The Phuket Water Festival Celebration – Kicking Off the New Year with a Splash!

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Thailand’s Songkran celebrations have become famous throughout the world, especially since the nation breaks into a massive water fight with people of all ages taking part in the festivities.


This is the name for the traditional New Year that is celebrated in many countries across South Asia, which includes Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

The Festivities

Songkran is associated with purity and the washing away of past misdeeds, which is where the water aspect comes in. Many would visit temples, pour water on Buddhist statues, as well as loved ones are common practices.

The Water Fights

The ‘water festival’ is mostly celebrated by young people, and entire streets tend to get closed off to cater to this massive celebration that has become world-renowned, to the point that even luxury hotels in Phuket the likes of Anantara Layan Phuket Resort would experience a rise in bookings when the festival comes around.

Points to Note

Although the festival has become popular with tourists just as much as it is with the locals, it is still a religious celebration so one must always be sure to keep that in mind. There are also some dangers associated with this festival so indulge in the fun of Songkran while practicing vigilance.

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