Half Moon Parties by the Phuket Beach – An Engaging and Fun Festival Awaits

Looking forward to dancing the night away to loud electronic music? If so, Thailand’s half moon parties are for you. Here’s a little more information to get you started. If you attend the party at Koh Phangan, then the party is situated in the middle of the jungle as opposed to the beach.

Facts and figures

Half Moon Festivals began just over 16 years ago. A young DJ decided to move his events away from the beach and into a rainforest in Koh Phangan. This was his party paradise, that would come alive during every Half Moon festival. Today, Half Moon Festivals are looked forward to more than other events.

What to expect

While you’re at M Beach Club Phuket or any other similar beach club in Phuket, it’s highly recommended that you attend a Half Moon Festival if you’re into fun partying. There are plenty of amenities, such as proper bathrooms. There is also festival security to keep things safe. The festival is much like a tiny version of Coachella!


If you’re looking to attend any of the festivals in 2019, you can always google the dates depending on which half moon party you want to attend, which part of Thailand and the fees.

Atmosphere and music

The festival has a good mix of music, so thankfully you’ll most probably enjoy a stage theme that matches your taste. Since Thailand is a tourist destination for all types of travellers, you’ll expect to see a variety of party-goers.

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