Wesak Celebrations in Phuket Lighting up the Streets in the Joy of Celebration

Phuket, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, where sun shines upon the golden beaches every day. Blue ocean waters and the scintillating charm of the never ending festive atmosphere are cherished beyond measure by everyone who steps on these shores. Seafood and laughter, good times galore will certainly mark the great holiday spent here in this land of absolute charm.

Phuket has much more to offer to its visitors than the splendour of the beaches and the consequent oceanic entertainment, which quite definitely will be common to all beach cities around the world. The land is rich with culture and religion. The pulse of the people, who call this place their home, is felt in the rich celebrations and festivities that accompany religiously significant days in their calendars.

Buddhism being a religion that is widely practiced across the country, the day of Wesak that marks the birth of the Buddha as well as commemorates the beginning of his teaching is one of the most prominent festivals here in Phuket. The celebrations of Wesak that occur on the days of full moon on the month of May are indeed wonderful to behold, in all its colour and reverence, revealing the true nature, mild and wholesome, of this land marked by high entertainment.

Celebrations take place in all their splendour in the temples scattered throughout the vicinity, while candle light processions illuminate the dark cold streets on this special day. Tourists too may partake in these festivities if they wish, and celebrate with the locals a day of great significance to them, and have another colourful and bright facet added to their memory of the perfect holiday experience.

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Por Tor Festival Phuket – A Must See in Thai

Eastern Asia is one part of the world etched with rich culture and tradition. From festivities to rituals to food, each occasion, activity and cuisine is both colorful, interesting and has a symbolic history behind. Visitors to countries like Thailand never fail to be awed by the meticulous detail and fascinating stories that govern each event in the country. It is no different for the famous Hungry Ghost Festival whose name in itself is quite the crowd puller.

The ‘Hungry Ghost’ festival is one interesting event that makes its way into the calendars of the Thai’s Singaporeans and the Chinese. The Chinese pay great importance to the satisfaction of their dead ancestors. They believe that their good fortune in this life rests on this deed. The Chinese believe that on the day of the festival, their ancestors are released from hell and roam the earth and hence food is prepared in abundance to apparently feed the ghosts; especially the ones who have no relatives. The event in itself is very festive and colorful. Streets are brightly illuminated and are decorated primarily in red; a color that symbolizes Good luck. This time of the year is an excellent time to enjoy authentic Chinese culture and the traditional hungry Ghost bites at very cheap prices. The primary treat is the turtle cake prepared in red of course. The turtle symbolizes long life and the red symbolizes prosperity, hence it is distributed among family and friends. If you are in Phuket during this time of the year head over to the Ranong Road. The entire market and all the areas nearby are spectacularly decorated for the occasion and feature an array on interesting traditional activities such as lion dances, stage performances and cabaret shows.

The Chinese shrines are also an excellent stop by if you want to enjoy a quick glimpse of the religious rituals that mark the Hungry Ghosts Festival. After a good dosage of the hungry ghosts, come home to the warm and cozy arms of the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels. This Patong Beach resort boasts a very picturesque scenery and happens to be the best Phuket Resort there is.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival – A Display Of Strength And Valor

A fascinating aspect of Thai culture is the nine-day purge known as the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Held each year in the month of October, the festival includes an unusual parade that may take you aback the first time that you witness the strange sights. People pierce their tongue, cheeks and other parts of the body with sharp metal objects. Some even go to the extent of carrying large metal tools through their piercings. For instance, some carry bicycles, large swords and rifles which are pierced through the cheek and the tongue and balanced by both hands. The ritual is intense and is somewhat gruesome to watch, and it is not the type of thing that most tourists are accustomed to. However, the strength and the determination of the Thais to carry these objects and their self-sacrificial nature of piercing their own body present an astonishing feat of human dedication and drive that must be experienced firsthand.

If you wish to attend the festival, you must make your way to Ranong Road and purchase a festival outfit for a few dollars. The procession begins at 8am and goes on till late at night. The cutting ceremonies are performed in the temples in Phuket. If you have the stomach to watch it, you should attend one of these events. There are other activities too that are held in the temples, such as fire walking, fire breathing and climbing ladders composed entirely of daggers.

If you arrived in Phuket especially to see the festival, then don’t miss out on the closing ceremony, which is a stunning spectacle, and it comprises a final ceremony for the gods. Secure a place on Phuket Road and watch out for the fireworks and the golden shrines which are carried across the street. If you fancy a bite after the festival, take a stroll down Ranong Road, where you will discover a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes and some fresh juices available. When looking for an optimal place to host your stay here, take a look at a stylish Phuket resort in the area such as the range of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels for some of the best deals for lodging. Travelling in the city can be quite tiring, so a Patong beach resort would be ideal for your stay for some welcome relaxation in the tropics.

Phuket Fireworks Festival – Phuket in August

August is generally a quiet month in the Thai island paradise of Phuket. However, there is a little bit of excitement towards the middle of the month, when locals and visitors will be treated to an extravagant fireworks show courtesy of Laem Saphan Hin, a small village situated on the outskirts of Phuket Town. The fireworks festival is a grand affair that will delight the young and the old alike. The event is held annually and has gathered quite a following.

During the festival the night sky will come to life in a fiery spectacle which will use up over four thousand fireworks. The visual fiesta ordinarily lasts about forty minutes and can be seen from miles away, although, it is best viewed from nearby. Tourists who happen to be in Phuket in August should try to catch the Phuket Fireworks Festival if possible. It is bound to be an interesting affair.

The Por Tor Festival, or Hungry Ghost Festival, is another major event that takes place in August. Some believe that during the month of the festival, the dead are released to walk free on earth. To appease their newly roused ancestors and to obtain their favour, people give offerings of food. It is a terrific time to observe the local customs and practices and also to sample the delicious local cuisine.

Phuket is probably the most well-known of Thailand’s many islands and receives a fair share of tourist traffic. The island has many great beaches and is the ideal place for a vacation. In addition to beaches, Phuket also has a thriving night scene and is something of a haven for shoppers. Despite all appearances to the contrary, Phuket is fairly large in size and it can be difficult to get around unless one has central accommodation.

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Kathu Festival Phuket – A Celebration of Culture and Tradition

Phuket has risen from its lazy traditional village to become a popular tourist hub in the east with its pristine beaches and warm waters drawing tourists from around the globe to bask in and enjoy the sun, sand and surf in this tropical paradise. Kathu is actually one of the three districts of Phuket Island. Muang and Thalang are the other two and Kathu includes the popular Pantong Beach and Kamala Beach as well as the island between Pantong and Phuket. Kathu used to be a tin mining industry based village especially in the 19th and early 20th century and although the tin industry is not flourishing as it used to, the little town has retained its traditional cultures and practices. The Kathu Festival is one such that celebrates the old ways and the rich cultural diversity and vibrancy of the land.

Usually celebrated in the month of July, the festival lasts around three days when street parades are organised with locals dressed in elaborate costumes and dancers glide to the thump of age old tunes. With the years the festival has built its reputation as an elaborate festival of colour and music and builds in size and eloquence each year. Apart from the flamboyance, historical information regarding the mining industry can be learnt at the parade from the great tin mining exhibit as well as discovering the different costumes and the background story of these vibrant garments and twinkling headdresses.

The land of smiles it truly is with the locals beaming from ear to ear, dancing and eating and simply enjoying themselves in the streets. The main roads on which the parade goes is blocked off during those few days in the evening hours and vendors selling local delicacies from fire breathing spicy to sticky sweets line the sides from end to end. The tantalising aromas, the scintillating sounds of the thousands of trinkets that make up the headdresses and ornament the garments as well as the thumping beat of drums and seductive traditional music will leave you entranced in cultural finery.

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Muay Thai Shows- action sport in Thailand

Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is a true urban Phuket resort. The neighborhood of this resort includes shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment location making the resort one of the most preferred Patong resorts. The martial art, Muay Thai is one of the most popular spectator sports available in Thailand. The beginning of this sport dates back to the battles with the Burmese during the fifteenth century.

The opportunity to witness live crushing elbow strikes, lethal kicks, artful feints and furious punches are fascinating. The cheering crowds and the sounds of the musical instruments make it more interesting to watch. There are specially built stadiums to hold these games and these stadiums attract a large number of tourists for the night time displays.

Festivals in Phuket – Adding excitement

For the ultimate holiday experience, select a Phuket beach resort such as Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand, an ideally located Phuket resort. When in the region there are various things to do and events to enjoy, especially local festivals. One of the most unique festivals in the island is the Vegetarian Festival. Phuket Seafood Festival where local culinary experts showcase their skills and the Chinese New Year are also popular events. However a prominent event you will get to experience here is the Songkran Festival. Bringing an array of entertainment options is the Phuket Old Town Festival whilst Wat Chalong Fair which coincides with the Chinese New Year brings shopping opportunities, entertainment and more.

The 2013 Phuket International Blues Rock Festival – The Music Bonanza

For 7 whole years Phuket has hit the charts with its ever popular International Blues Festival. For seven years, February mostly has been ‘the’ month in Phuket. If you love music this is certainly where you should be in February; grooving to the endless rhythms that blares before you. The Phuket International Blues Rock Festival is a cup of tea whatever your taste may be. Whether you are the head banger or the foot tapper, you will find something to keep you grooving throughout the festival.

Every year the Blues Rock Festival gets bigger and better than it did before. So far it was in the year 2012 when the festival actually blew the charts. Every review you come across talks of the festival as if it was something out of this world. It was amazing and nothing short of that, the world applauded at the excellent showcase of talent and the excellent combination of music. Two- day music marathon featured some renowned and popular names in the entire music industry. These included Chris Thomas King, Jack Derwin, Moscowish , Akash, The Rocking Angels and many more. These names are international proving that the artists have been hailed from all over the globe to add to the widespread types of music. Just as fantastic it is in variety and quality, it attracts an enormous number of viewers again from all over the globe. The festival certainly is the largest crowd pulling event in Phuket. Media played a big part in taking this festival beyond Phuket. The Festival was broadcasted on radio and was aired online at www.phuketfmradio.com enabling those still back at home to enjoy the show as well.

February is an excellent month for holidaying in Phuket. Perhaps it is the music festival topped with several highlights of the month that makes it an amazing month in the city. The whole town vibrates with extra vigour; restaurants cook their finest dishes, hotels pour with special offers and the city is absolutely magical. Enjoy this time of the year by choosing a comfortable Phuket resort to stay in. The Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is a popular choice as it is located amidst a fantastic setting. This Patong beach resort will provide you a soothing ambience like no other place in town.