Masi Magam festival – A festival of colour and devotion

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When the Magham star of the Vedic sky falls upon the fullmoon day in the Tamil month of Masi, it is the time for the Masi Magam, one of the most important festivals in the Hindu almanac. Seek Pondicherry accommodation in a suitable Pondicherry hotel during this time to feel the full swing of the festivities and Hotel Atithi is a recommended choice which is ideal for the purpose. Held between February and March, the Masi Magam Festival is celebrated with much pomp and fanfare in the French corner of India Pondicherry attracting large throngs of devotees and tourists each year.  It is quite a vibrant festival, with people getting dressed up in the most colourful cloths and attending the proceedings with so much enthusiasm. During the festival, temple idols of Hindu gods from all over India, particularly idols of Goddess Shakhti, Lord shiva and Lord Vishnu are carried to the sea in a colourful procession of loud chanting and worshipping and bathed in sea water as a part of the ritual. After the bathing ritual, the idols are once again escorted to the temples and various poojas are performed. In the meantime, a rice pudding made with milk and sugar known as payasam is prepared in homes on this day and is offered to Lord Chandra which in turn will bring good health and long life to devotees.

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