Sri Lanka Cultural Values & Business Etiquette- Respect and adhere!

People with welcoming smiles, generous hearts and warm hospitality are the features tightly woven to Sri Lankan culture. The island being one of the spectacular event venues, if you are looking for event planners in Sri Lanka to organize your corporate gathering or the business conference, Nkar Mice is one of the pioneering companies specialized in event management in Sri Lanka. Whether you are on leisure or business, if you are on a visit to this paradisiacal island, do not forget to educate yourself of its cultural values and business etiquettes. Sri Lankans who have the highest regard for their cultural values do not encourage overt physical displays of affection in public. Being predominantly a Buddhist country, visitors are expected to be in decent attire when visiting temples. Although the country boasts of beautiful sunny beaches, nudity is not allowed in any of the beaches in Sri Lanka. It is the normal practice in Sri Lanka to greet anyone by saying “Ayubowan”- May you live long. Knowing some of these cultural values and etiquettes unique to the island will always come in handy when wandering in Sri Lanka.


The Arena at BMICH – an excellent event venue

The BMICH (the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall) is Colombo’s leading conference and events venue, the top choice of event planners in Sri Lanka. Its prestigious history, central location, and expansive facilities make it an ideal host for event management Sri Lanka by professional local companies in the industry such as Nkar Mice. The BMICH spans an impressive 37 acres and it enjoys the status of being one of South Asia’s most complete exhibition complexes. It boasts high-tech facilities as well as a selection of contemporary halls and rooms as well as a spacious delegates room that spans 16,000 square feet. It also employs an eco-tourist theme in the form of its “Eco Auditorium”, which presents an idyllic replica of Sri Lankan village life. The middle of the village is a spacious grassy arena known as the “kamatha” that translates to “threshing floor”, which can host a multitude of open air performances. In addition, the same area also features a training facility that functions as an outbound training range and a high adventure course.  Over the course of its tenure spanning over forty years as the city’s premier conference venue, it has played host to a multitude of international local events to the tune of musical dramas, international conferences such as SAARC and CHOGM (November 2013), beautiful pageants, global exhibitions and trade events and more.

Hambantota International Convention Centre – A Modern Marvel

Located along Sri Lanka’s South Coast, Hambantota is being developed into a major city in the country. Apart from being home to an international airport and shipping port, the city is also where one will find the grand Hambantota International Convention Centre. Those planning to host large scale conferences at this state of the art venue can enlist the services of Nkar MICE, one of the leading event planners in Sri Lanka. Providing full service event management Sri Lanka has to offer, this well known company offers logistical management as well.

The main hall of the Hambantota International Convention Centre has a 1,500 person seating capacity making it an ideal choice for conferences. There are also 3 halls that each have a seating capacity for 250 people along with smaller halls for more intimate events. Parking is available for more than 1000 vehicles, while restaurant facilities and an open air theatre will complement the venues already on offer, making for a truly unforgettable event.

Hosting Corporate Events in Colombo – Planned Perfection in Paradise!

With its picturesque beaches, thriving financial hub and well developed infrastructure, Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is one of the best spots on the island to host corporate events. Those in search of experienced event planners in Sri Lanka can enlist the services of Nkar MICE. It offers a diverse array of services from finding venues to organising transport and handling event management Sri Lanka.

When it comes to hosting corporate events in Colombo, there are many venues one can choose from. The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall or BMICH is one of the premier event venues and is home to a 2,000 person main hall along with small meeting rooms, break-up rooms and various other smaller venues within the property. It also has plenty of outdoor space for setting up stalls. Situated within easy reach of the city’s business centre and several renowned hotels, the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC) is also an ideal option for hosting exhibitions and conventions. For something different and diverse you can make use of the newly constructed Lotus Pond Performing Art Centre which has an open air rooftop area as well. Set alongside the water, the Waters Edge has several venues and is also an excellent option to consider.


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