Celebrating Easter in Macau with family – The best Easter adventure yet

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Easter is a tradition embedded in Macau’s history and culture, a festive affair celebrated widely across the city. Symbolizing a new beginning, Easter in Macau brings about a new hope.

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The traditions
During your holiday, step out of one of the luxury hotels in Macau and experience the traditions of Easter all around you! A strong Catholic presence is maintained in Macau, as many people travel to Macau for a significant religious experience. The most anticipated parts of Easter are the procession from the Cathedral across Senado square, St. Dominic’s Square, Travessa Do Bispo and back to the Cathedral. The cathedral is a 17-minute drive from Hotel Okura Macau. The Easter procession is one that represents reflection, giving you the chance to experience the true tradition of Easter in Macau.

The culture and cuisine
Another great way to celebrate Easter with your family is to enjoy the Easter Sunday brunch in Macau. You’ll have plenty of choices to choose from, depending on what you’re craving for. The joyful gathering is ideal for family gatherings. Interactive activities for children such as egg hunting, arts and crafts, games and so much more ways to celebrate the holiday.

History and Adventure
Macau displayed some of the best European architecture on Chinese territory and Easter in Macau is also a tribute to this. Create lasting memories with your children during the Easter season as Macau has numerous places for the perfect Easter holiday! The remarkable history and culture found in the heritage sites and attractions make this holiday quite an adventure!


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