Phuket Vegetarian Festival – For purification of mind and body

Phuket is a holidaymaker’s paradise for many reasons. If you are planning a trip, be sure to include these must-visit attractions in your itinerary.


Vegetarian Festival


Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival , Binder.donedat via Flickr, (CC BY-ND 2.0)

The Phuket vegetarian festival in Thailand is an event filled with colour and gaiety that is celebrated each year between 20 to 28th October.

Good Health

As its name suggests the festival lays emphasis on the abstinence of any kind of meat and is a totally vegetarian fair. Supposedly this festival is dedicated to the nine emperor Gods to induce good health and peace of mind. Phuket is amongst the top vacation destinations in Thailand.


Get to know more about this festival and local fairs and events in blogs such as The Vacation Gateway. In fact, the origins of this festival can be traced back to the time when a wandering band of performers was stricken with a severe bout of malaria and went on a strictly vegetarian meal and prayed to God for purification of the mind and body and sure enough the entire troupe miraculously recovered completely.


Face piercing in Phuket vegetarian festival

Phuket vegetarian festival, Photo via Public Domain Pictures

As a token of appreciation to the Gods, the people celebrated their recovery from what at that time was considered a fatal illness and henceforth the abstention of consuming any form of meat continues to this day. People fly in from Asian destinations, China, and other parts of the world to attend this colourful event.

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Songkaran Festival Phuket – An Island Wide Water Fight

Do you love waterfights? Do you consider yourself to be the best at it? Head over to Phuket, Thailand from April 13th to April 15th and take part in the island wide water fight, also known as Songkran Festival. This festival marks the start of the Thai New Year. Phuket is believed to be one of the most popular places to celebrate the Songkran festival in Thailand and if you’re looking for a luxury Phuket hotel to stay at during this time, such as Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas, be sure to book well in advance! Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is usually referred to as the Pearl of the Andaman.

If you plan on visiting the island during the time of the festival, make sure you’re not driving or riding a bike, as when water is thrown at you, your impulse would be to close your eyes, which could probably lead to a few crashes! So walk during the festival to wherever it is you need to go! Make sure you invest in a waterproof camera aswell, because there’s a high chance of ruining your non waterproof camera or phone – be prepared to be completely drenched in water. At times, the water is dyed with some coloured powder, so avoid wearing expensive clothes during the festival period. There are plenty of water guns for sale during this time, and don’t be surprised if you see a cop pointing one at you aswell! But don’t worry; you can drench them in water too, as they’ll most likely be doing the same to you!

During the Songkran festival, locals give thanks to Lord Buddha while visiting monasteries and temples and giving alms to monks. To cater to the large number of tourists attending the festival, there are also plenty of stalls selling clothes and local crafts.

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Sea Gypsy Boat Floating Festival November 2016 – A Traditional Festival, A Sight to Behold

Thailand is a country that is doused with colourful traditions and a rich heritage, and perhaps the most unique of all her traditions, is the Sea Gypsy Boat Floating Festival, a bi-annual event that occurs during the middle of the 6th and 11th lunar months. If you wish to witness this remarkable celebration then you are going to have to travel to Phuket Thailand, which is the only the only place the festivities occur.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and therefore it comes as no surprise that it has a variety of accommodation options for you to choose from, ranging from budget bed and breakfasts, to the highly sought after Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas. The island of Phuket has an economy that has come to revolve around tourism, which is no surprise since many of Thailand’s most historical attractions are located here, making it an ideal setting for the Sea Gypsy Boat Floating Festival.

The festival is traditionally referred to as ‘Loi Ruea Cho Le Festival’, and the boats in question aren’t exactly life-size versions. The festival involves people from the surrounding villages of Rawai, Sapam, Ko Si-Re and Laem La gathering together to release small decorated boats into the sea. While this takes place, the place is also lit up with singing and dancing of the traditional style known as the ‘Rong Ngeng’. The music for this dance consists of percussion and violins couples with the use of a unique Gong that made its way to Thailand from China. This entire practice takes place since the islanders consider its practice enables them to ward off evil spirits and attract times of prosperity.

The colourful boats couples with the beautiful Phuket scenery, the lively dance routines and all the other accompaniments to the festival make it a truly unique experience that should not be missed.

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Central Festival Phuket – Best Place to shop in Phuket – Shoppers Retreat

No city is complete without a shopping mall, and Phuket is no exception. An island off the mainland of Thailand, Phuket has been a very busy and island in terms of all the tourist activity going on. However just outside the city center one is met with one the island’s largest shopping malls, Central Festival.

People visit Phuket for varying reasons, mainly the beaches and the Phuket Resort that have always managed to live up to their world class standards.One that has been highly recommended by those who have visited the island before is, Anantara Phuket Villas, designed by one of the world renowned architects these villa come with private pools and offer spacious luxury.

A trip to Central Festival is definitely a must do while in Phuket. The mall is home to around 120 outlets that sell a varying range of products. Some of the products you can find while here are, up market clothing, fashion accessories, silk goods, bedding, household goods, toys and other accessories for children, food and drinks as well as watch and jewelry counters.

The Central Phuket Department store, where one can find most designer brands. The basement floor of the mall features homeware, electrical equipment and other home decor. Ground floor has some of the famous clothing lines such as CK, Armani,H&M, cosmetic stores, watches and women’s footwear. Moving onto the second floor one is met with a wide range of women’s fashion specially focussing on teens. The third floor features mens fashion, luggages a large book store and all the banks and restuarants can be found on this floor. The fourth floor is dedicated to the kids with lots of toys and other interesting items as well as few hair and skin care stores.

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Wesak Celebrations in Phuket Lighting up the Streets in the Joy of Celebration

Phuket, Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, where sun shines upon the golden beaches every day. Blue ocean waters and the scintillating charm of the never ending festive atmosphere are cherished beyond measure by everyone who steps on these shores. Seafood and laughter, good times galore will certainly mark the great holiday spent here in this land of absolute charm.

Phuket has much more to offer to its visitors than the splendour of the beaches and the consequent oceanic entertainment, which quite definitely will be common to all beach cities around the world. The land is rich with culture and religion. The pulse of the people, who call this place their home, is felt in the rich celebrations and festivities that accompany religiously significant days in their calendars.

Buddhism being a religion that is widely practiced across the country, the day of Wesak that marks the birth of the Buddha as well as commemorates the beginning of his teaching is one of the most prominent festivals here in Phuket. The celebrations of Wesak that occur on the days of full moon on the month of May are indeed wonderful to behold, in all its colour and reverence, revealing the true nature, mild and wholesome, of this land marked by high entertainment.

Celebrations take place in all their splendour in the temples scattered throughout the vicinity, while candle light processions illuminate the dark cold streets on this special day. Tourists too may partake in these festivities if they wish, and celebrate with the locals a day of great significance to them, and have another colourful and bright facet added to their memory of the perfect holiday experience.

Phuket resort that offers luxury and opulence beyond expectations such as Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand, can be considered if you wish to bask in the wonder of this colourful country, so rich in culture and tradition, while being pampered by its fineries. A Phuket beach resort such as this will make your perfect holiday spent in this sunny corner of the world, a wonderful memory, to be cherished for a lifetime.

Phuket Bike Week 2014: “ASEAN Ride Together”

Organised to coincide with the Thai festival Songkran, the Phuket Bike Week is an event like no other and is quite a unique event for tourists to witness. This biking event is complete with a number of activities which include a Motorcycle Exhibition, a Beach Party, a Grand Dinner, Bike Contest, Miss PBW, a Tattoo Contest and many more and the variety of activities attract people from all walks of life who join together to celebrate their love of motorcycles. For those who wish to encounter this event, the Phuket Bike Week takes place at a myriad of locations but mostly on Patong Beach, a football field in the area and the Jungceylon Mega Mall.
Of the myriad of activities available, the Motorcycle Exhibition attracts the largest crowd as enthusiasts flock to the event to get a closer look at some of the bigger and better names in the motorcycle industry such as Harley Davidson, Yamaha, BMW and Kawasaki. The Phuket Bike Week also promotes unity and aims to attract motorcycle enthusiasts not only from Thailand, but from other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore whilst promoting the theme of “ASEAN Ride Together’. In 2012, an event called the ‘Ride for Peace’ was held where a biker parade rode around the island from Patong to Leam Phrom Thep after which a beach party was held to celebrate the event.
Tourists staying at a Phuket hotel can easily witness this spectacle by making their way to Loma Park and for those who want to have a souvenir to remember the event, a collection of motorcycle gear is available ranging from boots, gloves, jackets and helmets to smaller tokens such as caps, stickers and key chains. Thus, whether you’re a true motorcycle enthusiast or a tourist residing in a Phuket beach resort, there is something for everyone at this epic attraction. if you are living outside Phuket or even Thailand and is searching for accommodation during this time, consider booking the Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand whose location by the beach coupled with its world class meals make it a wonderful place to return to after a blissful day at the Phuket Bike Week.

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Loy Krathong – The Glowing Festival

One of the most spectacular festivals in the Thai calendar is without a doubt the Loy Krathong Festival, Thailand’s very own “Festival of Lights”. Hundreds of glowing lanterns illuminate the sky, giving the entire nation a magical ambience. Enjoy the intriguing aspects of this beautiful Chinese festival, which goes all out in making this event memorable and truly special. During Loy Krathong, the locals perform a series of symbolic rituals, each quite interesting to watch and even more exciting to try out. The festival is believed to bless you with a fresh start as you wash away bad memories with the flames that sail away into the sea or up onto the magical night sky.

The Loy Krathong falls every year on the full moon day of the 12th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which corresponds to somewhere in the end of November. The festival is devoted to the Goddess of water, Mae Kongha, as a means to thank her for sustenance and as a prayer for good fortune in the year that follows. The celebrations during Loy Krathong are grand and pompous and are glorified by the loud concerts, beauty pageants, and the endless family celebrations. Everywhere you wander, you would be treated with an array of delicious Thai goodies. There is color, festivity, laughter and Thai flavors; the perfect combination for the perfect celebration.

Loy Krathong is symbolized by two primary ritualistic acts; the Krathong and the Khom. The Krathong is actually a miniature raft made from banana leaves and lotus flowers with a number of incense sticks and candles inserted at the top. It is a crafty little raft whose flame from the candle is believed to carry one’s bad memories away. With this in mind, the raft is set to sail along the Chayo Phraya River of Thailand, illuminating the waters with a magical glow. The Khom, which are the flying lanterns are also set up in the sky for the exact same reason. Here again, the fire is thought to carry away one’s bad memories of the past, giving believers a fresh start with the new season.

Experience a welcome dose of the enchanting festival of Loy Krathong and you will truly be rejuvenated. To experience this ultimate bliss, stay at the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket, as you will find that this Phuket Resort is known for its impeccable location and un-matched luxury, and is ranked an excellent Patong beach resort amongst tourists who visit the region.

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Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2013 – Land of Many Wonders

Phuket is an island off the coast of Thailand and it is comparable to the size of Singapore. Phuket offers its residents and visitors much to do. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, and it is really no wonder why. Whether it’s a cozy honeymoon or an action-packed getaway, Phuket is a must-visit locality for all adventure-seeking, thrill-discerning travelers, as numerous fun events occur here each year. Apart from all the things to do in Phuket, the Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2013 is one of them.

Phuket is Asia’s premiere destination for the triathlon and it features some grueling activities such as a 1.8k swim, a 55k bike ride, as well as a strenuous 12k bike ride to round out this exciting event. You can either sign up to participate or simply witness the event that takes place through some of the most amazing tropical landscapes. Taking place on the 24th of November, this event has previously featured and attracted many other popular athletes featured on the global stage such as Chrissie Wellington, Mark Allen, Craig Alexander and many others. It is a true test of champions and only those who are physically able and who have been training for months should attempt this rigorous triathlon.

If you are a spectator who is cheering on the participants, while you are on this wonderful island, do make it a point to visit the amazing tourist spots and museums that the island hosts. It’s a wonderful place for the whole family to have a great time, regardless of whether you are into triathlons or not. However, if you make it to the Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2013, you might be lucky if you meet the champions who have won more than world championships in almost every discipline, such as the Iron-Man. He may not be Tony Stark, but he sure comes close!

Phuket will undoubtedly leave you with great memories so make sure you make the most of your wonderful trip there. Stay at a Phuket resort that will give you an amazing stay. Resorts such as a Patong beach resort are a great choice, and the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is a worthy option to consider. The surroundings, the beach and the people are all aspects of Phuket that lure tourists in great numbers here. So make sure you do not miss out anything in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Por Tor Festival Phuket – A Must See in Thai

Eastern Asia is one part of the world etched with rich culture and tradition. From festivities to rituals to food, each occasion, activity and cuisine is both colorful, interesting and has a symbolic history behind. Visitors to countries like Thailand never fail to be awed by the meticulous detail and fascinating stories that govern each event in the country. It is no different for the famous Hungry Ghost Festival whose name in itself is quite the crowd puller.

The ‘Hungry Ghost’ festival is one interesting event that makes its way into the calendars of the Thai’s Singaporeans and the Chinese. The Chinese pay great importance to the satisfaction of their dead ancestors. They believe that their good fortune in this life rests on this deed. The Chinese believe that on the day of the festival, their ancestors are released from hell and roam the earth and hence food is prepared in abundance to apparently feed the ghosts; especially the ones who have no relatives. The event in itself is very festive and colorful. Streets are brightly illuminated and are decorated primarily in red; a color that symbolizes Good luck. This time of the year is an excellent time to enjoy authentic Chinese culture and the traditional hungry Ghost bites at very cheap prices. The primary treat is the turtle cake prepared in red of course. The turtle symbolizes long life and the red symbolizes prosperity, hence it is distributed among family and friends. If you are in Phuket during this time of the year head over to the Ranong Road. The entire market and all the areas nearby are spectacularly decorated for the occasion and feature an array on interesting traditional activities such as lion dances, stage performances and cabaret shows.

The Chinese shrines are also an excellent stop by if you want to enjoy a quick glimpse of the religious rituals that mark the Hungry Ghosts Festival. After a good dosage of the hungry ghosts, come home to the warm and cozy arms of the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels. This Patong Beach resort boasts a very picturesque scenery and happens to be the best Phuket Resort there is.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival – A Display Of Strength And Valor

A fascinating aspect of Thai culture is the nine-day purge known as the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Held each year in the month of October, the festival includes an unusual parade that may take you aback the first time that you witness the strange sights. People pierce their tongue, cheeks and other parts of the body with sharp metal objects. Some even go to the extent of carrying large metal tools through their piercings. For instance, some carry bicycles, large swords and rifles which are pierced through the cheek and the tongue and balanced by both hands. The ritual is intense and is somewhat gruesome to watch, and it is not the type of thing that most tourists are accustomed to. However, the strength and the determination of the Thais to carry these objects and their self-sacrificial nature of piercing their own body present an astonishing feat of human dedication and drive that must be experienced firsthand.

If you wish to attend the festival, you must make your way to Ranong Road and purchase a festival outfit for a few dollars. The procession begins at 8am and goes on till late at night. The cutting ceremonies are performed in the temples in Phuket. If you have the stomach to watch it, you should attend one of these events. There are other activities too that are held in the temples, such as fire walking, fire breathing and climbing ladders composed entirely of daggers.

If you arrived in Phuket especially to see the festival, then don’t miss out on the closing ceremony, which is a stunning spectacle, and it comprises a final ceremony for the gods. Secure a place on Phuket Road and watch out for the fireworks and the golden shrines which are carried across the street. If you fancy a bite after the festival, take a stroll down Ranong Road, where you will discover a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes and some fresh juices available. When looking for an optimal place to host your stay here, take a look at a stylish Phuket resort in the area such as the range of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels for some of the best deals for lodging. Travelling in the city can be quite tiring, so a Patong beach resort would be ideal for your stay for some welcome relaxation in the tropics.