Festivals in Chennai – always a thrill

The home of Tamil cinema and the ‘Gateway to the South’, the city of Chennai is one place you just have to come over to. With a range of places to visit, Chennai is an alluring cosmopolitan that will entice beyond your wildest dreams. The festivals of the area that pay tribute to its rich culture is a time of merrymaking colour and joy for all those fortunate enough to be a part of them. A Chennai serviced apartment will be a good choice of accommodation when in the city. Somerset Greenways Chennai which affords serviced apartments Chennai has to offer should be thought of when examining the numerous choices on offer.

Karthikai Deepam which is celebrated on a full moon day between November and December is one of colour and the loudest firecrackers that you would ever come across. Held for a total of ten days in the Tamil calendar of Panguni, Brahmotsavam Festival is where many pilgrims commune in large numbers at the iconic Kapaleeswarar Temple. Pongal is by far the most captivating of festivals that is held in January which lasts three days. Venture out in the streets and witness the locals and how they decorate their homes in elaborate designs that simply mesmeric. The festival also witnesses people offering prayers to the Sun for a bountiful harvest received. A holiday organised within this period will leave you with stories to relate to your loved ones back home. Vinayak Chaturthi is a festivity that honours Lord Ganesh and one may encounter residents chanting the name of the deity while parading the streets carrying idols of one of the most sacred gods of Hinduism. This festival is held during the month of September and is a must see. The Chennai Music and Dance Festival followed by Kanthuri and Mamallapuram are also worth watching out for.

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