Por Tor Festival Phuket – A Must See in Thai

Eastern Asia is one part of the world etched with rich culture and tradition. From festivities to rituals to food, each occasion, activity and cuisine is both colorful, interesting and has a symbolic history behind. Visitors to countries like Thailand never fail to be awed by the meticulous detail and fascinating stories that govern each event in the country. It is no different for the famous Hungry Ghost Festival whose name in itself is quite the crowd puller.

The ‘Hungry Ghost’ festival is one interesting event that makes its way into the calendars of the Thai’s Singaporeans and the Chinese. The Chinese pay great importance to the satisfaction of their dead ancestors. They believe that their good fortune in this life rests on this deed. The Chinese believe that on the day of the festival, their ancestors are released from hell and roam the earth and hence food is prepared in abundance to apparently feed the ghosts; especially the ones who have no relatives. The event in itself is very festive and colorful. Streets are brightly illuminated and are decorated primarily in red; a color that symbolizes Good luck. This time of the year is an excellent time to enjoy authentic Chinese culture and the traditional hungry Ghost bites at very cheap prices. The primary treat is the turtle cake prepared in red of course. The turtle symbolizes long life and the red symbolizes prosperity, hence it is distributed among family and friends. If you are in Phuket during this time of the year head over to the Ranong Road. The entire market and all the areas nearby are spectacularly decorated for the occasion and feature an array on interesting traditional activities such as lion dances, stage performances and cabaret shows.

The Chinese shrines are also an excellent stop by if you want to enjoy a quick glimpse of the religious rituals that mark the Hungry Ghosts Festival. After a good dosage of the hungry ghosts, come home to the warm and cozy arms of the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels. This Patong Beach resort boasts a very picturesque scenery and happens to be the best Phuket Resort there is.