Sultan Camel Race – The race of the camels

A major highlight of Omani culture is the Sultan’s Camel race which is fast becoming a popular attraction for all those who happen to pay a visit to the country. Held at the Royal Camel Corps racetrack in Al Falaji, this year’s event witnessed large crowds of fans present to cheer their favourite camel along. Choose a Muscat hotel to stay at before when planning a trip to the races. The Millennium Resort Mussanah with its unsurpassed level of service will prove to be the best choice of accommodation an Oman Muscat hotel can offer.

Presided over by His Highness Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said, the race captured 176 of the finest Omani camels who raced against each other during 6 rounds of pure action and excitement. The closing ceremony showcased the Bedouin lifestyle and rich tradition through a variety of camel beauty pageants, Ardha running and heritage shows.

Uncover Muscat’s Retail Mecca at Salalah Tourism Festival 2013

Popular as one of the most coveted tourist festivals in the region, the Salalah Tourism Festival is a compelling reason to head down to the heart of Oman this Khareef Season. The 2013 edition of the red letter event is set to take centre stage once more come the month of June. The 2012 installment of the highly successful tourism festival kicked off Khareef Season in style last year with a host of engaging attraction to suit shopaholics and culture buffs alike. Conducted at the Municipality Fair Grounds from June 21st to July 18th the festival was hosted by the Dhofar Municipal Council as in previous years. Described by visitors as a shopaholic’s dream come true the retail opportunities at the festival highlighted local produce as well as regional specialties and well-known brands. Stocked to the brim with products hailing from China, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Syria, Pakistan, Oman and Thailand shoppers had the widest possible choice on offer.

Taking place for an entire month the Salalah Tourism Festival’s retail fair caters to every type of visitor offering everything from fashion items to specialty and exotic produce that are scarce in the mass market. The 2012 edition of the shopper’s Mecca was open to all visitors on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays while Sundays were especially reserved for female visitors. Families were also welcome on Family Days which fell on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while the Salalah Tourism Festival’s prestigious book fair was open to visitors for the duration of the festival. Offering readers the opportunity to peruse and purchase books of literature, research, language, media, history and even astronomy the fair featured the best publications from renowned authors and volumes available through libraries, cultural centres and well-known publishers.

Another highlight of the 2012 festival was of course the exclusive exhibition space devoted to products manufactured in Oman. The special pavilion exhibited an impressive array of goods made in Oman ranging from textiles, handicrafts, perfumes, electronics and food to furniture, appliances, decorative arts, agricultural produce and fashion.

Well-known thinkers, leaders and scientists in the region were also on hand to conduct lectures on the important issues of the day for the Middle East at the 2012 Salalah Tourism Festival which will surely be catapulted in size, scale and significance by the 2013 edition this June.

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