Festivals in Korea – The Festivities and Celebrations of Korea

The capital and largest city of South Korea is the bustling city of Seoul. Considered to be centre of South Korea’s administrative, cultural and financial activity, Seoul is home to many historic landmarks, tourist attractions, and world heritage sites. Therefore, Seoul is also a popular tourist destination and offers accommodation and serviced apartment Seoul in luxury residencies such as Somerset Palace Seoul.

South Korea has a vibrant culture and this is exemplified by its many colourful festivities and elaborate celebrations. Ranging from religious festivals to annual cultural celebrations, South Korea has festivals that occur all year around. Thus a visit to South Korea at any time of the year offers you the chance to be a part of intriguing festivals and their respective rituals and customs.

One of the biggest festivals in South Korea is Seollal; the New Year’s festival. Seollal is celebrated at the dawn of a new lunar year and is accompanied by various rituals and customs such as paying respects to one’s elders, exchanging of gifts, preparing traditional meals and partaking in various traditional celebrations and games. Another popular festival is the Hansik which is celebrated during the 4th month of the lunar calendar and marks the beginning of the harvesting season. This festival too has its traditional rituals which are both colourful and intriguing. Another exciting festival is the Yangpyeong Strawberry Festival, where visitors can pick their own fresh strawberries and partake in several other exciting activities. The annual International Horticulture Goyang is also an interesting festival with elaborate flower displays from around the world and seminars on horticulture. Chuseok, one of the most vibrant traditional festivals is also a great event with lots of traditional games and age old traditional rituals. In addition to these there is also the Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Bitnoriya Festival and the traditional Dano festival which you can go and witness.

So the next time you visit Seoul, check out some of these amazing festivals and celebrations.

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Nanta Theater – Cooking on stage a la Korean style

Located between two world superpowers China and Japan, the country known to some as the land of the morning calm, Korea is an exceptional Asian destination. A nation which spans historical eons of over 5000 years, offers travellers delightful cultural, historical and natural sights.

As the capital of Korea, the city of Seoul is a bustling commercial and financial hub of the country. While the north of the city pays homage to its historical and cultural importance, the south portrays the heart of the economy. Palaces such as Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, and Changgyeonggung, parks, villages, streets and landmarks architectural buildings are among key attractions dotting this vibrant city.

Colourful festivals and performances among which depict traditional Korean arts and theatre make for interesting viewing. Similarly the City’s exciting nightlife, high-end fashion arcades and shopping malls together with exquisite Seoul cuisine served at gourmet restaurants all create the perfect ambience for a fascinating destination.

Nanta or known in English as Cooking is the country’s top rated performance integrating Korea’s unique beat. This musical extravaganza stems from a storyline of a few chefs and their chaotic culinary preparations. Using body language and percussion instruments, these recitals combine comedy with events in the kitchen.

The Nanta Theater began its acts in 1997 and since then continues to draw record audiences. In the country alone over 300,000 visitors yearly have the opportunity to enjoy Nanta. Not limited to the Korean peninsula, these shows are now performed to audiences worldwide. Major arts centers such as Edinburgh and even New York have been privy to these enactments.

Most audiences will opine that unusual instruments are used for this feast, such as pots, pans and knives interspersed with the nation’s dance together with Buddhist prayers and a few Kung Fu moves for good measure. Another major ingredient is the using of the audience to create a greater interest in the performance. Joining in the show creates the perfect atmosphere for enjoyment.

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