Traditional music and culture of Oman– A Significant Feature of Oman’s Cultural Identity

Over the years, as the Sultans of Oman have had a passion for music, it has been carefully preserved. It is also an essential aspect of Omani culture.

Omani Music – Photo by Julius Yls on Unsplash

History of Omani Music

If staying at a property such as the Oman Hotels take the time to visit the Oman Centre for Traditional Music. This is a great place to learn the history of Omani music. Furthermore, as Oman’s ancient melodies were composed anonymously their intellectual property rights are open to the public. Thus, it is easy to listen to these songs and also easy for anyone to perform them.

Culture of Omani Music

If staying at one of the Oman Hotels you would have had a chance to listen to Omani music. It would have then been obvious that this music was influenced by a variety of genres. That is because this music has a multi-ethnic background. This essentially means that it was influenced by the music and dance of Persia, India and East Africa.

Unique Aspect of Omani Music

Omani Music – Photo by Julius Yls on Unsplash

While music in the Arabic region has many similarities, the same could not be said for Omani music. That is because it has a rhythmic feature as this music has been composed according to the theory of rhythm. Another unique feature of this music is that it is often accompanied by a dance.

Importance of Music in the Omani Culture

In Oman, music plays an integral part of the education system as students are not only taught the history of music. Instead, they are also strongly motivated to learn the art of music. Thus, to further encourage individuals to learn music there are associations such as the Oman Oud Hobbyist Association.

A Vibrant Tapestry of Omani Festivals and Celebrations : Colors of Celebration – Oman Festivals That You Cannot Miss

When planning a visit to Oman, make sure to plan your trip around the festivals of Oman. These are not to be missed and are a true reflection of Omani culture.

Sultan Camel Race Cup

If you are staying at a property such as the Al Falaj Hotel in the summer, then make sure to witness one of the oldest Arab sports – Camel Racing. Taking place at the Royal Cavalry track at Al Felaij, camels especially trained for racing compete during this festival.

Salalah Festival

Beginning in mid-July, this festival goes on until late August. As this festival occurs during the monsoon season, the city of Salalah is cool and full of greenery. In addition to hosting cultural shows, games and circuses, one would also find food stalls at this festival. Furthermore, the days tend to end with fireworks – which is always a family favourite, making this one of the best things to do in Oman, Muscat.

Muscat Festival

This is easily regarded as the biggest festival in Oman as it lasts from January to February. During these two months, the festival tends to showcase various performances and programs that reflect the Omani culture. There are also camel races, educational programmes, fireworks and contests.

Eid Al Adha

Considered the most important religious festival, Eid signifies the end of Ramadan. After a month of fasting, individuals celebrate this holy festival by visiting the mosques. After that, the festivities begin by visiting relatives, giving gifts and feasting on festive food. As this festival lasts for three days, visitors can truly witness the spirit of Eid during this time.

Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition – a sparkling experience

Are you interested in Jewellery? Well then, the Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition is where you should head to, if you’ve more than a passing interest in all things to do with precious and semi-precious stones, as well as semi-precious and precious metals. This exhibition, widely known as the MIJEX, is a one-of-a-kind event that is held annually to showcase exquisite jewellery creations of expert jewelry designers.

The Muscat International Jewelry Exhibition 2013 is to be held from the 8th to the 12th of October at the Oman International Exhibition Center. This amazing fair offers the best opportunities of businesses and of course a great chance for those who are looking on exploring new markets to expand their client base.

Very unique jewellery creations, accessories and mesmerizing gemstones are a few of the products found in the Muscat International Jewellery Exhibition. This Exhibition runs over four days and serves to attract not only locals but tourists as well. This is actually the best occasion that provides a very rare glimpse of the rich artistry of the jewellery industry so do not miss this amazing chance. Also, bear in mind that the event’s locale, the Oman International Exhibition Centre, is open from Sundays to Thursdays from 7.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. when you come to visit the exhibition.

With an exquisite array of platinum, gold, silver, antiques, diamonds, gem sets, pearls, and featuring industry tools such as jewellery machinery and packaging materials, you will find everything and anything that relates to jewellery under one convenient roof. In addition, please note that the organisers will work closely with exhibitors and visitors to ensure a pleasurable experience for all who visit this stunning exhibition of all things jewellery-related.

Are you looking for a place to reside while you are in Muscat? The choices are simply ample in kind, from comfortable motels to five-star hotels. Stay in an Oman beach resort that will make your holiday even more memorable, with gracious hospitality and stylish amenities. A good choice would be the Millennium Resort Mussanah that is meticulously built to provide exceptional comfort and service to all guests. This Oman Muscat hotel is designed with a vibrant blend of Arabian and Asian themes and boasts panoramic views of the beautiful ocean. So come and visit this beautiful country and create a cherished journey to remember in Muscat.

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Sultan Camel Race – The race of the camels

A major highlight of Omani culture is the Sultan’s Camel race which is fast becoming a popular attraction for all those who happen to pay a visit to the country. Held at the Royal Camel Corps racetrack in Al Falaji, this year’s event witnessed large crowds of fans present to cheer their favourite camel along. Choose a Muscat hotel to stay at before when planning a trip to the races. The Millennium Resort Mussanah with its unsurpassed level of service will prove to be the best choice of accommodation an Oman Muscat hotel can offer.

Presided over by His Highness Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said, the race captured 176 of the finest Omani camels who raced against each other during 6 rounds of pure action and excitement. The closing ceremony showcased the Bedouin lifestyle and rich tradition through a variety of camel beauty pageants, Ardha running and heritage shows.

Oman Office Show 2013 – Work in style

The Oman Office Show is an international event that takes place to showcase high-end products, technology and services that are required to create an excellent working environment. This remarkable show features the latest products, cutting edge trends and concepts in office designing by professionals of the industry.

The Oman Office Show 2013, organised by the “Global Exhibitions and Conferences” will be held at the Oman International Exhibition Centre Muscat from the 16th to 18th of September. Located in the vicinity of the Muscat International Airport, the Oman International Centre is quiet easy to find.

This amazing exhibition is a perfect platform to meet local and international designers, to check out new arrivals in products and of course to purchase deals to export or import. This also creates great business opportunities for buyers and will help to find agents and distributors while updating you on the latest projects in the country.

The main aim of the exhibition is to bring the world’s leading suppliers of materials, equipment and services under one roof. By bringing together the world’s top names in office designs the show will exhibit an inclusive mix of products from interior designs and outfits like ceiling materials, flooring materials, furniture, lights, shop fittings, wall coverings to office products and office environment solutions like audiovisual equipment, business software, computers, IT solutions, security solutions, stationeries and many more.

The Oman Office Show 2013 will also pay great attention to the promotion and marketing sections as they act to ensure that the exhibitors and sponsors get good marketing exposure.

Muscat is the capital of the country and the country is the oldest independent state in the Arab world. When you are on the lookout for accommodation in the area, choosing an Oman beach resort will be ideal as Oman is famed for its soft sandy beaches. A good choice would be a stay at the famous Millennium Resort Mussanah which offers a wonderful experience for travellers within their meticulously designed premises. This Oman Muscat hotel provides top quality amenities and facilities giving you a breathtaking stay. Do head over to the area and gather memories for a lifetime whether you are on business or on holiday.

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Celebrating Ramazan in Oman

Considered the holy month of fasting, Ramazan or Ramadan as it is also referred to, is a sacred time for Muslims the world over including in Oman. Those heading to the sultanate and looking for well placed Oman hotels from which to soak up the local culture during this time can consider Ruwi Hotel Muscat. Conveniently located in the heart of the capital, this hotel in Muscat provides easy access to the city and is a great place from which to begin your adventures.

As in other Muslim countries, in Oman too fasting begins from sunrise and lasts till sunset. It is a time of prayer and reflection and is followed by all Muslims. Business hours during this period are often shortened or altered. Social gatherings and meetings usually take place in the evenings, coinciding with the break of the fast. During this time it is customary for families to come together and share in a meal. The breaking of the fast is when a wide range of dishes are prepared and served including those that are specially made for Ramazan. These include traditional dishes such as ‘fatta’ which features bread made from unleavened dough served with a vegetable and meat dish and ‘sakhana’ which is a kind of sweet soup that consists of milk, wheat and molasses.


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Oman Food Festival 2013 – All things local

Held at the Qurum Natural Park in Oman scheduled for the 7th of February, the Oman food festival is a much- awaited event that takes place this February 2013. The festival runs in association with chefs and students of the Oman Tourism College, and it allows visitors to the fair to enjoy the best of authentic Oman cuisine. This year’s food festival will be held on the 7th of February.2013_1$thumbimg117_Jan_2013_161330997

Provided you like trying something different, if you are a complete foodie, or even if you are just interested in trying out local cuisine you are sure to love the experience of the food festival, as locals and tourists bounce about the festivities. Dishes such as the traditional Shua; a preparation of meat cooked underground, and an array of other local cuisine are showcased here. Other local cuisines served here are Ruz al Mudhroub, Maqdeed, Muqalab, Harees and Mishkak. Everything is prepared live and presented by the students and teachers from the Omani Tourism College.

Last year’s event was held over 11 days and became quite a challenging experience for the students of the Oman tourism institute. The food offered here are inclusive of a starter, a main course, dessert and a drink, all reasonably priced. After the success of last year’s festival expectations of the tourists, tour organizers and locals are extremely enthusiastic for this year’s festival.

If you are traveling to Oman during February, This is an occasion you wouldn’t want to miss, stay at an ideal Muscat hotel and enjoy local hospitality. Millennium Resort Mussanah is an Oman Muscat hotel that will pamper you right from the point you walk through its doors. The Millennium hotel puts you within easy reach of the many of the main attractions in the district of Muscat and the shopping central. With a beautiful view of its 54 birth marina on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, this luxury hotel offers exceptional comfort and services.

Food-FestivalSo mingle with everything that’s raved about in this Middle Eastern country, experience a bit of luxury known to the locals of this desert country and eat to your heart’s content at the food festival this February in Oman.

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