Commando Challenge 2013 – The Ultimate Challenge

The Commando Challenge is certainly a race like no other. Putting your mind and body to the ultimate test, this race pushes you to bring out the best in your physical strength and endurance. Sure it is a rat race, where you compete with your opponents and aim to go first on the finish line but through your journey your spirit is tested, your sportsmanship is tested and certainly your determination is tested. Although it is a serious challenge it is plenty of fun and spectators enjoy it just as much as the participants do.
December 15th 2013 is the date you must keep in mind if you want to enjoy this fantastic race. If you are interested in rising up to the challenge, applicants are already welcome. It is called the ‘Commando’ challenge for a reason; it expects the spirit and the determination of a soldier. The race is definitely Special Forces material which expects an optimum all round fitness level and the determination to overcome hardcore obstacles. And like with any special force challenges there is only one attitude permitted; never, ever give up. Through the race your endurance would be tested through a series of obstacles that involve climbing and crawling and dealing with mud and water. You will not know what you are about to face but each challenge is designed to be completed individually. At the end of the Commando Challenge you will be born again with a unique insight in to the authentic commando spirit and you will emerge with an un-beatable pride and sense of accomplishment. It really does not matter whether you make it first to the finish line or not, the sense of success you will experience will nevertheless be felt.

Spectators are welcome with open arms for the event for they provide the much needed encouragement and cheer to the participants. They also take memorable pictures of participants rising up to the challenge and feel a sense of the Commando experience. Entrance to the event is absolutely free.

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Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.


Singapore Writers Festival – A Writers realm where writers rule!

Writers festivals are a great way to promote literature and writing by bringing together writers and the public through a series of literary events. The Singapore Writers Festival is such an event that has been taking place since 1986 when it was known as Singapore Writers Week. It is now an annual event held under the aegis of the National Arts Council promoting new Singaporean and Asian writers in the country’s three official languages of English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, a rare multi-lingual literary event with a diversity of themes and topics. The event also puts Singaporean book-lovers in touch with new and established international writers for a truly global perspective.

The 2013 event is scheduled to take place over 10 days in November and event activities will include book and poetry readings, book reviews and one-on-one discussions with authors, workshops, publishing symposia, literary cocktails, and meals and book launches. Budding writers will have the opportunity to hone their skills and for booklovers to rub shoulders with their idols. Festival events will take place at various city locations such as The Arts House, the National Museum of Singapore and the National Library, while some main events will be held at the Singapore Management University’s campus green. Between events, both attendees and authors can enjoy the many attractions of the city.

Since the festival’s introduction as a part of the Singapore Festival of Arts, the event has undergone changes making it the prominent literary exhibition of today that attracted an audience of 50,000 people at the last count. In keeping with its constant upgrading and improvement, the festival’s first fringe events were introduced in 2012 based on the provocative topic “Origins of Desire”. A “Ream to Reel” film series was showcased to further illustrate the topic. Another new feature was the “country focus” which was the Middle East. Five writers were invited to discuss how ongoing events there influenced their writing.

Adding interest to the festival is the hotly contested Golden Point Award given to unpublished authors of poetry and short stories who are selected on the merits of their offerings. This is an opportunity for almost anyone to be recognised as a writer.

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Angela Fernando is an impassioned travel writer who composes pieces under the pen name Sumaira Narayan. She loves writing about new and exciting places around the world and hopes to visit them all someday.


Deepavali, a vibrant festival

The colourful celebration of Deepavali is one of the most significant festivals for Hindu communities around the world. The Hindu faithful form a significant proportion of the residents of Singapore and are concentrated in the neighbourhood of Little India. Deepavali or the Festival of Lights as the occasion is also known occurs in the latter part of the year and is much looked forward to.
The festival celebrates good overcoming evil and the victory of light over darkness. There are many legends associated with this occasion. The story goes that there was once a tyrannical ruler called Narakasura who oppressed his subjects. The people appealed to Lord Krishna for help and the deity duly vanquished and killed the tyrant. To welcome the victorious Lord Krishna on that pitch black night the townspeople lit a multitude of oil lamps, and even today the Hindu faithful mark this victory by lighting the festive lights during Deepavali.

On the festival days Hindus attire themselves in new garments, and snacks and sweetmeats are distributed. Certain Hindu communities commence the fiscal year on the day of Deepavali as this is considered to be auspicious. In Singapore just as in Indian societies in many nations around the world women take the opportunity to decorate their hands with henna designs. Many henna artists provide their services free of charge at this time.
At the time of Deepavali the avenues of Little India are vibrantly decorated and adorned with colourful embellishments. Exuberantly vivid lights and arches are set up and there is a discernible festive ambience in the air. Many attractive bazaars are set up and an array of special cultural events are organized, such as street parades, craft exhibitions and musical concerts. Everywhere you will see prayer garlands, fragrant blooms, the ubiquitous oil lamps and elaborate attire, particularly saris.
To experience the festive spirit all you need to do is to order a delicious milk tea at one of the roadside cafes and watch the celebratory activities of the locals.
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Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+

Mid-Autumn Festival Singapore

The mid-autumn festival held in Singapore was brought by their Chinese ancestors and is still celebrated with much mirth and ardour. A yearly even in August or September, the festival has many legends attached to it. Also called the Mooncake or Lantern festival, the traditional date for the festival is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Originally a harvest festival over the centuries, it has become a celebration of fertility and harvest.

Moon worship is an integral aspect of this event and it is believed that the sun and moon are a couple while all the stars are their children. According to such beliefs, the moon becomes round when she is pregnant and after giving birth she changes to a crescent. Another legend associated with the moon is that of Chang’e; the moon goddess of immortality. While one version of it states that Chang’e became a goddess by drinking the elixir of immortality to prevent her husband’s evil apprentice stealing it, another states that she drank it to prevent her husband who became a tyrannical ruler, reign forever.
Similar to Thanksgiving, the mid-autumn festival is more of a family gathering where you spend quality time with your loved ones. People also head over to Chinatown to soak in the carnival atmosphere. The origins of lanterns becoming part of this festival is unknown, over time however they have evolved to become the symbol of the event. Today thousands of lanterns, in various hues, brightly lit and beautiful decorate the city.

Mooncakes are another important element of the mid-autumn festival. Distributing a round mooncake to everyone in the family and sharing it together is considered a symbol of unity and reunion. Mooncakes can be found in a variety of flavours like lotus, egg yolk, durian, chocolate, coffee, ice cream and many other scrumptious tastes.

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F1 Singapore 2013 – Coming This September

Few spectator sports offer the same thrills as Formula One racing. One’s heart rate starts to climb the minute the cars roar past the start line and does not come down until the race concludes. The races are held in several destinations around the world and are widely televised. However, nothing can compare to actually being there. Of all the races, the Singapore Grand Prix has given has given spectators some really good ones over the past few years. Held annually at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, the Singapore Grand Prix is an event that is not to be missed.

The races in Singapore are particularly thrilling as they take place on a street circuit. The constantly shifting landscape ensures that there is no monotony. The track, which is only about five kilometres in length, features twenty three turns and plenty of opportunities to overtake opponents and spectators can get really close to all the action. One need not be a race enthusiast to enjoy a day at the races. The electric atmosphere, the rise and fall of car engines as they whiz by, and the nerve and skill displayed by drivers can be enjoyed by everyone.

So those planning on visiting Singapore this September should definitely try to get tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix. Opportunities like this only come once in a while and visitors should grab the chance when they can. Tickets can be purchased through the race’s official website. The 2013 edition of the Singapore Grand Prix is not just about racing; it will also feature concert and shows by some of the world’s leading contemporary performers. It is just another thing to look forward to at the F1 Singapore 2013.

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