Aronoff Center for the Performing Arts, a grand arena

The magnificent Aronoff Center for the Arts was designed by Cesar Pelli, an esteemed architect. The center boasts three exceptional performance arenas; Jarson-Kaplan Theater, Procter & Gamble Hall and Fifth Third Bank Theater. Additionally the Center contains reception and meeting rooms, rehearsal spaces and an attractive art gallery. Productions such as dance, music, concerts and theatrical productions have been held at the Center.

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Newport Aquarium – Showcasing Many Marvels of the Underwater World

Cincinnati is home to a wide variety of attractions including botanical gardens, parks, the Contemporary Arts Centre and museums such as Taft Museum of Art, and more. Dotted with a large collection of historic architecture, the city is renowned for being home to the Newport Aquarium

Located in Newport, Cincinnati, Kentucky, the Newport Aquarium consists of 14 galleries and 70 exhibits among which are five acrylic tunnels adding up to a total length of more than 200 feet. Showcasing thousands of sea creatures from throughout the globe, the aquarium is an attraction suited for the whole family.

Among the various attractions within the aquarium, Penguin Encounters is loved by many. This twenty minute experience allows you to get up-close and personal with adorable Blackfooted penguins.  Visitors get to touch the penguins and see them swim and waddle.

The Newport Aquarium also boasts the largest jellyfish gallery in the South. Among the other exhibits is the Ohio Riverbank, Rain forest which includes Swainson’s Blue Mountain Lory, Rainbow LorikeetOriental Small-clawed Otter and more, Shark Central which allows visitors to pet various sharks including Port Jackson shark and Lesser guitarfish, Amazon which houses Black arowana, Silver arowana and Redtail catfish.

Visitors can also marvel at the wide variety of species at Bizarre and Beautiful, including Spotted garden eel, Decorated war bonnets, Painted greenling, Umbrella crab, Lumpsucker, Grunt sculpin, Giant Pacific octopus, Eyelash viper, and Cardinal tetra.

The aquarium offers a unique setting for special events such as weddings, fundraisers, corporate outings, meetings, and more. The spectacular ambiance of the place is bound to make any event memorable. As you wander through the fascinating and exotic exhibits, you can enjoy charming vistas of the Cincinnati skyline.
Visit Dangerous and Deadly to marvel at some of the most lethal and fierce animals in the wild including the Alligator Snapping Turtle, Piranha, the venomous Stonefish, graceful Lionfish and Electric Eels.

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Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati’s Modern Art Hub

The unmistakable Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati is a renowned exhibition venue for the latest developments in sculpture, painting, architecture, photography, performance artworks and other contemporary media. The emphasis is very much on modern art, and the center has featured the early work of renowned artists such as Andy Warhol. The building was designed by London-based Iraqi-born female architect Zaha Hadid. The unique design of the building with its seemingly ‘stacked’ sections is considered to embody the Deconstructivist style.

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Contemporary Arts Centre – serving the community as a platform for contemporary issues

A centre that focuses on shared experiences and an open door culture for any one to experience contemporary art is the Contemporary Arts Centre (CAC) in Cincinnati. The CAC was established in 1939 and for 70 years since then it has been in the forefront of exhibiting contemporary art. The Institution was the fore sight of three local women, and today it has the recognition of all those in the international arena of the art world, having been the first centre in America to solely exhibit works of contemporary art.

When Picasso’s Guernica was completed in 1937 and was being toured from 1939 to 1952, the institution became the first one in 1940 to have that piece on display. True to this first tradition the establishment still continues to exhibit famous contemporary artistes. The CAC has featured the works of artistes such as Nam June Paik, I.M. Pei, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol as well as Laurie Anderson.

True to its radical motto in 1990 the institution was involved in a legal case which defended the right of the city’s residents to be able to view the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe that were being exhibited at that time.

The CAC promotes growth in the artistic spheres of sculpture, painting, photography, architecture and even performance art. While the centre does not collect works of contemporary art they are focused solely on introducing up and coming artistes to audiences that comprise of those from varied walks of life.

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Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio is the second oldest Zoo in USA. The zoo conducts breeding programs for  cheetahs, sea lions, Western Lowland Gorillas, masai giraffes, Pottos, Malayan tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros and many other endangered animals.

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