Deepavali, a vibrant festival

The colourful celebration of Deepavali is one of the most significant festivals for Hindu communities around the world. The Hindu faithful form a significant proportion of the residents of Singapore and are concentrated in the neighbourhood of Little India. Deepavali or the Festival of Lights as the occasion is also known occurs in the latter part of the year and is much looked forward to.
The festival celebrates good overcoming evil and the victory of light over darkness. There are many legends associated with this occasion. The story goes that there was once a tyrannical ruler called Narakasura who oppressed his subjects. The people appealed to Lord Krishna for help and the deity duly vanquished and killed the tyrant. To welcome the victorious Lord Krishna on that pitch black night the townspeople lit a multitude of oil lamps, and even today the Hindu faithful mark this victory by lighting the festive lights during Deepavali.

On the festival days Hindus attire themselves in new garments, and snacks and sweetmeats are distributed. Certain Hindu communities commence the fiscal year on the day of Deepavali as this is considered to be auspicious. In Singapore just as in Indian societies in many nations around the world women take the opportunity to decorate their hands with henna designs. Many henna artists provide their services free of charge at this time.
At the time of Deepavali the avenues of Little India are vibrantly decorated and adorned with colourful embellishments. Exuberantly vivid lights and arches are set up and there is a discernible festive ambience in the air. Many attractive bazaars are set up and an array of special cultural events are organized, such as street parades, craft exhibitions and musical concerts. Everywhere you will see prayer garlands, fragrant blooms, the ubiquitous oil lamps and elaborate attire, particularly saris.
To experience the festive spirit all you need to do is to order a delicious milk tea at one of the roadside cafes and watch the celebratory activities of the locals.
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Deepavali – The Festival of Lights

Located just south of the Indian peninsula is the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka. Also known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka is nation with a rich heritage and multi-cultural society. It is also a popular tourist destination, as it is home to beautiful golden sandy beaches, magnificent mountains with lush greenery, renowned religious and historical sites, and a booming hospitality industry along with a wide range of recreational and leisure attractions.

There are many religious and cultural festivals that are celebrated in Sri Lanka. One such festival which is of immense significance to the Hindu Tamils of the island is Deepavali. This festival, which is a celebration of good triumphing over evil, is also celebrated in India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, and several other nations. The festivities involve a great deal of colourful rituals, traditional practices, and many exciting features making it an extremely vibrant event.

Deepawali, or Diwali; as it is known in India, is usually held during mid-October and mid-November. The festival is celebrated to banish all the shadows and evil from one’s life, which is why one of its main elements is the lighting of oil lamps. The light emitted from the lamps represents the good casting away the evil, which is also why Deepawali is colloquially called the Festival of Lights.

In addition to each house lighting lamps, the other festivities include traditional rituals for the Goddess Lakshmi at kovils, the lighting of firecrackers, colourful street parades, the making and distribution of traditional Tamil sweetmeats, and the exchange of new clothes. It is also a time when families visit each other, with all the relatives coming together. The festival of Deepawali is extremely beautiful and vibrant, and is celebrated grandly each year in what culminates as one of the most colourful festivities of the Tamil people.

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