Makati’s Business-oriented Landscape

Beyond its corporate allure, Makati also presents an enticing canvas for hosting events of all scales and genres. Its strategic location, coupled with world-class facilities and amenities, positions Makati as an ideal destination for businesses seeking to leave a lasting impression through memorable and successful events. From luxurious hotels to state-of-the-art convention centres, Makati offers a plethora of venues tailored to cater to the diverse needs of event organisers.

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The “True” Center

Makati is commonly hailed as the nexus of Metro Manila’s northern and southern regions, earning its status as the bustling urban core it is today. Its strategic positioning renders Makati highly accessible for guests, suppliers, and event collaborators alike.

Access to supplies and suppliers

Whether you prefer hands-on decoration or seek professional assistance, Makati is encircled by malls and business hubs offering diverse options tailored to every budget. Moreover, the abundance of printing shops in the vicinity makes reproducing print materials and other event collaterals a breeze – ideal for suitors of studio apartments in Metro Manila, such as the Ascott Makati.

Variety of Event Spaces

Due to its widespread popularity, Makati offers a plethora of choices when it comes to event venues, ranging in size, available amenities, catering partnerships, and more. Whether you seek specific features such as ample natural lighting or verdant garden spaces, Makati serves as an ideal starting point for scouting.

Assured Safety

Makati City boasts its status as one of the safest urban centers in the Philippines, ranking fourth in Southeast Asia according to the Numbeo Safety Index 2019, with an impressive Safety Index rate of 59.48 points. Mayor Abby Binay lauds the city government’s unwavering dedication to safety, affirming their commitment to fostering resilient communities where residents can thrive securely.

Cultural Centre of the Philippines – 20 Years of Preserving and Promoting the Arts and Culture of the Philippines

All countries strive to protect its own individual culture and lifestyle for it carries with it the unique identity of its citizens. The state of Philippines is no different. Having recognised the importance of preserving the arts, crafts and culture of the Philippines, President Ferdinand Marcos of the Government of the country established the Cultural Centre of Philippines in 1996. As it is located in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the cultural centre can be visited by tourists residing in any Manila Hotel in Makati, and is easily accessible from a number of hotels, including the Berjaya Makati Hotel in Manila.

While the headquarters in Manila was designed by the National Artist for Architecture, it was established with the express purpose of preserving, developing and promoting the culture and the arts of the Philippines. Therefore, the cultural centre conducts a number of artistic programmes that includes the publication and distribution of print material with information on arts and culture, the production of various performances, carrying out of cultural research and conducting festivals and exhibitions relating to the arts and crafts.
The Cultural Centre provides support to the Philippine High School for the Arts as well as the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival and hosts a number of resident companies including the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ballet Theatre, the National Music Competitions for Young Artists Foundation and many more. As a result of its widespread influence, the cultural centre offers facilities and performance venues and the National Theatre, i.e. The Theatre of the Performing Arts, is their flagship venue. Other satellite venues include the Angelo King Center for the Performing Arts which was established in 2000, and the Assumpta Theatre on the campus of Assumption Antipolo.

As a government owned and government controlled corporation, the Cultural Centre maintains a strong focus on preserving the arts, crafts and culture of the Philippines.

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The Invigorating Nightlife in Metro Manila

The cosmopolitan capital of the Philippines, Manila is bustling with life in a combination of cultures and flavors it offers an endless list of places to see and unforgettable experiences. The city is filled with shops museums, churches and parks. Some of the main tourist attractions in the city are Intramuros which is the ruins of an ancient Spanish settlement and also houses the Manila Cathedral, the Rizal Park which has some of the best museums, bayside restaurants and an open air theater which is also frequently used for picnics. If you are looking to shop its best you visit the market stalls at which everything can be bargained for.

This lively city is famous for its nightlife that lasts till dawn. Many parts of Metro Manila has created their own nocturnal hangouts, among them is the up market and sophisticated Makati city which is a one stop dinning, shopping and entertainment district. It has massive malls and towering buildings targeted to the fashionable and chic high society, the restaurants and bars here have their own quirky taste in entertainment and dinning which caters to locals and foreigners alike, the Café Havana, Absinth Bar and Temple Bar are few of the hot night spots that are throbbing with music and high spirits. Nakpil Street in Malate is where the young crowd goes to party, the streets here are packed with restaurants, discos and street party’s where you can have simple and unpretentious fun. The hotels have their own entertainment with live bands and lounges.

The most happening nightlife in the whole of Southeast Asia is Manila. The place has an interesting selection to suit any mood or occasion, if sitting at a bar and sipping a drink is what relaxes you visiting Hobbit house, Tabu, Conway’s bar or if you like to catch the local artist performing the 70’s Bistro is another happening place to be in. The list goes on so if you visit the Philippines for business or pleasure don’t miss out on the best night spots, the frenzied music and the vivacious crowd that will only make you crave for more.

Spending your leisure or business trip at a long stay apartment Manila will let you have the luxury of being in close proximity to experience the stimulating nightlife the city has to offer. Somerset Salcedo with its comfortable and modern facilities will only make your nightlife more enjoyable. Residing in Serviced Apartments Manila will make it more convenient for your travel in the city.