Upcoming Festivals in Indonesia – a unique blend of culture and colour

Indonesia is undoubtedly a top-notch destination in terms of culture, outdoor activities and holiday retreats that one would always want to be a part of. The festivals and events play a major role in showcasing the country’s rich cultural influences of which some go back in time. If one is searching for luxury hotels, Indonesia affords plenty of opportunities to select one that will suit your budget. Starwood Indonesia which features amongst Indonesia 5 star hotels will entice you with a truly memorable experience that will give you the time and space to discover a host of all the upcoming festivals in the country.
October sees the ever popular and engaging Kuta Karnival Bali Food Festival which sees foodies the world over commune in Bali for a true taste of local delicacies. Be sure to head over in time so that you might exhibit your culinary skills too. This mega food event will witness lines of food stalls selling mouth-watering cuisine, a children’s playground, DJ music and a variety of other entertainment just to keep you going. The 3rd Indonesia Halal Expo 2013 is scheduled to be held at the Jakarta International Exhibition Centre from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November and showcase all the latest trends and innovations that have arisen in the Halal industry. The areas of culture and development will see the inaugural World Culture in Development Forum being held from 24th – 29th November 2013 in Bali. In addition to the conference that will see global leaders from over 40 countries in attendance, an Art Olympiad, Festival of Cultural Films and a People’s Carnival that is hoped to attract those from all countries of the world.


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Music, Dance & Theatre – An Age Old Entertainment

Two of the oldest forms of entertainment that passionately narrate stories of the heart are music and dance. For religion, for love and for tragedy, music and dance have always been there telling us tales that tug at our heartstrings and that captivate us in more ways than we can imagine.

Music, dance and theatre are international forms of entertainment but vary from place to place and from culture to culture. Watching a theatrical performance that combines music and dance is an insightful way to taste the best of the local culture in any region. Stories may portray local beliefs and is usually accompanied by traditional outfits and ornaments. Musical performances are entertaining to watch regardless of which place you decide to do so.

An interesting sector in the world of performing Arts is the Musical Theatre. This is a combination of spoken dialogue, acting, songs and dance where the emotional essence of the piece is portrayed through music, words and movement. Musical Theatres showcase dramatic performances. In essence this form of entertainment has been there from ancient times but from the 19th century it emerged with a new vigor in the Western world. Today it is also known as musicals and is hosted mostly in large big budget Broadway theatres that attract a huge international audience every year. Musicals have slowly made their way into theatres around the world. Asian and African musicals of course are far more traditional but have a slight structural influence from the Western world. Wherever you go this combination of music, dance and theatre is one of those elements that you need to make your holiday complete.

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Fun & Entertainment at the hottest new hotel in Macau

The Galaxy Macau which recently opened its doors to the public in May, has a trendy and vibrant range of social and entertainment venues nestled within it making it one of the hottest Macau hotels to be at.

Enjoy a relaxing drink with friends at Cascades or be dazzled by the performances at the Pearl Lounge, what ever your choice the Galaxy Macau is the currently one of the trendiest places to while away the night in style at Macau.