The charming Poson Festival in Sri Lanka

Jetwing Travels is a pioneer in providing convenient Sri Lanka travel facilities to ant part of the country. Personalized Sri Lanka tours can be organized according to your preference if you contact this travel provider. Sri Lanka is a country which is home to a diverse range of ethnicities. O the number of cultural festivals you would be able to witness while in the country is immense.

If you are visiting the island paradise of Sri Lanka during the month of June you would be able to witness a very important festivals to the Buddhists in the country; the Poson festival. The celebration is mainly centered on Mihinthale a city very close to the historic Anuradhapura kingdom. It is believed that Arahat Mihindu came from India on this day with the gift of Buddhism to all Sri Lankans. Many holy events based on the temples take place all over the country. Free food is given to people who go on pilgrimages or anyone who passes on the road. There are many replicas of the Mihinthale Mountain all over the country displaying the story of how Buddhism came to the country. This truly is a very soothing festival celebrated on the full moon day of June each year.

Witness the colourful and glamorous Kandy Esala Perahera

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia is Sri Lanka. Travel to Sri Lanka and enjoy the diverse range of attractions and activities that it offers. While visiting the country the least issue that you would come across is traveling. Jetwing Travels is a professional organization which offers Sri Lanka tours accordingly to suit your personal wants and needs.

Apart from the natural and historical attractions Sri Lanka has some unique cultural events that equally amaze both the locals and foreigners. One such spectacular festival is the Kandy Esala Perahera which takes place during the month of August. Even though this is a Buddhist festival, the number of non-Buddhists from around the world gathers in the city of Kandy to witness this colourful event. This festival had been celebrated from ancient times and still has not lost its glamour and class. The main item in this parade is the Tooth Relic which is taken around the city on a tusker with great respect. Apart from this there are many dancers, whip crackers, stilt walkers, a huge number of elephants, fire dancers and much more. This is held during the night time which makes the parade more enchanting and beautiful. Light is provided in a traditional way by people who carry lanterns which have “coppara” burning. The aroma of these coppara and the smell of burning kerosene oil can be felt miles ahead. Many street vendors can be found selling various food items, trinkets and toys making the experience more Sri Lankan and unique. Make sure you make an early reservation in one of the many places that offer seating facilities to avoid getting squashed amidst of a sea of people.