Traditional music and culture of Oman– A Significant Feature of Oman’s Cultural Identity

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Over the years, as the Sultans of Oman have had a passion for music, it has been carefully preserved. It is also an essential aspect of Omani culture.

Omani Music – Photo by Julius Yls on Unsplash

History of Omani Music

If staying at a property such as the Oman Hotels take the time to visit the Oman Centre for Traditional Music. This is a great place to learn the history of Omani music. Furthermore, as Oman’s ancient melodies were composed anonymously their intellectual property rights are open to the public. Thus, it is easy to listen to these songs and also easy for anyone to perform them.

Culture of Omani Music

If staying at one of the Oman Hotels you would have had a chance to listen to Omani music. It would have then been obvious that this music was influenced by a variety of genres. That is because this music has a multi-ethnic background. This essentially means that it was influenced by the music and dance of Persia, India and East Africa.

Unique Aspect of Omani Music

Omani Music – Photo by Julius Yls on Unsplash

While music in the Arabic region has many similarities, the same could not be said for Omani music. That is because it has a rhythmic feature as this music has been composed according to the theory of rhythm. Another unique feature of this music is that it is often accompanied by a dance.

Importance of Music in the Omani Culture

In Oman, music plays an integral part of the education system as students are not only taught the history of music. Instead, they are also strongly motivated to learn the art of music. Thus, to further encourage individuals to learn music there are associations such as the Oman Oud Hobbyist Association.

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