Holi Festival the festival of colours

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If you’re dropping by in India during the months of February and March, a must see festival is the Holi festival. This is one of the biggest celebrated festivals in the country. Main purpose of this festival is to celebrate spring. The spirit of celebrating the festival remains the same within all ages throughout the country. The entire environment changes with festivity during this season. Loads of different food is cooked for the family members as well as relatives. Colours are applied on each other while dancing and singing. This truly is an original Indian festival.

New Delhi Nightlife – Party At Dusk fall

Boasting some amazing bars and clubs, New Delhi is growing fast into one of the biggest nightlife hubs in Asia. With many a lounges and clubs to choose from, the options never run short for more and more venues keep springing in the city. Some of the major hotspots for clubbing are in the southern part of Delhi where the partying goes on till late 1 am and at most till the wee hours of the morning. The music played in these clubs vary from international tracks and of course the Bollywood music mix that gets the crowd going with their catchy beats whether you understand the lyrics or not. 
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