Why Bodhgaya Is a Must Visit Destination – The Most Sacred Buddhist City

The Most Sacred Buddhist City

Photo By: D.Alyoshin, via Wikimedia,  CC BY-SA 3.0

India is a nation that is full of heritage and has a vast selection of incredible places to visit, but one of the most significant of these is Bodh Gaya, where Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Somewhere around 500BC, Lord Buddha discovered the Noble Eight-fold Path under a sacred bodhi-tree in Bodh Gaya. The first temple to be built on this site was under the behest of King Asoka, and resulted in the renowned Mahabodhi Temple.

Getting There and Accommodation
You can reach Gaya Airport, just 12km from Bodhgaya, through a direct flight from Kolkata. The other nearest airport is in Patna, a 3-hour drive away. If you’re looking for a hotel in Bodhgaya there are a few to be found such as Oaks Bodhgaya.

When to Visit
The pilgrimage season commences around September, and then culminates towards January. Where weather is concerned, the ideal time for a visit would be between November and February. March to May is the summer season, and the climate can get extremely hot.

A certified UNESCO World Heritage Site and the holiest Buddhist shrine, the Mahabodhi Tempe is the most significant attraction in Bodhgaya. There are also many monasteries that were built and maintained by Buddhist countries from around the globe to be found here.



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Why ‘Holi’ festival brings so much fun for kids: The wonderful festival of colours.

Holi festival is a Hindu event that signifies spring awakening. This is widely celebrated in India and most parts of the world. It is a joyful celebration that is guaranteed to bring loads of fun for your kids and here’s why;


It’s a carnival of colour


festivals for kids, Holy

A Kid enjoying Holy in Spain | Photo by Steven Gerner, Flickr(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Holi festival is an exciting event where people collect in the streets and throw coloured powder at each other, leaving participants coated in shades of vibrant colours by the end of the day.

Vibrant shades, cheerful people and playing with coloured powder are some of the elements adored by children and make the Holi celebration experience amongst the highlights on many of the best vacations with kids.


The music and dancing


The festival of colour is often praised for its impressive music with traditional drums by most travel sites such as The Family Travel Blog.

Holy gives kids an immense joy

Holy gives kids an immense joy | Steven Gerner, Flickr(CC BY-SA 2.0)

These child friendly festivals where people get together to forget their troubles and celebrate with their families and friends. Children are free to dance away in the streets to rhythmic beats, it is the most fun any religious festival in the world will ever offer.


Coming together


This is a fiesta that brings people together irrespective of age, gender, caste or status. Therefore, it is filled with smiles, laughter and love. Thus is a heartwarming experience for all children.


It an annual event


The only thing better than celebrating the festival of colour is awaiting the colourful event every year. It is a refreshing religious event to look forward to.

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Masi Magam festival – A festival of colour and devotion

When the Magham star of the Vedic sky falls upon the fullmoon day in the Tamil month of Masi, it is the time for the Masi Magam, one of the most important festivals in the Hindu almanac. Seek Pondicherry accommodation in a suitable Pondicherry hotel during this time to feel the full swing of the festivities and Hotel Atithi is a recommended choice which is ideal for the purpose. Held between February and March, the Masi Magam Festival is celebrated with much pomp and fanfare in the French corner of India Pondicherry attracting large throngs of devotees and tourists each year.  It is quite a vibrant festival, with people getting dressed up in the most colourful cloths and attending the proceedings with so much enthusiasm. During the festival, temple idols of Hindu gods from all over India, particularly idols of Goddess Shakhti, Lord shiva and Lord Vishnu are carried to the sea in a colourful procession of loud chanting and worshipping and bathed in sea water as a part of the ritual. After the bathing ritual, the idols are once again escorted to the temples and various poojas are performed. In the meantime, a rice pudding made with milk and sugar known as payasam is prepared in homes on this day and is offered to Lord Chandra which in turn will bring good health and long life to devotees.

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Festivals in Chennai – always a thrill

The home of Tamil cinema and the ‘Gateway to the South’, the city of Chennai is one place you just have to come over to. With a range of places to visit, Chennai is an alluring cosmopolitan that will entice beyond your wildest dreams. The festivals of the area that pay tribute to its rich culture is a time of merrymaking colour and joy for all those fortunate enough to be a part of them. A Chennai serviced apartment will be a good choice of accommodation when in the city. Somerset Greenways Chennai which affords serviced apartments Chennai has to offer should be thought of when examining the numerous choices on offer.

Karthikai Deepam which is celebrated on a full moon day between November and December is one of colour and the loudest firecrackers that you would ever come across. Held for a total of ten days in the Tamil calendar of Panguni, Brahmotsavam Festival is where many pilgrims commune in large numbers at the iconic Kapaleeswarar Temple. Pongal is by far the most captivating of festivals that is held in January which lasts three days. Venture out in the streets and witness the locals and how they decorate their homes in elaborate designs that simply mesmeric. The festival also witnesses people offering prayers to the Sun for a bountiful harvest received. A holiday organised within this period will leave you with stories to relate to your loved ones back home. Vinayak Chaturthi is a festivity that honours Lord Ganesh and one may encounter residents chanting the name of the deity while parading the streets carrying idols of one of the most sacred gods of Hinduism. This festival is held during the month of September and is a must see. The Chennai Music and Dance Festival followed by Kanthuri and Mamallapuram are also worth watching out for.

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Traditional Kerala Wedding

Kerala in India is a destination with a distinctive culture. A 3 Star hotel in Kerala such as Poovar Island Resort presents an ideal option for those in search of a Kerala resort at which to hold their wedding reception. Traditional weddings in Kerala incorporate some unique rituals to mark the unity of two people. Customarily, the bride pays a visit to a temple along with her close relatives on the very morning of her wedding day. Here she prays for a happy wedded life. Usually marriage ceremonies in Kerala are held at large halls which have the capacity for a large amount of guests, among which there are friends and relatives of both the bridegroom and bride. The responsibility of arranging this ceremony belongs to the parents of the bride.

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Celestial Birthday Celebrations – Rama Navami Festival

Among the many festivals that takes place in India to celebrate diverse occasions is Ram Navami commemorated in the Hindu month of Chaitra that falls between April and March, to celebrate the birth of Rama. It is a hugely important festival for the Hindus as Rama is considered an incarnation of the god Vishnu. In some parts of India it is celebrated as Vasanta Navratri over nine days.

In households observing the festival the day begins with a prayer to the sun and at mid day, the supposed time of Rama’s birth, special prayers and poojas are performed in Ram temples big and small all over India. Some people start the festival with a fast and some others fast for the whole nine day duration to appease the god and to bring good luck upon them. Strict dietary guidelines are observed during the fast. At the end of the prayers, rituals and Bhajan singing, the officiating priest performs a peace chant and sprinkles consecrated water on the devotees and distributes sweets and fruits. Many people stay up the previous night in anticipation of the birth singing devotional songs and rock Rama images in cradles at the supposed time of his birth. The most popular part of Ram Navami is a procession in which people attired as Rama, his brother Laxmana, his wife Sita and Rama’s disciple Hanuman are taken in a gaily decorated chariot through town. The chariot is accompanied by people dressed as Rama’s followers and soldiers all singing and shouting the praises of Rama making the whole thing a lively affair. On this holy day Ram temples throughout India look festive in decorations and the images of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana are decked out in finery and devotees read selected chapters from the Ramayan.

Ayodhya where the birth is supposed to have happened and where Rama is said to have ruled is the centre of celebrations. A huge fair attended by thousands of devotees takes place to commemorate the event. In Pondicherry too the festival is celebrated with much devotion, observance of rituals and festivities.

Close to the city centre Hotel Atithi is a convenient place to stay with easy access to city attractions, shopping and dining areas. Its selection of well appointed guests rooms and suites are some of the most comfortable Pondicherry accommodation in addition to which a host of modern leisure and business facilities and amenities makes this Pondicherry hotel a good choice for both business and leisure travelers.