The Mid-Autumn Festival in Macau – Some Stunning Factors!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a big three-day holiday that Chinese people celebrate by going home to their families, so tickets tend to sell out on long-distance trains and buses as people from the mainland try to go back home.

The Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival occurs while it is still late summer in Southern China. The Mid-Autumn festival synchronises with the 15th day of the 8th month on the Lunar calendar. As the locals head out, it would be a great time to stay at luxury hotels in Macau and explore the emptied city.

Chinese Believe the Moon is the Brightest

The Chinese believe that the moon is at its brightest in fall. The Mid-Autumn Festival doesn’t occur on a full moon day but often the cycles of the moon coincide with the lunar calendar.

Ranked 2nd

Since it is considered the 2nd most important festival, all the luxury resorts like Hotel Okura Macau would be holding grand celebrations which you should also take part in to get the complete cultural experience.


Chinese make mooncakes for the festival and though the regular ones cost very little, there are custom made luxury mooncakes that can cost up to more than 1,000 yuan which is the equivalent of $150. People buy them for family and friends with ingredients like shark fin, bird’s nest and abalone. People also try to make the biggest one ever in a bid to break a world record. The largest ever made was in 2013 and it was in Shanghai and weighed 2.500 kg.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival in the Chinese calendar after the Chinese New Year and is celebrated with mooncakes and a three-day holiday.

Experiencing the Macau Grand Prix – A Race Like No Other

Providing breathtaking thrills for drivers and spectators alike, the annual Macau Grand Prix has become one of the highlights of the racing calendar. Here’s some background information on this famed event.

Image by: skeeze  via pixabay| CC0


Initially a sports car race, the Macau Grand Prix first took place in 1954 and evolved over the years to incorporate Formula 3 cars. In the 1970s touring cars were also introduced followed by a motorcycle race in 1976. The FIA GT World Cup was also added in 2008, making this a truly special event.

The Circuit

One of the highlights here is the Guia Circuit, a challenging 3.8 mile street circuit that is within easy reach of Hotel Okura Macau and other such centrally located luxury hotels in Macau. The circuit is known for its tight corners and fast straights which combine to form a testing course for both cars and bikes.

The Races

The main race is the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix with the winning driver receiving the FIA Formula 3 World Cup. As part of the event, touring cars take part in the Macau Guia Race, while GT3-spec cars participate in the Macau GT Cup and motorcycles in the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Race Days

The Macau Grand Prix generally takes place on the second or third weekend in November. Prior to the race weekend, Thursday and Friday are reserved for practice and qualifying with Saturday and Sunday set aside for the main races. In 2019, the event is scheduled to take place from 14th to 17th November.


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Discovering Senado Square in Macau – A Stroll Back in Time

While Macau may be full of glitz, glamour and gaming at its lavish casinos, this destination has a rich history too. A great place to start your journey of discovery would be Senado Square.

Getting There

Senado Square can be found in the Historic Centre of Macau which has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Within a 12 minute drive from Hotel Okura Macau, this site can be reached by public bus services including the following routes which have stops nearby: 3, 6A, 18A, 33, N1A.

What to Expect

A visit to Senado Square with its old world charm offers a fascinating contrast to the atmosphere you will find at luxury hotels in Macau. Home to neo-classical buildings, a mosaic-tiled pavement, an old post office and Chinese herbal medicine stores, the square will take one back in time.

Key Attractions

There are three notable structures here that are part of the Historic Centre of Macau; the 18th century senate building known as Leal Senado, Macau’s oldest church, the 16th century St. Dominic’s Church and the Holy House of Mercy which also dates back to the 16th century.

Exploring Further

Senado Square makes an ideal starting point to your Macau adventures since it’s close to other sites of interest most notably, the Ruins of St. Paul. Also within easy reach are the Cathedral of the Nativity of Our Lady, the Kuan Tai Temple and the Macao Museum which are well worth a visit too.

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Celebrating Easter in Macau with family – The best Easter adventure yet

Easter is a tradition embedded in Macau’s history and culture, a festive affair celebrated widely across the city. Symbolizing a new beginning, Easter in Macau brings about a new hope.

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Brenden Brain, Casino Lights In Macau, CC BY-SA 3.0


The traditions
During your holiday, step out of one of the luxury hotels in Macau and experience the traditions of Easter all around you! A strong Catholic presence is maintained in Macau, as many people travel to Macau for a significant religious experience. The most anticipated parts of Easter are the procession from the Cathedral across Senado square, St. Dominic’s Square, Travessa Do Bispo and back to the Cathedral. The cathedral is a 17-minute drive from Hotel Okura Macau. The Easter procession is one that represents reflection, giving you the chance to experience the true tradition of Easter in Macau.

The culture and cuisine
Another great way to celebrate Easter with your family is to enjoy the Easter Sunday brunch in Macau. You’ll have plenty of choices to choose from, depending on what you’re craving for. The joyful gathering is ideal for family gatherings. Interactive activities for children such as egg hunting, arts and crafts, games and so much more ways to celebrate the holiday.

History and Adventure
Macau displayed some of the best European architecture on Chinese territory and Easter in Macau is also a tribute to this. Create lasting memories with your children during the Easter season as Macau has numerous places for the perfect Easter holiday! The remarkable history and culture found in the heritage sites and attractions make this holiday quite an adventure!


Celebrating Easter In Macau – A city filled with hope

Easter is a festival that brings hope to the entire world! There is a much stronger sense of hope in Macau at this time of the year. It just might have something to do with a significant history associated with this day. Here are a few reasons why Macau is one of the best places to visit for Easter.



Easter Traditions

When it comes to Easter, the people of Macau find joy in taking part in the Easter traditions. As is the norm, believers take part in mass and especially the procession of the passion of Christ from the church premises around Sedona city and back.


Easter Orchestra

The premises of St. Dominic’s church situated in the historic centre of the country is a buzz when it’s time for the Easter Orchestral performance here. This is the place witness the best local talent. The music is sure to get one’s religious spirit rising with a jaw-dropping performance!


Nam Van Lake Waterfront

This fun place for family and friends to hang out is located just an 8-minute drive away from many luxury hotels in Macau. Anim’Arte encourages local artists to create their own Easter egg artwork to be displayed in the outdoors here.


Enjoy the cuisine

Easter is also a time for family and friends to get together. Also, Easter brunch is quite popular even at hotels like Hotel Okura Macau with fun kid’s activities and a scrumptious spread of food!