction an architectural marvel.att-palais-garnier

The Opera de Paris Garnier has the proud distinction of being one of the largest such theatres in the world and its interior design is just as majestic and is complete with marble columns, sculptures and gilded statues. The Grand Marble Staircase found inside, possibly the most well known feature of the Palais, is at a height of 30m while the Foyer is complete with an intricate mosaic pattern on the ceiling.

The designer of the building intended for the Foyer to resemble the gallery of a castle and most critiques observe that he indeed did achieve his aim. Adding to the grandeur of the building, the auditorium found behind the Grand Foyer is composed of a ceiling painted by Marc Chagall and is adorned with a six ton chandelier. All in all, the interior architecture of this theatre is truly a sight to behold.

This theatre is said to be the thirteenth to house the Parisian Opera and the Biblitheque Nationale de France i.e. the National French Library, is said to have recorded the history of the Opera for three centuries. At present, the Opera Garnier which has been renamed ‘Palais Opera’ is used mostly for ballet performances due to the construction of the Opera de Paris Bastille in the later 20th century. For those who wish to visit this attraction, it can be found at the Place de l’Opera.2011-12-MANON-276-1

Once you visit the Opera de Paris Garnier, it is absolutely essential that you return to the comfort of a luxury hotel Paris that will echo the luxurious elegance of the Palais Garnier. Le Royal Monceau Paris, located in the heart of the city is one of the few 5 Star Hotel Paris that will do so while still retaining the contemporary style of modern Parisian design.

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Chinese New Year in Paris 2013 – A Chinese Parade in Paris

As for everyone, the New Year is a season of festivity and celebration for the Chinese communities as well. Even though the Chinese people living in Paris are away from their homeland they do not forget or abandon the day without any kind of festivity. Just like in their nation the Chinese communities get together and shake the Paris streets with their many vibrant cultural events that take on till dawn. In 2013 they will organized this event just as they did in the past years may be in a much grandeur scale. This event has become one of the most loved and popular events of the year that has grabbed the attention of people from around the world.
The Parisians crowd the roads of Paris while they eagerly wait for this vivacious parade strolling along the streets clothed up in true Asian attire. You will notice a cheery crowd of dancers and musicians that walk down the lanes entertaining all the spectators. This is not a common sight in Paris, so you will notice how the tourists and all the other communities flock up on the sides of the road to see authentic Chinese culture boasting itself. The New Year will be celebrated till February of 2013 in a manner of sheer celebration. The parade will feature Chinese dragons, lions, flags, and fish that are embossed with Chinese characters.

Throughout a week the city will promote many cultural activities and you will notice that the Chinese restaurants would be crowded at all times of the day. In 2012 they featured the water dragon which is one of Chinas most respected fable creatures and in 2013, the water snake will take the place of the dragon. It will be a rare and once in a lifetime opportunity if you can visit Paris during the days of the Chinese New Year where you could experience true Chinese authenticity. Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris is an ideal luxury hotel Paris for those traveling to the city during the Chinese festivities. This amazing hotel is one of the best luxury hotels Paris has in store for its travelers that will give you the opportunity of watching the parades peacefully.

Salon des Musiciens – A Celebration of Music

The Salon des Musiciens is an annual music festival held in Paris, France. 2012 will mark the fourth time that the event is held. The musical event embraces all forms of music from classical to jazz and pop. In addition to being able to listen to amazing live music, visitors are also invited to take part with a series of workshops on the usage of instruments ranging from guitars to drums. 

The Salon des Musiciens will take place between the twenty eight of September and the first of October, although those planning on attending should keep an eye on the official festival website for any changes. The festival will take place at the Grande Halle de la Villette which is located along 211 avenue Jean Jaures. The venue is readily accessible by metro. All tourists in Paris who love music should make it a point to attend the Salon des Musiciens.

Paris is the cosmopolitan capital of France. The city is also considered the capital of fashion and art. The French capital receives well over forty million visitors annually making it the most popular tourist destination in the world. The bustling city offers tourists a wealth of attractions including the iconic Eiffel Tower, the poignant Arc de Triomphe, the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral and the exquisite Sainte Chapelle. 
Tourists may also enjoy visiting the Catacombs where the bones exhumed from the crowded Paris cemetery are stored. Only two hundred visitors are allowed at a time and late arrivals may have a long wait before them. The city also contains a large number of galleries and museums. They range from the world renowned Louvre, home to many famous pieces of art, to the lesser known Les Invalides, which contains weapons and pieces of armour. 
The ‘City of Lights’ has excellent infrastructure and boasts a good public transport system and an array of top notch restaurants and cafes. When it comes to accommodation there are plenty of luxury hotels Paris. Tourists looking for a good place to rest their head can try Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris. It is one of the best Palace hotels Paris and is sure to make guests feel at home.