Airport Exchange Conference & Exhibition 2013 – The Renewal of the Aviation Industry

Air transport is a major industry in the world today. It is the key player that links great minds together and enables free movement of goods and services beyond seas. Every year there is one leading air transport event that brings together the greatest minds in the industry. New solutions are discussed and new innovations are put on the table. The Airport Exchange and Conference Exhibitions is the largest airport meeting that takes place around the globe.

The Annual Airport Exchange and Conference Meeting is usually held either in Europe or Asia Pacific. But since its enormous success being held in the UAE in the year 2012, the Exhibition and meeting is scheduled to take place this year in the exotic and vibrant city of Doha. Middle East with all its booming technology is now becoming the new hub for such events. The Airport Exchange conference and Exhibition is a major event in the calendar that draws to its doors at least 2000 business executives from the Aviation world. Such professionals hail from all corners of the globe. This year the conference and exhibition is focusing on the all new theme; ‘beyond airports 2020’.Here latest solutions in the airport industry will be showcased along with new innovations that will aim to be efficient, sustainable, reliable and most certainly hospitable. A glimpse of this informative session will give you a wholesome insight into this industry that shapes the world.

Doha is a captivating city in the UAE. Not too long ago it was hidden in the shadows, hardly heard of or spoken of. But of late the scale at which it is booming is astonishing. It is one city that is leading the way in so many industries; entertainment being a primary one. Doha is an exquisite location for a family holiday for once you step in here you are sure to fall in love with the place. The many amazing highlights will keep you hooked on to the city much longer than you anticipate. While visiting Doha stay at the Millennium Hotel Doha. This hotel in Doha with all its luxurious amenities is the best Doha hotel that you would come across.


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Doha Carbon and Energy forum – sustainable energy practices

Renowned for its contribution towards energy efficiency and carbon capture, the Doha Carbon and Energy Forum is scheduled to take place at Qatar National Convention centre from the 10th to the 13th of November 2013. Should you be one of the delegates and is looking for a Doha hotel to stay at, why not consider the Millennium Hotel Doha. This hotel in Doha located in close proximity to the centre would prove to be a convenient and enjoyable choice of lodging.
The event which will be jointly organised by Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and the Qatar Foundation will yet again serve as a sound platform where industry experts will hold discussions on variety of topics and pressing issues. The interactive workshops will focus on important categories such as solar energy, carbon capture and storage, energy efficiency and climate change. Each of these topics will focus on careful analysis from perspective of technology and research development, industrial development and application & regulatory and policy framework.


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