Esjeshi Art gallery in Maldives

Located in Male, Maldives, Esjeshi Art Gallery is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the island. The gallery is home to a range of interesting artwork including original Maldivian crafts. Modern and traditional art are displayed in a separate section whilst there is also a workshop dedicated to artists.  The gallery is quite well known for hosting exhibitions attracting many visitors, especially collectors of art. Choose one of the Maldives bungalows to experience a unique holiday in the islands. Anantara Veli Maldives is a popular Maldives resort offering a range of modern facilities to grant a memorable beach vacation. 

Maison De Luxe – Interior Design at Its Best

Showcasing truly unique interior designs, Maison De Luxe was an event that took place at Greystone Estate, a National Historic Landmark. The event saw over 20 of the country’s leading designers transform interiors of this historic Baronial-style structure that was constructed in 1928. The estate which spans an area of around 46,000 square feet is also home to picturesque greenery and makes for the perfect setting in which to enjoy these fascinating interior designs. Travellers looking for a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills from which to explore the city can stay at The Peninsula Beverly Hills. This well known Beverly Hills hotel also has its own spa where you can enjoy a variety of luxurious spa treatments.

Esjehi Gallery – Celebrating local art

Sought for its white beaches and startling turquoise blue waters, the Maldives comprise of over 1000 islands and is the the smallest country in Asia. Its capital city, Male is the biggest of the group of islands. Although long ruled by a monarchy, the palace, bastions and forts that were in place were destroyed at the end of the monarchy era.
Despite its small size and relatively small population, Maldivians are extremely talented in tuning out arts and crafts that are both exquisite and valuable.
The Esjehi Art Gallery situated in Male is a venue dedicated to the promotion and exhibition of local artist work and arts and craft work. The building itself is of distinct value as it is one of the oldest surviving building in the country, dating back to 1807. It previously was the residence of a nobleman and was later converted into a gallery. The interior of the gallery, although small, consists of rooms with intricate wooden carving on its paneling. The exhibition space sees local art work which can sometimes be bought for a price as well as various local arts and craft work. Whilst there is no guarantee on exhibitions, visitors may get the opportunity of meeting and mingling with some of the local artistic talents at the Gallery. 
Through its existence, the gallery seeks to promote and preserve the indigenous art work and give an opportunity for the locals to display their work and gain prominence in the art world. To this end special workshops are also regularly held. The gallery can be visited from Saturday through Thursday from 8am to 6.30 pm and on Fridays from 2pm – 7pm.
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Aesthetic Connections – Arts and Crafts in Si Kao

Famous for its 5 km long crescent shaped beach and the many secluded beaches on wooded limestone islands close by, Si Kao is never far away from some of the key attractions in the area such as limestone caves, pristine forests and the marine wildlife park. Part of the Trang Province, Si Kao comprises of 21 of the 46 islands that make up the province. Added to its natural beauty Si Kao is part of the rich cultural heritage of Thailand that dates back several hundred years with artistic traditions that have been handed down through the generations.

Intertwined with religion and ritual, Manor Nora or Chakri, the traditional dance drama of Southern Thailand is one that many visitors get to see in Si Kao. The graceful stylized movements, particularly the hand movements of the female dancers with their long curved elongated nails, the colourful costumes and traditional songs performed to the accompaniment of cymbals, drums, Java pipes and castanets contribute to the visual and auditory experience provided by these inimitable dances. There are 12 poses and 17 movements of the dance of which various combinations are performed at different occasions as appropriate. There is even a modernized version made more palatable to visitors. Shadow plays, a popular theatrical tradition in Si Kao feature well loved figures in dramas such as lords, ladies, giants and clowns, cut out from animal hide and held up behind a lighted screen to create shadows which are manipulated by a puppeteer who also describes the action in song. Traditional musical instruments add the required noise and excitement to the performance. Shadow plays are a feature at temple fairs and rural celebrations and tend to go on all night. ‘Li Kae Pa’ is another form of popular traditional drama where only three performers enact a whole drama clad in colourful and varied costumes to the accompaniment of gongs, cymbals, pipes and tambourines.

Long known for their craftsmanship the traditional crafts of the area are still very much alive. While providing interesting shopping options for visitors they also showcase the skill of rural crafts people. Products that were made from natural materials of the locality for daily use of rural folk are now popular souvenirs. Mats with intricate geometric designs and colourful inserts woven from pandanus, containers called ‘muk’ to store miscellaneous items, sting ray leather products particularly shoes and bags, baskets for various uses, handbags and hats made of cattail reed stems, carved religious and other statuary are some of these. Products made from Thep Tharo scented wood with insect and ant repelling properties, rubber wood toys, batik cloth as well as hand woven and dyed colourful traditional damask cloth are some of the most popular products of the area. Local women’s groups still maintain this weaving heritage, contributing to the host of products that provide interesting browsing among the handicraft shops in Si Kao.

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Uncover Abu Dhabi’s Premier Contemporary Art Space at the Prestigious Salwa Zeidan Gallery

Tipped to be the country’s foremost art institution cum exhibition space, the Salwa Zeidan Gallery is an iconic edifice at the heart of Abu Dhabi’s cultural identity. Having opened its doors to the public in 1994 this one of a kind gallery was reopened as recently as 2009 under the royal patronage of HRH Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan. Renowned throughout the Gulf as the region’s premier art space for contemporary art, the venue takes pride in displaying the works of the Middle East’s finest artists while nurturing emerging talent within the UAE and its neighbouring countries. Showcasing various modes of contemporary artistic expression, the venue displays paintings, photography collections, sculptures, installations and performance art pieces, while organizing cultural activities the likes of poetry readings and workshops on various art forms.

As a globally recognized curator of individual and collaborative exhibits in association with other world renowned galleries, the venue is a visual treasure trove for art lovers exploring Abu Dhabi. Having served as the venue of choice for Art Dubai 2011, Abu Dhabi Artfair 2010, the Dropping Lines’ Contemporary Emirati Art Show and Abu Dhabi Art 2009 Exhibition, the Salwa Zeidan Gallery has also hosted prestigious events such the Abu Dhabi International Sculpture Symposium in past years.

Apart from displaying the works of reputed Middle Eastern masters the likes of Hassan Sharif, Rose Husseiny, Nedim Kufi and Mohammed Kazem, exhibits by Fatema Al Mazrouie and Kourosh Salehi were also showcased at the venue along with the highly documented Abdul Badi Abdul-Musawwir Solo Exhibition. Highlights at the venue include works by foreign artists such as Yoshin Ogata, Gheorghi Filin, John Van Alstine and Caroline Ramersdorfer, while photographic collections by local greats Kourosh Salehi and Omar Zeidan are also on show at the gallery. International photographers exhibiting their work at the locale include Billy Lee, Vincent Sannier, Rita Grosse-Ruyken and George Lewis.

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New Zealands premier Art gallery; the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki is not simply a shrine of sorts for people to come in and stand in awe. Instead, this gallery is a celebration and educational experience of artistic evolution and diversity. This characteristic is reflected in their varied collection of paintings and variety of programmes offered to children and adults. The gallery attempts to spread the enriching qualities of art even further by loaning its pieces for short-term debuts in other galleries in New Zealand.

Visitors to the gallery might be overwhelmed when initially entering the imposing building, but a quick check up with the help-desk should give one some clarity as to what programs are available. There are various activities that allow families to be a part of a workshop and play with different artistic mediums and explore select pieces. For the adults there is a selection of lectures, talks, tours, and discussions concerning the galleries finest pieces and these events are sure to get ones intellectual juices flowing.

 The gallery boasts a wide variety of pieces which can be best experienced through the tour programmes offered at the help desk. One program that is especially interesting would be the “Degas to Dali” exhibit, which takes visitors through the last century of modern art exploring various styles such as impressionism, cubism and surrealism, and depicting the evolution and transition of ideas throughout various critical stages heralded by artists pivotal to their particular movement. On the other side of the coin there is the unique opportunity to enjoy a collection of Maori portraits created during the 19th century by Gottfried Lindauer. This display’s main aim was to spread the word about these portraits as well as preserve the rich Maori heritage as well as allow descendents to provide information surrounding all of the portraits.

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Aronoff Center for the Performing Arts, a grand arena

The magnificent Aronoff Center for the Arts was designed by Cesar Pelli, an esteemed architect. The center boasts three exceptional performance arenas; Jarson-Kaplan Theater, Procter & Gamble Hall and Fifth Third Bank Theater. Additionally the Center contains reception and meeting rooms, rehearsal spaces and an attractive art gallery. Productions such as dance, music, concerts and theatrical productions have been held at the Center.

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Rise of Original Art Galleries in Koh Phangan

In recent years Koh Phangan has become well known as a focus for arts, handicrafts, jewellery, batiks and more. There are numerous art galleries in the island which present attractive displays of local artworks. Koh Phangan art is esteemed for its quality and originality, and art galleries present some of the finest works of local artists. Artists will even create personal artworks according to the requirement of the visitor.

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True Heritage of Maldives through Handicrafts

Maldives is a country made up of over 1000 small islands. Each of these islands – most of which are uninhabited – are each renowned for a particular type of handicraft in which the people of that island have specialized in over the years. Of course this is not a strict separation.

Handicrafts of the Maldives have always held a special place among visitors to the island. History also indicates manners in which Maldivian handicrafts made their way to prestigious and prominent persons and countries.

Weaving of mats is a popular and well known handicraft. The Gaafu Dhaalu atoll includes an island named Gadhdhoo which has for long years been prominent in mat weaving. These mats, which are hand woven, are made with dried rushes and grass. These mats are used for various purposes depending on their intricacies and value and can be used as prayer mats, mats for sitting, eating or sleeping. Mats gifted to British and Dutch Governors in Ceylon in the past were sometimes trimmed with gold lace work as well.

The Baa atoll’s Thulaadhoo island prides itself on its lacquer ware. Wooden items such as boxes of various sizes, vases, pots, musical instruments are all intricately decorated with elaborate artistic patterns in rich yellow, red and black colours.

Jewellery making is also a much sought after Maldivian handicraft. Goldsmiths and silver smiths create beautiful jewellery in Ribudhoo and Hulhedeli islands respectively. With the increase in tourism sea related items used in handicrafts and jewellery have received much prominence due to their popularity. Jewellery made from mother of pearl, coral, seashell, black coral, and turtle shell are the traditional materials used. However turtle shell and black coral have been banned as these living creatures are endangered and nearing extinction. Items made with these materials are also forbidden to be exported out of the country.

These Maldivian handicrafts find their way into the National Handicraft Centre in Maldives as well as certain shopping areas, markets and small selling points operated by natives. When coming for a visit, if a traveller seeks a Maldives hotel or more specifically Maldives island resorts then there are plenty to choose from. Naladhu, Maldives with its luxurious amenities will certainly be a good choice.

Arts and Crafts of Maldives

The tradition of craft making in Maldives has been passed from generation to generation over the years. The availability of raw materials and the skills of local people are the main factors which have attributed to the creation of wonderful and unique arts and crafts of the nation. The handicrafts of the country are mainly classified into categories such as boat building, coconut products, woven mats, lacquer ware and jewellery- coral, mother of pearl, gold and silver. Handicrafts such as coconut shell spoons, wooden mortars and coconut graters have a great demand in the nation. Among Maldives island resorts, Naladhu, Maldives is ideal for the accommodation needs of travellers to the city. With excellent service and facilities, it is an exceptional Maldives hotel.